Spring Class May 27-13, 2024
Fall Class Nov 11-15, 2024

Get to the Next Level as a Hypnotist. This 5-Day Intensive Class is Suitable for Complete Beginners or Experienced Hypnotists.

Live Training: The Architecture of Hypnosis
with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson.

The Architecture of Hypnosis is a comprehensive 5 day course taught in Toronto, by six-time award winning hypnotist Mike Mandel. Whether you are a complete beginner who wants solid and foundational hypnosis skills, or an experienced hypnotist who wants to take it to the next level, this course is for you!

After 15 years as the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada Training, Mike Mandel is now offering his own seminars to international students in the beautiful and cosmopolitan Toronto Canada.

You Will Become a Hypnotist.

When you finish this class you'll be able to create and utilize trance states through numerous methods. You will be able to connect with a subject’s unconscious mind and cause rapid, positive change in many areas, including fears, behavioural problems, pain management, smoking cessation, etc.

You will be able to create and terminate trance states fluidly, without a script, regardless of what you are dealing with. Your hypnotic skills and confidence will dramatically increase, regardless of your starting point entering the class. Your certificate will prove that you have attended 40 hours of intensive hypnosis training under the aegis of Mike Mandel Hypnosis in association with NLPWorks.

A Few Words from Our Students ...


Learn Hypnosis From the Best

Mike Mandel has over 45 years full-time experience in all aspects of hypnosis. From hypnodontics to homicide cases, award winning stage shows to hypnotherapy, and clients that include Microsoft, Canada’s Dept. of Defense, and the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice, Mandel brings unequalled credibility and unparalleled skills to his hypnosis classes.

You will directly benefit from Mike Mandel's vast hypnosis experience, teaching style and incredible knowledge base.

Mike Mandel has hypnotized thousands upon thousands of people; on-stage, forensically, casually, and therapeutically, providing an unparalleled range of hypnosis experience.

Gifted with immense natural ability and a genius IQ, Mike has been doing hypnosis since he successfully caused anaesthesia in a friend’s hand…at age 12!

As a hypnosis instructor, Mike teaches both consciously and unconsciously, ensuring the maximum transfer of learnings from him to you.

Mike is known for his encyclopedic brain, and is able to answer the most obscure hypnosis questions and teach you the true “inner secrets” of the art…

Mike’s course is so comprehensive that hypnotists from other trainings routinely come to study with him to correct poor technique and increase their skills.

An “unconscious coach” Mike still practices change work in numerous areas, and has worked on numerous issues, including pain relief, detraumatization, and helping ADD and ADHD patients from a Toronto pediatrician.

Mike is also an NLP Trainer, certified by the late Derek Balmer. Derek called Mike “The purest expression of Milton Erickson’s methods I have ever seen…”

Possessing a wide range of skills, including BSFF, EFT, Time Line Therapy and Graphoanalysis, Mike worked for 2 seasons, as the communications expert on CBC Television’s Steven and Chris show.

Consulted by the experts, Mike is often hired by police services and assists in solving numerous cases, including murders, armed robberies, and sex offences.

Mike brings in numerous Master Hypnotists that he’s trained, to help you learn, and facilitate your full understanding of the material!

Mike Mandel walks the talk, effortlessly demonstrating his jaw-dropping skills in every class! He routinely works intuitively and therapeutically on the attendees…

Mike is the creator of incredible inductions and personal change interventions that are life-changing, but easy to learn and use!

No other hypnosis trainer on the planet has Mike’s combination of natural skill, vast experience, training, credibility and sheer hypnotic power.

And finally: This is not a low-energy, dust-dry course. Mike is also a 6 time award winning entertainer, guaranteeing you’ll have an absolute blast!

Here's just some of what you will learn:

