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Confession: We used to be really horrible at making videos. 

But I knew video was quickly becoming the future of the Internet and we had to figure out how to do a good job of making interesting hypnosis training videos to market our business. 

I think we've improved. But a few weeks ago I stumbled onto a really simple way to make videos and I want to share it with you here.

If you're a hypnotist, I think you should be making videos to help attract more clients. If you're not a hypnotist this same concept still applies for story telling, selling or attracting attention to whatever you're doing.

It's called the One Minute Video.

I'd like to give you a simple explanation behind how these videos work and show you an example of one that we created. Mike and I absolutely love this strategy and plan to create many more.

You should expect to see them all over Facebook 🙂

The One Minute Video Formula

The Hook: This is the first few seconds of the video and usually starts with "When I was ..."
It's job is grab the attention of the viewer. 

Ignite the Pain: People are motivated to move away from pain. The second stage of a one minute video is to get your audience to think about whatever pain they're currently in. This must obviously relate to something you can offer to help.

Describe the Solution: People are motivated to move towards pleasure! Your solution will give the audience an escape from the pain they're in.

Call to action: This is where you tell your audience exactly what to do next. Be very clear just as you would if you were a hypnotist giving direct suggestion.

Example: NUVI by Mike Mandel Hypnosis

We decided to use this video strategy to help promote our NUVI mobile application. We recently published a mobile app to help hypnotists learn how to craft their own artfully vague conversational language using Ericksonian principles. We had not yet created any marketing material to promote this app, so we thought we'd give this a shot.

This video starts with a hook about how difficult it used to be to teach Ericksonian language patterns.The pain we stir up is how difficult it can be to learn this stuff as a student. The solution, the NUVI method, is then mentioned, and the call to action is to grab your copy of the mobile app (and bonus video course) in the app store.

Notice there is no hard selling or urgency. It's just a simple story with a hook, problem, solution and call to action.

Behind the Scenes: From Idea to Finished Video

You can DEFINITELY do this. It's really easy. Yes, this may look more slick than what you can currently do. Sure, I might have some equipment that you don't have.  So what. You can still grab your iPhone and shoot a good video with no special tools.

Here's what we did in three steps.

Step 1: Write the script

I think it makes sense to write out an exact script for a video like this.  It's super short, so writing the script gives you a chance to perfect the language.

Mike and I wrote this script in about 15 minutes at my kitchen table. We did a quick draft in about 5 minutes, and then we spent 10 minutes editing what we'd written. The editing time is really worth it.

Step 2: Record the raw video

For a video like this I just sit behind the camera and read Mike his lines, one at a time.  I read the line, he repeats it. We do this for each line until we're done. If we don't like the way he delivered a line, we just do it again.

We just leave the camera running for the entire shoot.  It took probably 3 minutes to record this one minute video.

Step 3: Edit the video

I pay someone else to edit videos. That's why we're able to put in some cool animated titles. But if I had to edit this video myself I'd just leave those out.

Most of the editing involves snipping up the video into each line of script, and stitching them together. This can be done right on an iPhone using the free iMovie app. Or you can use any basic video editing program on a desktop computer. Adobe Premiere is a great option for Mac or PC. 

If you're wondering about the background, no, that is not my house. I wish. It's just a photo from a stock image website. We shot the video on a green screen and had that dropped in during editing. But we could just as easily shot the video in my backyard, or outside in front of a building, at a park, or in my living room.

Call to Action: MAKE YOUR VIDEO

Pick one thing you have to offer. Make a video about it.

Do you offer free consultations from smoking cessation or weight management? Perhaps you have a free hypnosis audio recording that you give away to prospective customers before they sign up for in-person sessions? Maybe you're doing a group training on self hypnosis for stress reduction. 

Pick one thing. Decide what the call to action will be. 

Then write your hook starting with "When I was..."

The guy who taught me this strategy, Logan Young, suggests that you might throw away the first sentence of your script because most people don't actually start telling their story until the second sentence.  

Ignite the pain that your potential customer is feeling right now. Then shift towards the solution you have to offer in a low-pressure manner.  Then deliver your call to action.

Aim for 60 seconds. 

Write your script. Read it out loud. Time it. Edit and improve the script. Then get your camera and get yourself out there on camera.  Upload the video to YouTube or your Facebook business page. Share it with the world. 

Oh, and if you'd like to grab the NUVI app for your own hypnosis toolbox you can get it here:

NUVI for iPhone
NUVI for Android

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"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus

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World Class Video Training and Certification

Learn Hypnosis Online

"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus

Connecticut, USA