What Does Hypnosis Have in Common with Clothing?

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If you’ve been paying attention to our podcasts and to the videos that Mike Mandel has started sharing, such as his demonstration of the Elman Induction, you’ll know that I have been asking him to do these because of a lack of quality that we’re seeing in many other demonstrations. We don’t like the idea of people thinking they’re learning good quality hypnosis when they are not.

Today I just happened to come across this YouTube clip of Mickey Drexler, the CEO of J. Crew. In the clip, Mickey finds out that his company discontinued one of its most popular basic shirts, the Royal Oxford. He insists that it be re-stocked. Listen to his commentary around the 1:10 mark. He says that technology is always changing. But with apparel, sometimes it was already made to perfection. It shouldn’t be changed.

And so let’s come back to hypnosis. Dave Elman created a very effective rapid induction that creates a somnambulistic state in about 4 minutes. It’s a perfect induction. Mike Mandel explains why in Brain Software podcast session 13

When something is already perfect, DON’T MESS WITH IT.