Calendar of Upcoming Events

Upcoming Live Events

August 15th  - The Architecture of Change 
Las Vegas
Instructor: Mike Mandel with Chris Thompson

This will actually be a FREE one-day class for those who meet the qualifications.It happens Thursday Aug 15th just before the major Hypnothoughts Live conference in Las Vegas (where Mike Mandel is the featured keynote speaker).  This class will focus on how to architect several tools of change into your hypnosis sessions. We don't have signup details for you yet, but stay tuned because we have a pretty epic offer in mind ...

October 19-20 - Stage Hypnosis, Performance, Mentalism
?Toronto, Canada
Instructor: ?Michael C. Anthony (GUEST TRAINER)

Michael C. Anthony (aka MCA) is the world's best stage hypnotist according to Mike Mandel. We're bringing MCA to Toronto to teach all about stage hypnosis, group hypnosis demonstrations, presentation skills and mentalism techniques that will help you fascinate and captivate groups. This training is deal for ANYONE interested in ramping up their confidence doing hypnosis demonstrations or even considering a side gig / career transition into stage hypnosis.

November 6-7 - Wizard School UK 
London, England
Instructor: Mike Mandel with Chris Thompson

Just prior to the UK Hypnosis Convention in London, we will be delivering our two-day Wizard School program. This is for people who have already done some basic hypnosis training. This will expand your toolbox with regression, ego state work, ideomotor work and much more.

November 11th - MINDSCAPING (one day certification) 
London, England
Instructor: Mike Mandel with Chris Thompson

We will be at the UK Hypnosis Convention in London again this year! MINDSCAPING will run as a post-conference single day workshop on Monday, November 11th.

November 18-22 - The Architecture of Hypnosis 
Toronto, Canada
Instructor: Mike Mandel with Chris Thompson

Our flagship 5-day hypnosis training is a life changing experience for all who attend. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or if you've been certified elsewhere.  We'll get you doing hypnosis quickly and easily. No script reading!