The Ultimate Hand Stick Tutorial from James Tripp

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If you've discovered hypnosis, no doubt you've seen cool hypnotic phenomena such as sticking someone's hand to a table. 

One of the best known modern trainers of hyposis, James Tripp, has made a real name for himself in teaching exactly this kind of trick.  It's fun, and it's a HUGE confidence booster for hypnotists.

James just finished publishing an awesome 3-part video tutorial on his famous hand stick process. After watching that tutorial see if you can figure out how it fits into our description of how hypnotic inductions work.

We're sharing this on the Mike Mandel Hypnosis blog for two reasons.

Reason 1: We have James coming to Toronto very soon, so this series gives you a feel for what you'll learn over that weekend. He created this video series to promote a UK training event happening in November, but there will be a lot of overlap between that event and our Toronto class.

Reason 2: This is an excellent tutorial for anyone looking to elevate their hypnosis skills.

Part 1 of the Hand Stick Tutorial

This first video is where James Tripp explains why he's created this series. I suggest that you pay very close attention to the demo included at the 8 minute mark.  Can you figure out what he's doing before he explains it all in the next two videos?

This is exactly the kind of stuff he's teaching in Toronto on Saturday September 22nd. 

Part 2 of the Hand Stick Tutorial

In this second video James discusses how to use pacing and leading as part of the hand stick process. James talks about the importance of non-verbal pacing. Pay close attention!

He also teaches the concept of "Witch Doctoring", and "Flag Testing", which are two great things to know as part of your hypnotic work. James is a real master at this stuff and a phenomenal teacher.

Part 3 of the Hand Stick Tutorial

In this third video James finishes breaking down all of the important aspects of what he does to create the hand stick phenomenon in his subject. He talks about "doing" language versus "happening" language. He offers some golden nuggets here with respect to how to construct language that isn't overly evaluated by the critical faculty.  

The brilliant work James does here is EXACTLY why we're so excited to have him coming to Toronto to teach us. 

I highly encourage you to pay attention to the tips James teaches in these videos, and then get yourself over to Toronto on September 22-23 to take his class alongside us!