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Global List of Certified Hypnotists

These hypnotists have all been tested and certified by the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. This list is provided purely as a courtesy to our visitors. Mike Mandel Hypnosis is not connected with these businesses other than having provided training to each practitioner. Remember that hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment. Always check with your own doctor.

North America

Adam Jones

Birmingham, Alabama

Weight loss, pain management and anxiety specialist

Sessions: Online or in-person


We all face challenges, habits and obstacles which cause us to feel as if we’re stuck in a maze, repeating the same problematic patterns. I use the tool of hypnosis to help you escape the maze once and for all so that you can enjoy a life without limits.

Jeff Bliss

Phoenix, Arizona

Your Freedom from Past Trauma is Guaranteed.

Sessions: Online or in-person


Whatever's weighing heavy on your mind, You deserve to be free. You deserve to be happy. After a working with me, your results are guaranteed. 1. Schedule a consult. 2. Do a session with me. 3. Be happy. : )

Rafael Fregoso Curiel

Sacramento, California

Bilingual Spanish/English Hypnotist

Sessions: Online or in-person


I am an Agent of Change that provides Bilingual Spanish/English therapy using multiple hypnosis modalities for vocational and avocational (self-improvement) counseling. (California Business and Professions Code 2908), and as a complementary treatment to healing arts services licensed by the State. Included in this section, the law entitles a hypnotherapist to work outside the areas of vocational, avocational self-improvement, provided that they receive a referral from persons licensed to practice Psychology, Dentistry, or Medicine.

Deni Van

Sycamore, Illinois

Multidimensional Hypnosis

Sessions: Online or in-person


Multidimensional Hypnotist, Reverend Dr. ? Author, Speaker, Visionary, Podcast Host ? My specialty is self sabotage, healing the past, quitting habits, and weight management. Creating change, integration and shifts on multidimensional levels.

Michael S Horney, D.C.

East Setauket, New York, United States

Hypnosis, Chiropractic. We help you feel better naturally

Sessions: Online or in-person


Our purpose is to help you feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically (PEP) through Hypnosis, Chiropractic, Exercise and Nutrition.

Misha Tuesday

Detroit, Michigan, United States

The Mystic Hypnotist

Sessions: Online or in-person


Using hypnosis and other techniques I help you get out of your own way and unlock the hidden powers of your mind to break habits and achieve increased personal power. I have a great track record with solopreneurs who want to work on mindset and up their business game. I also love helping people with anxiety and problem drinking as they are things I've been able to overcome with hypnosis.

Ray Pope

Johns Creek (metro Atlanta), Georgia, United States

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy 

Sessions: Online or in-person


"Ray Pope, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist and author of "Not What You Think," works successfully with clients on permanent weight loss, stress management, smoking cessation, and many other behavioral and performance issues (see website for details) incorporating hypnosis with proven therapeutic techniques.

Debra Sargent, CCHt

Troy, MI, United States

Debunking the Notion of Mind/Body Dualism!

Sessions: Online or in-person

I combine hypnotherapy with life coaching, NLP, guided therapeutic imagery and more to create sessions designed specifically for you! My holistic practice provides the body, mind and spirit trifecta, offering hypnotherapy, life coaching, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage and Reiki. 

Bill Fournier

Oregon, USA

Pain management

Sessions: Online only


Our purpose is to help you feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically (PEP) through Hypnosis, Chiropractic, Exercise and Nutrition.

David Fairweather

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Unconscious conflict and self sabotage specialist

Sessions: Online or in-person


I’ll get you where you need to go regardless of any bumps along the way or baggage holding you back. Registered psychotherapist. 

Jonathan Nhan

Toronto, Canada

Mindset Mentor

Sessions: Online or in-person


I am Jonathan Nhan, a hypnotist, certified diabetes educator, and pharmacist. I am passionate about helping people overcome problems and realize how easy the change they want can be. I guide and mentor individuals towards life goals and empower them to be the true source of change. Learn to navigate the change you want to realize, understand the resources you have within you, and learn to curate beliefs, attitudes and outlooks that will make your life awesome.

Mohammed Sheikh

Mississauga (Toronto), Canada

Releasing trauma, breaking through limiting beliefs, changing automatic behaviours

Sessions: Online or in-person


I've been healing thoughts and emotions since 2013. Famous for single session interventions - clearing internal conflict, changing beliefs, creating desired results, is my life's work. I invite you to schedule a no-charge consultation with me and let's get you the change you want.

Edward Sanderson

Powell River, BC, Canada

Specialist in IBS and hypersensitivity issues

Sessions: Online or in-person


I have been studying and practicing acupuncture and hypnosis, as well as a wide variety of self-healing techniques for the past 35 years. The particular tools I bring to each session may be unique, but I always bring all of my knowledge and skills, to help you thrive.

