How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost? The Essential Guide to Hypnotherapy Pricing

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How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost The Essential Guide To Hypnotherapy Pricing

You’ve probably heard of hypnotherapy and how it can help you with various issues, such as anxiety, phobias, smoking, weight loss, and more. But do you know how much it costs and how to find a good hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for helping people make positive changes in their lives. It can help with a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, sleep issues and even confidence and self-esteem. 

Whether you are considering seeing a hypnotherapist or you’re a hypnotherapist yourself, this blog post will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the price of hypnotherapy sessions.

In this blog post and accompanying video. We’ll cover:

  • The history of hypnotherapy and why it’s becoming more popular
  • The average cost of hypnotherapy sessions and what factors influence it
  • Whether or not a hypnotherapist disclose their prices on their website
  • How to get started with your hypnosis career.

Hypnotherapy - A Modern Solution with Ancient Roots

Hypnotherapy may seem like a new and trendy approach, but it actually has a long and rich history. Hypnosis has been used for healing and transformation since ancient times, by cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, and more.

In the 18th century, a German physician named Franz Mesmer popularized the use of hypnosis for treating various ailments. He called his method “animal magnetism” or “mesmerism”, and he claimed to manipulate a mysterious force that flowed through all living beings. Although Mesmer's methods are now considered obsolete, his work served as the foundation of what would become modern hypnosis.

In the 19th century, several pioneers of hypnosis emerged, such as James Braid, Jean-Martin Charcot, Hippolyte Bernheim, Ivan P. Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, Emile Coué, and Pierre Janet. They contributed to the scientific understanding of hypnosis and its applications in psychology, medicine, and education.

In the 20th century, hypnosis and hypnotherapy gained more recognition and acceptance in mainstream society. Some of the influential figures of this era were Clark Hull, George Estabrooks, Milton H. Erickson, Dave Elman, Ernest Rossi, John Grinder, Richard Bandler, and more. They developed various techniques and models of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, such as direct suggestion, indirect suggestion, conversational hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), etc.

In the 21st century, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are still evolving and expanding. Thanks to the internet and online platforms, anyone can learn hypnosis or access hypnotherapy services from anywhere in the world. Some of the modern experts and teachers of hypnosis and hypnotherapy are Mike Mandel, Chris Thompson, Freddy Jacquin, Igor Ledochowski, Anthony Jacquin, James Tripp, Melissa Tiers, Michael Yapko, Adam Eason, and more.

As you can see, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a solid foundation in both science and art. They have proven to be effective and beneficial for many people over the centuries. And they are still relevant and useful for today’s challenges and opportunities.

Hypnotherapy - A Fast and Effective Solution for Many Problems

Many people who seek hypnotherapy have tried other methods to solve their problems, but without success. They may have spent a lot of time, money, and energy on conventional treatments, such as medication, psychotherapy, surgery, or self-help books, but still feel stuck, frustrated, or hopeless.

As we mentioned before, some of the common problems that people turn to hypnotherapy for are:

  • Phobias and fears: Hypnotherapy can help people overcome irrational and debilitating fears, such as fear of flying, spiders, heights, public speaking, etc.
  • Anxiety and stress: Hypnotherapy can help people reduce their anxiety and stress levels, and cope better with challenging situations, such as exams, interviews, presentations, etc.
  • Pain management: Hypnotherapy can help people manage acute or chronic pain, such as headaches, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. Hypnotherapy can also help people prepare for and recover from surgery or dental procedures.
  • Smoking cessation: Hypnotherapy can help people quit smoking by addressing the underlying reasons and triggers for their habit, and by creating positive associations with being a non-smoker.
  • Weight loss: Hypnotherapy can help people lose weight by changing their eating habits, increasing their motivation and self-esteem, and enhancing their body image.
  • Sleep issues: Hypnotherapy can help people improve their sleep quality and quantity, by resolving the issues that cause insomnia, such as stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts.
  • Confidence and self-esteem: Hypnotherapy can help people boost their confidence and self-esteem, by eliminating self-doubt, self-criticism, and limiting beliefs.
  • And more: Hypnotherapy can also help with other issues, such as addiction, anger management, performance enhancement, etc.

One of the advantages of hypnotherapy is that it can produce fast and lasting results. Unlike other forms of therapy that may require months or years of sessions, hypnotherapy can often help people achieve their goals in just a few sessions. This is because hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind, where the root causes of most problems are stored.

Another benefit of hypnotherapy is that it is a safe and natural method. There are no side effects or risks involved in hypnosis. The client is always in control and can end the session at any time. The hypnotherapist is only a guide who helps the client access their own inner resources and potential.

Hypnotherapy is not only a problem-solving tool. It is also an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Many people report feeling calm, refreshed, and energized after a hypnosis session. They also discover new aspects of themselves and their abilities.