  • Rapid and instant inductions – Numerous quick and easy means to induce trance; often in just seconds!
  • The best of the 19th century - Early techniques from Braid and others that are still valid and useful today!
  • Deepening methods to make your hypnotic work sure-fire – Learn how to coax superficial trance subjects into deep somnambulistic states, making light trances a thing of the past!
  • Catalepsy, its creation and usage – How to enter the “other side” of the hypnotic loop through balanced muscle rigidity!
  • The REM induction from Human Givens theory – Mike’s amazing new hypnotic induction that zones your subject through the floor in 15 seconds!
  • The creation of amnesia and time distortion – Nothing convinces a subject he was hypnotized more than not being able to remember what’s just happened, or where all the time went!
  • Fractionation – deepen trance effortlessly, through the rediscovered methods of Hippolyte Bernheim via Dave Elman.
  • Perfect Pacing – Why the slowest route is often the fastest! Lots of hypnotists get this wrong, resulting in shallow or fragile trances.
  • Depotentiating the conscious mind – Mike Mandel’s amazing conversational confusion phrase that removes the power of the conscious mind to interfere!
  • Art Gallery – This incredible content-free intervention is used by therapists worldwide. Learn it from its creator, Mike Mandel. You don’t even have to know what it is you’re fixing!
  • Bypassing resistance with the amazing Triple-Bind Induction – Mike’s original discovery that enabled him to pay for lunch for 4 hypnotists…with a Toronto Public Library card!
  • Conversational hypnosis – Trance without an induction! Erickson’s techniques for turning casual conversation into a hypnotic state.
  • Making friends with the subject’s unconscious mind – Get their unconscious mind on your side for maximum change in minimum time!
  • John Grinder’s ultimate rapport secret – The most powerful means to rapport you can use. Almost no NLP people or hypnotists know this one!
  • The power of double-binds – Mike used this to zone a hypnosis trainer from a rival school through the floor, just by asking a simple question!
  • Painted words and the amygdala – What not to say. If you miss this point you risk messing up your own work!
  • The trance deepening method that almost everyone misses – So simple and effective you’ll laugh when Mike shows it to you!
  • The Maze Model – Why your client is caught in a labyrinth, and how to lead him out – The Mandel Model of Therapy explained!
  • The amazing methods of hypnotic genius Dave Elman – Rapid inductions galore, taught the way the brilliant Dave Elman did them!
  • A universal method for fixing numerous problems – A simple method to fix a huge range of issues. Mike used this on a television program to correct a case of colitis exacerbated by an addiction to coffee and sweets…in only 8 minutes!
  • How to easily hypnotize “difficult” subjects – There are no bad subjects; only poorly trained hypnotists!
  • Dealing with abreaction – What to do if your client freaks out. Vital information for all hypnotists; whether stage, street or therapeutic!
  • Personal growth and development through self-hypnosis – Mike teaches you the fastest methods of personal growth and change!
  • Mike’s clench technique for the overly analytical subject – How to lock the hand of a skeptical person so they laugh in amazement…and then drop them into a deep trance!
  • How to do a pre-talk to ensure a successful session – A good beginning paves the way to easy trance-work!
  • Utilization and incorporation – How to remove distractions and deal with the unforeseen. After this, you’ll be able to do hypnosis on a crowded subway train!
  • The perfect question to begin a hypnotherapy session – The Magic Question that Mike taught social workers and counsellors to reduce the suicide epidemic in a native community in Canada’s far North.
  • Dealing with chronic pain – Numerous methods to turn down the pain of fibromyalgia, dental work, headaches, cancer, etc.
  • Emergency hypnosis – How to use hypnotic language as a first responder! Mike taught this to the Ontario Provincial Police!
  • External trance indicators – Calibrate your subject and know how deep they are without resorting to archaic and useless “depth scales”!
  • Shutting off migraines before they get started – Learn to “rewire” the brain of a migraine sufferer and shut down the migraine response!
  • Ideo-motor signalling – The simple express train to communicating with the unconscious mind!
  • Easily achieving somnambulistic trance – Zone your clients into the hypnosis working state!
  • Bypassing the critical faculty – Incorrectly called the “critical factor” by some, you’ll learn how to overcome its ability to interfere with your work!
  • Hypnotic hangover and how to use it to your advantage – If you don’t know about this, you risk undoing your own trance-work!
  • Revivification – How to access previously experienced trances!
  • Yes sets, no sets and compliance sets – Remove resistance quickly and effortlessly with easy to learn verbal patterns!
  • Fast de-traumatization – Quickly wipe the slate clean before building in new patterns and resources!
  • Tuning the brain’s Reticular Activating System – The RAS can be an amazing ally to goal achievement …if you know how to use it!
  • The #1 mistake that hypnotists make to mess up their own work! – So common it’s scary; even hypnosis instructors make this critical error!
  • Milton Erickson’s handshake inductions – Zone them through the floor when you shake hands!
  • Kinesthetic ambiguity – A simple sure-fire means to create trance in seconds!
  • Trance ratification – Proving to the client she was hypnotized.
  • Metaphor – crafting stories that you can drop into your conversation to cause deep and lasting change!
  • Overcoming insomnia – Learn powerful techniques and strategies to help others or use yourself to get a good night’s sleep!
  • Symptom prescription – How to use the problem to solve the problem!
  • The perfect question to ask at the end of every therapy session – This will keep your client moving and motivated towards continued change and growth!
  • The Esdaile State – Full body catalepsy and general anaesthesia!


May 27 - 31, 2024 (FULL)
Nov 11 - 15, 2024

(Master students must get approval before registering)

Training runs Monday through Friday 
from 9am to 5pm daily.

Location: Upscale hotel in Toronto. Located at 900 York Mills Road. Close to the Don Valley Parkway and Highway 401. Easy access by TTC, Uber, or car. Free parking on-site. Discounted hotel rooms available. Incredible access to amenities across the street, and close to downtown Toronto for those wishing to extend their travel period and to experience the city. 

This is a 40 hour certification course, and Mike Mandel has designed it from the ground up to be the finest and most enjoyable hypnosis course on the planet! You will get a certificate proving you took this life-changing class.

Whether you wish to apply your learnings to help others, do hypnosis as entertainment or for personal development, this is the course for you! You owe it to yourself to avoid missing out. Our courses typically sell out months in advance, so don't wait.

Pricing is in U.S. Dollars. Tuition is $1797 plus required 13% Ontario tax (HST). Cancellations are subject to our terms of service.
Canadian students may pay $2297 Canadian dollars via email money transfer or PayPal. To sign up and pay in Canadian dollars simply contact Vanessa using and we’ll guide you through the process.

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Our online hypnosis training includes practically everything you learn in the live class (and a whole lot more). There are hundreds of videos, live monthly Q&A webinars and continued teaching on focus topics every month. You get access to us in a private Facebook group. It's the ultimate way to have easy access to go over all of the training again, as much as you want. 

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Seating is limited. Register early to avoid missing out. Interest is very high, and we expect this class to sell out well in advance. We expect to offer our next class in the fall of 2024. Tuition is $1797 USD, plus 13% local taxes as we are legally required to collect.