Dr. David Bowler

Dr. David Bowler

Victoria, BC, Canada

Physician with a focused practice in clinical hypnosis, pain management, and post trauma. 

Sessions: Online and in-person for residents of British Columbia


With certification in family medicine, medical acupuncture, pain management and hypnotherapy, and training in regenerative medicine, David brings years of experience and wide-ranging skills to the process of gently and respectfully assisting people to release old physical and emotional pain, and to move forward in freedom. Appointments may be made by referral from a physician or nurse practitioner.

Nancy Hunter

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Expert in hypnosis and many other techniques that can be quicker than otherwise

Sessions: Online and in-person

I help people out of pain, emotional or physical. This includes all forms. And I can help you get better at things you are already good at.

Camille Hadida

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specializing in chronic pain, anxiety and phobias

Sessions: Online and in-person

I have been a helper for over 26 years as a chiropractor and a registered psychotherapist. I have helped thousands of people manage pain, anxiety and phobias and have a deep understanding of what it means to live with these conditions. Do you suffer from pain or anxiety, or live with fears or worries that are holding you back? Your mind is replaying the same old ineffective stories. Now is the time to learn and install powerful resources using hypnosis to change your life in ways you never imagined possible! You can change the way you live, work and play. Contact me now and stop the vicious cycle to start living your meaningful life today!


Simone Micheletti

Ticino, Svizzera

Formatore PNL & Ipnosi specializzato in autostima e smettere di fumare

Online and in-person sessions

Ciao sono Simone formatore PNL & ipnosi, coach e ipnotista. Ti aiuto ad aumentare la tua autostima e sicurezza in te stesso, a smettere di fumare a a vivere la vita dei tuoi sogni.

Malene Schack Hansen, Int. cert. hypnosis trainer

Denmark, Faxe

Specialized in releasing traumas and working with children

Online and in-person sessions

What if you, in just one or two sessions, can let go of any trauma or limiting beliefs, without even talking about the problem. What difference will that make to your life? Get in touch and let me help you to achieve your goals and build an even more awesome life.

Joe Biggans

United Kingdom

Anxiety, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking plus more

Online and in-person sessions

Open your mind to new possibilities with "Therapies for Change". In a short time you will find your mind is more settled as your confidence improves, things seem much clearer and focussed, you may also find in a short time you discover your own peaceful mind. As you discover these new understandings, old limiting beliefs and habits fade, you will start to notice you are feeling different, in more control and become amazed how easily and naturally your life has improved.

Nigel Edwards

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Anxiety and related issues specialist

Sessions: Online only

I love to help people to understand more about the mind and how it works to help you keep safe well and protected, and how sometimes when it adopts a behaviour or response, or something that no longer serves you, i can help you to retrain your mind to get your life back on track. If you’re ready to harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you’ve come to the right place. Nigel Edwards is trained in some of the most up to date techniques in an evidenced based approach to Hypnosis.

Stephen Purnell

Prestatyn, North Wales, United Kingdom

Hypnotherapy Specialising in Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Phobia's, Mental Health

Online and in-person sessions


I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.

Honey Lansdowne

UK based, serving clients worldwide online

Self Discovery Coach

Online only

I help women know themselves and grow themselves.

By healing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, they find themselves growing into the woman they were really born to be.

Life's so much easier when you know you are enough.

Sara Passaro

Milan, Italy

Life, Spiritual and Mental Coach

Sessions: Online only

My mission, as a Life, Spiritual and Mental Coach, is to guide you, through a 10 week journey, helping you get rid of all the burdens that, up to now, have weighted you down. Completely reshape your life!

Oliver M. James

London, United Kingdom & Brussels, Belgium

Anxiety and Unwanted Habits Specialist

Sessions: Online only

Tired of letting anxiety, fears and bad habits rule your life? My success programmes are designed to help you take back control and feel better from the very first session.
Free initial consultation included.

Peter Lancett

Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England

Change Specialist - changing minds, changing lives

Sessions: Online and in-person sessions

Removing the barriers that block your path to the Ideal You, installing the resources that guide you to - and build - the Ideal You. Release unneccessary useless habits, reactions, anxieties, phobias, emotional states and replace them with confidence and empowerment and the sense of freedom joy and happiness we all aspire to. Physical and Emotional Pain Management, and Weight Management are specialities, along with personal growth, mindfulness and corporate wellness programmes. Lancett Hypnosis - be the Ideal You.

Christian J. Titeca

Torrevieja ES / Genk BE

Coach of the unconscious

Sessions: Online and in-person sessions

Life is just a projection of an inner process. Going deep and even deeper allows for real change.                                                     

South America