Hypnotherapy Prices

Why Hypnotherapy Prices Vary

If you are wondering how much hypnotherapy costs, you may have noticed that there is no fixed or standard price for this service. The cost of hypnotherapy can vary widely depending on various factors.

To give you an idea of how much hypnotherapy prices can vary, we interviewed several hypnotherapists who offer different services and charge different prices. Here are some of the highlights from our interviews:

  • The lowest price per session was $100, while the highest price per session was $1997.
  • The lowest package price was $350 for 2 sessions, while the highest package price was $5000 for 6 sessions.
  • The lowest hourly rate was $100, while the highest hourly rate was $500.
  • Most of the new or inexperienced hypnotherapists charged at the lower end of the spectrum, while most of the experienced or successful hypnotherapists charged at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • ALL of the hypnotherapists said they planned to increase their prices in the future or were already doing so.

So, why do these prices vary so much? And what does this mean for you as a client or a hypnotherapist?

The answer is simple: because hypnotherapy is not a commodity, but a service. And like any service, the price reflects the quality, value, and results that you can expect from it.

As a client, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest option available, thinking that you are saving money. However, this may not be the best decision for your problem or goal. You may end up wasting your time and money on a service that does not work for you, or that has negative side effects or risks.

On the other hand, you may be reluctant to choose the most expensive option available, thinking that you are paying too much. However, this may not be the case either. You may end up getting a service that works for you fast and effectively, and that gives you more value than what you pay for it.

As a hypnotherapist, you may be unsure about how much to charge for your services, thinking that you are either charging too little or too much. However, this may not be true either. You may be charging a fair price that reflects your experience, skill, reputation, and results.

The bottom line is: there is no right or wrong price for hypnotherapy. There is only a price that works.

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How to Choose the Right Hypnotherapist for Your Budget and Needs

As you can see, there is no fixed or standard price for hypnotherapy. The cost of hypnotherapy depends on various factors, such as:

  • The location and reputation of the hypnotherapist.
  • The type and complexity of the problem or goal.
  • The number and duration of the sessions required.
  • The level of experience and skill of the hypnotherapist.
  • The value and results that the hypnotherapist can deliver.

So, how do you decide which hypnotherapist to choose and how much to pay?

The answer is simple: it depends on how much you value your problem or goal, and how much you trust the hypnotherapist to help you achieve it.

If you are just curious about hypnosis and want to try it out for fun, you may opt for a cheaper or less experienced hypnotherapist. However, you may not get the best results or experience possible.

If you are serious about solving your problem or reaching your goal, and you want to do it fast and effectively, you may want to invest in a more expensive or more experienced hypnotherapist. You will likely get a higher quality service and a higher chance of success.

Of course, price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a hypnotherapist. You also need to check their credentials, testimonials, reviews, and rapport. You need to feel comfortable and confident with your chosen hypnotherapist.

The best way to find out if a hypnotherapist is right for you is to contact them and ask them some questions, such as:

  • What are your areas of expertise or specialization?
  • How many sessions do you typically need to help someone with my problem or goal?
  • How much do you charge per session, per hour, or per package?
  • What are your terms and conditions? Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?

By following these tips and recommendations, you can get a better idea of what to expect from a hypnotherapist and how they can help you. You will also be able to compare different options and make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

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Should A Hypnotherapist Disclose Their Prices on Their Website?

A common question that hypnotherapists face is whether they should disclose their prices on their website or not. This is not an easy question to answer, as there are advantages and disadvantages of both options. Ultimately, the decision depends on the hypnotherapist’s goals, values, and strategies, as well as the expectations and preferences of their potential clients.

To get some insights into this question, we reached out to some of our students at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy who are professional hypnotists and asked for their opinion. This is what they had to say:

  • Angie Navarrette said she prefers to disclose her prices.

“Nothing will push me out of a website as a client/customer faster than lack of transparency with regards to pricing. I’m not interested in booking a discovery call not knowing if this is something that can be worked out into my budget or not even if someone offers payment plans ... It’s very disappointing spending 20-45 minutes with someone on the phone or Zoom call just to find out that the service costs literally the same as your rent.”

You can visit Angie’s website by clicking here:

  • Karen J Thomas also prefers to disclose her prices.

“I am transparent on my website regarding pricing as I prefer to know myself, and there are people out there genuinely struggling financially and they need to plan their expenditure.”

You can visit Karen’s website by clicking here:

  • Annie Walker said she does NOT disclose prices on her website.

“I hold a 30-45 minute discovery consultation first via zoom/face to face in my clinic. This is to: 1. Separate the wheat from the chaff as there are a lot of tire kickers out there shopping around for the lowest price, not necessarily the best practitioner, 2. Safety - I am on my own and screen prospective clients to see if they’re a good fit, 3. To see if we have rapport, 4. Ascertain what they want to achieve (outcome) and if I’m the best practitioner for them, 5. Assess their commitment level to make a change and if they are willing to do the work I ask of them, 6. Discuss price and give them a branded glossy folder with information, pricing list with payment details etc (For online I send an email with a pack attached) … When I do this screening process, I get quality clients who are fair dinkum (serious) and most have great results.”

