Learn Hypnosis In A Week… And A Lifetime

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Learn Hypnosis in a Week Feature Image

Can you really learn hypnosis in one week? Keep reading to find out.

It was a few years ago when I started to learn about hypnosis. Actually, I could date my initial interest in hypnosis back to my junior prom after-party where there was a hypnosis show. I think that is how a lot of us first experience the power of hypnosis.

It was when I started listening to the Brain Software podcast. That is when got serious about understanding hypnosis. Later I decided not only to learn about hypnosis, but to actually become a hypnotist myself.

That decision changed my life. Then again, all decisions change your life right?

Learning From Hypnosis Books

I didn't start learning hypnosis from books. I actually started with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) first.

I found some early NLP books from Bandler and Grinder at a used bookstore and worked my way through Structure of Magic vol. 1. That was an exhausting slog of a book, but it piqued my interest in NLP.

That led me to read more books on NLP ... as much as I could find them. Soon I started to see these interesting connections between NLP and Hypnosis. (and not just the obvious ones).

However, there was a problem with learning hypnosis and NLP from books. I wasn't actually doing hypnosis! All the theory was rolling around in my mind, but I didn't have a way to turn it into practical action.

Learning Hypnosis Online

My next step was to join the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online. It was awesome. All the ideas that were rattling around in my brain became ratified into much clearer understandings of hypnosis.

The video training helped. I spent hours on my lunch breaks, weekends, evenings and so on absorbing as much as I could about hypnosis. It was very exciting to learn from such phenomenal teachers. 

Yet, once again there was a bit of a problem with learning hypnosis online. The training itself is world class. But at the time, my confidence was not world class. So, I watched all the videos, did some self-hypnosis, and never worked with any other people!

How To Learn Hypnosis In A Week

Okay, so with all that training I learned a lot about hypnosis, but I had never really done it. That bugged me and made me feel like maybe I was wasting my time. What's the point of learning something and not getting any benefit out of it?

One day I realized I needed a forcing function. I needed to force myself to work this hypnosis magic on other people, but how? 

Some months later I was listening to the Brain Software podcast and the answer hit me like a brick in the face. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson teach The Architecture of Hypnosis course in Toronto a few times a year. If I could make it to that course... I would be forced to do hypnosis for real!

That sounds like the most obvious solution in retrospect. At the time, flying to Canada to learn hypnosis sounded bizarre. I explained the whole thing to my wife, who was skeptical, but understood my passion for the topic.

Experiencing The Architecture Of Hypnosis Class

Long story short, later that year I made it to Toronto. In one week I became a confident hypnotist, ready to take on the world! It turns out, with the right instructor and class environment, hypnosis is easy and natural.

When you learn the secrets of hypnosis, it's no more difficult than having a conversation with a close friend. Mike taught me that ...plus a hundred other things that I'm not even sure I'm allowed to talk about in public. I took a lot of notes, some of which are still a mystery to me.

Anyhow, that is how I learned hypnosis in a week. If you want to learn hypnosis from world class teachers, take The Architecture Of Hypnosis course the next time it is available.

Now I am a confident hypnotist. At any time I'm comfortable talking about hypnosis, guiding someone into trance, and making the world a more awesome place.

I'd say that was a week well spent.

One More Thing...

This is only the beginning of my story. I'll be continuing to learn the secrets and mysteries of hypnosis for a lifetime. That iceberg, as you say, goes deeper and deeper.

The Architecture Of Hypnosis

Our live, week-long Architecture Of Hypnosis course only happens a few times a year and they sell out fast. So fast that we are totally booked months in advance.


Get to Toronto, because it will make you a brilliant hypnotist!