Graphology: Find Out What Your Signature Says About You

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Mike Mandel Handwriting Analysis Signature

Want to try a simple but fascinating experiment? It will only take you a few minutes, but will give you some interesting insights about the most important person in your life:


Take a blank, unlined sheet of paper, and write a short paragraph about anything at all, off the top of your head. Then sign your name below it. Once you’ve done this, read the rest of this article. Chances are good, you’ll gain some amazing insights about yourself.

What does a signature truly reveal? 

As a graphologist, I’m often asked what a signature tells me. But I always explain that it’s the handwriting that gives the true personality - it's what I really use, for example, to find out if someone is trustworthy. The signature shows only the public persona; the way the person wishes to be seen by others. 

For that reason, when you see someone’s handwriting and signature that closely match, this is a clear indication that what you see is what you get. There is no public persona beyond the actual personality. 

Placement and Size

The placement of the signature on the page also reveals much. A signature to the left side of the page indicates strong links with the past and tradition. On the other hand, when someone signs on the right hand side of the page, it’s an indication of being much more future oriented, with a drive to move forward in life. 

The size of the signature is also significant.

If the signature is really large, you are seeing a person who is not afraid to be right out front in life. This is the person who’d be confident in social gatherings and enjoy making presentations to groups. 

Realize that this style of signature is still relative to the handwriting itself. If a person has a huge signature but handwriting that’s smaller, this is an indication of a person who may seem really confident, but is actually much less so than she seems.

But what about a very small signature? 

A small signature can indicate a more modest personality, content to remain in the background. This is especially true in a signature that is simple, not flashy. 

Interestingly, the initial capital letters are also important. Huge caps in a signed name are a sure sign of an egotist, with perhaps a streak of narcissism too. Overly decorated letters, with stars or spotlights will emphasize the need to be the center of attention.

A signature with a lot of flourishy decoration indicates a person who will often wear a lot of jewelry or flashy clothing too.

Legibility and Other Traits

But what about writing that is clear and legible, with a signature that’s just a scrawl?

Some people believe that a scrawled signature is difficult to forge, but in reality the opposite is true. The most secure signature is legible and written quickly, which makes it more difficult to copy. 

A fascinating graphological indicator is a crossed out name, which is a red flag. Crossing out your representation of yourself may indicate psychological problems. 

But what if only the surname is crossed out, and the first name is perfectly legible?

The surname is the connection with the family. If it’s a man’s signature, it will typically show issues with his father, as he’s unconsciously striking him out. If it’s a married woman’s signature, it will often reveal issues between her and her husband. 

Marital difficulties can also be seen in handwriting, when over time a woman’s surname becomes further away from her given name, showing that she’s emotionally disconnected from her husband. 

Although crossing through your signature is considered a negative thing, underlining your signature is actually very good. Ideally, the underline should go from left to right in a single straight line. It should not cut through the middle of the letters, but it’s fine if it passes through the lower loops of the letters g, y, and q.

This underscore is an indicator of self-reliance, which is the ability to go it alone without help when you really have to. 

For a clear demonstration of how to analyze a signature with Graphology, check out the video below; and if you wish to learn more about Graphology or Handwriting Analysis, we have a full course available for you.