You can visit Annie’s website by clicking here:

As you can see, different hypnotherapists have different opinions and practices regarding disclosing their prices on their website. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as each option has its pros and cons.

Some of the benefits of disclosing prices on the website are:

  • It builds trust and transparency with the clients, who may appreciate knowing the fees upfront and not having to ask or negotiate. This can also reduce the risk of misunderstandings or conflicts later on.
  • It saves time and energy for both parties, as only those who can afford or are willing to pay the fees will contact the hypnotherapist, avoiding unnecessary inquiries or rejections.
  • It helps with branding and positioning, as the prices can indicate the level of expertise, experience, and reputation of the hypnotherapist, as well as the type of clients they serve. This can also differentiate them from their competitors and create a unique selling proposition.

Some of the drawbacks of disclosing prices on the website are:

  • It may deter some potential clients who may have a wrong perception of the value or affordability of the service.
  • It may limit the flexibility and creativity of the hypnotherapist, who may want to offer different prices or packages depending on the client’s needs, goals, or circumstances.
  • It may invite competition or comparison with other hypnotherapists who may charge more or less for similar services, or who may use different pricing models or methods. This can also affect the perceived value and quality of the service.
  • It may reduce the opportunity for rapport building and relationship marketing, as some clients may prefer to have a conversation with the hypnotherapist before deciding to hire them or not.

So, how can a hypnotherapist decide whether to disclose their prices on their website or not? Here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Do some research on your competitors and your target market to see what they are charging and what they are expecting.
  • Consider your own goals, values, and vision for your business and how you want to present yourself to your clients.
  • Experiment with different pricing strategies and see what works best for you and your clients.
  • Be confident and proud of your prices and your service. Communicate clearly and respectfully with your clients about your fees and what they can expect from you.

In short, there is no right or wrong answer to whether a hypnotherapist should disclose their prices on their website or not. Similarly to how there is no right or wrong price for hypnotherapy, but only a price that works, there is only a choice that works for you and your business when deciding if you should disclose your prices.

This Is Value

The Truth About Value - The Graphic Designer Story

There is a story about a young woman who was being interviewed for the opportunity to provide a very wealthy and successful company with a brand new logo design. The logo was meant to best represent the company in a sleek and modern way. 

The woman being interviewed was one of the best graphic designers and artists in her field, so the company knew the caliber of prestige they were working with. During the interview, the young woman stated that the price she wanted to help them with their design was $100,000.

“I’ll give you the most effective solution in the most efficient use of your time,” the young woman claimed.

The company executives all agreed that this would be a fair amount for the quality of work they would expect for someone of her expertise and so after signing the contract and shaking hands, the young woman got right to work.

She reached across the table they were all sitting at during the interview, grabbed a napkin that was close, reached into her purse, pulled out a pen, and started sketching.

Within just a few minutes, the woman smiled and said she was finished, handing the napkin over to her interviewers. The executives were absolutely stunned when they realized that the design she had quickly created is exactly what they wanted, down to the letter.

“This is exactly what we wanted! It’s perfect!” they exclaimed. “You really are an expert in your field!”

Smiling from ear to ear, the young woman said, “I appreciate the compliment! You can write me a check for the work right now or I can give you my direct deposit information and I’ll expect to have payment by the end of the day.”

The executives sat confused for a moment and then one of them spoke up saying, “You were able to provide us the solution we wanted but it only took a few moments!”

Another executive chimed in, “We’ve seen countless other graphic designs and artists who have taken weeks and months to produce content and it wasn’t at all what we wanted. We’ve already spent countless hours and thousands of dollars...”Yet another executive said, “You also only spent only a few minutes coming up with a design. It didn’t look like hard work at all.”

One last executive spoke up, “Doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous to think you deserve your full wage?”

Knowing her value and worth, the young woman smiled and with a rather confident tone in her voice said:

“You hired me to provide you with a fast solution to your problem. You’ve seen countless other people who said they could help you with your problem and were unable to. I did what they could not...”

She continued, “ are right in that it only took me a few moments of time to give you the answer you were looking for, but you are not paying me for the minutes it took me to give you the solution. You are paying me for the years it took me to learn how to give you what you wanted in only a few minutes. I know my value and I trust you now know it as well.”

She had a check in her hand shortly afterwards for the amount she requested and the company referred several other clients to her throughout the years.

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A Proper Ending

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to achieve your goals, overcome your challenges, and transform your life. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or boost your confidence, hypnosis can help you do it faster and easier than you ever imagined.

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Learn Hypnosis Online

"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus

Connecticut, USA