Hypnosis Sessions Are NOT Passive

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hypnosis is not passive

Most people and even some good hypnotists tend to think of hypnosis sessions as passive on the client's part. They think the client's only job is to sit there and listen to the hypnotist lecturing them for about an hour. Nonsense!

There are certainly some types of hypnosis that are passive - like driving a car and watching TV - but a formal hypnosis client session shouldn't be like that! 

What we believe at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy is that the client the one who is responsible for their own changework. Our job as hypnotists is to guide them towards making the necessary changes and lead them out of the labyrinth of trouble they're in. We believe that hypnosis is a psychodynamic loop of communication between the hypnotist and the subject.

This is the principle that drives all of the tools and techniques we use to help our clients better their lives. Our hypnosis sessions don't consist of the client sitting in a chair listening to us talk for an endless amount of time. Instead, we involve them in the process by telling them what to do.

This is a video we posted on Youtube explaining how to involve the client in the changework. Remember to like, subscribe and drop us a comment! We'd love hear your feedback.