How To Do Stage Hypnosis: Mike Mandel Spills His Secrets

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How To Do Stage Hypnosis Mike Mandel Spills His Secrets

When a master reveals secrets, it's time to listen.

We FINALLY convinced Mike Mandel to sit down with Chris Thompson and completely deconstruct an entire stage hypnosis performance for your benefit.

In this post we'll show you

  • How to use jokes, stories and a bit of science to create instant audience rapport and prestige
  • Clever ways to fascinate the audience so they want to volunteer for the show
  • How to get access to the entire 9-video series (the first two videos are included here for free)

Stage Hypnosis Secrets FINALLY Revealed

Mike Mandel has toured the world multiple times during his career as a stage hypnotist. He started doing shows in 1975 and retired from the stage to focus on training hypnotists in the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

For years, we've thought about doing a "Director's Cut" breakdown of a full stage hypnosis show, and we finally got Mike to do this with us.

We created an incredible 9-video series showing every aspect of the show along with Mike explaining all of the hypnosis secrets that he used.

Let's dive right in and we'll show you the first video here.

Stage Hypnosis Pre-talk Video #1

In this first video, Mike and Chris open the conversation for what's about to happen. Then we show you several clips of Mike actually beginning his stage hypnosis show. Keep in mind most of the people in the audience may have never seen a stage hypnotist perform, so it was essential for Mike to use comedy and stories to set expectations for a fun, lively and incredible show.

And make no mistake ... this was an incredible show!

Lets move to video #2

Stage Hypnosis Pre-talk Video #2

Here you can see how Mike builds even more prestige by talking about prior shows at big-name venues this audience would appreciate.

Mike also uses some references to historical hypnosis authorities to subtly indicate how masterful his understanding of hypnosis really is. This builds prestige and authority.

He uses stories from past performances to unconsciously signal, to the soon-to-be-volunteer, that they will participate in each others' trance experiences! 

Secrets Revealed: Watch the Full Director's Cut Video Series

We'd love to show you the rest of the videos, which cover the entire stage hypnosis show from the moment the volunteers come up on stage to the moment they're released from hypnosis only to forget they were ever on stage.

It's absolutely fascinating, hilarious, and a first-class hypnosis education from a true master of the art, Mike Mandel.

These videos are all inside of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.  You can sign up as a member here.

You'll need to be a paying subscriber to access all these videos, but you can start for free and then decide to upgrade later, if you wish.

Show Highlights:

  • The 15-second induction that gets everyone primed to do hilarious things on stage
  • One man thinks he suddenly teleported to the front of the stage
  • The group "control panel" activity that shows Mike who the best subjects are likely to be
  • Watch the crazy emotions as everyone thinks they're going to a south american fishing prison
  • How Mike appears to make everyone collapse, magically ... except we have the audio that the audience doesn't hear.
  • The famous roller coaster skit that leaves one man nearly wetting himself from fear ... until Mike saves him with a pharmaceutical intervention
  • Watch the audience develop X-ray powers, thinking they can see through everyone else's clothes ... until the power is reversed and they think they're naked.
  • This common, everyday item of clothing suddenly becomes a scary snake!
  • The school teacher who takes her job of straightening a row of chairs VERY seriously.
  • The man who is given the role of laughter police sentences someone to 30 years in the electric chair! Burn, lady, burn!
  • Another emotional roller coaster as a man think he's at a McDonald's Drive Thru, but they can't seem to get his order right ... at all ... not even close. The frustration is hilarious!
  • Chair-straightening lady forgets her own name.  Over and over.
  • One woman is horrified when she thinks a man in the audience pinched her butt (from 40 feet away).

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy teaches all aspects of hypnosis, not just entertainment.  But the principles are the same no matter how it is applied.