Podcast #92: Onward in 2018

It’s Winter Solstice as we record this! So Welcome all  to Episode 92 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

You’re officially riding the hypnotic storm…

This is how we do it…this is how we do it Downtown!

The word for the year is Onward! So let’s get moving…

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • Mike begins by telling the story of how he nearly went bowling with Jim Carrey!
  • This is how we do it…this is how we do it Downtown! It’s a great line, Chris!
  • What’s the One Word for 2018? Mike’s is Onward! Chris’ One Word is Management…Self-management, life-management, etc.
  • Let’s switch on that Reticular Activating System, folks!
  • Mike’s word used to be Alacrity. Now it’s definitely ONWARD!
  • Mike calls Chris’ wife and daughters Zithromax, Rendlesham and Cytobobula, which is fantastically funny. Chris completely ignores everything except the antibiotic reference, leaving Mike to solely enjoy his own humour.
  • Our business is expanding…and our new words are needed…
  • Mike is the worst multi-tasker in the world! But he admits it so it’s okay!
  • Chris has to treat Mike like a brilliant 5-year-old! He does it with good management skills!
  • What is your word for 2018? Get it nailed down now while there’s still time.
  • Don’t pick a word like Insomnia or Cancer!
  • Chris is way too strong and fit and has set the bar way too high for us mortal beings…
  • Now for the Mail Bag of Edward the Confessor…
  • Chris tells us what trainings are coming up in 2018…see our events page.
  • Tom from Washington asks critical questions about pressit the blotz! Mike answers Tom. It’s a lot like the Branson Protocol!
  • Mike answers vitally important questions about Santa, Doctor Who and the Tardis.
  • Sir Francis Drake circumcised the globe with a 30-foot cutter!
  • Mark in Indiana asks if Mike has ever read scripts at people, and the answer is NO. Mike started on stage doing hypnosis and mentalism where no scripts were needed.
  • Mike’s education is Earl Beatty Public School, Wexford Public School, and Wexford Collegiate Institute (which he didn’t graduate from!)
  • Mike’s biggest mistakes were onstage in the early days…What’s needed and what’s just theatre? Do shows and you’ll find out…
  • Always have a Plan B. Make sure you have a bail-out if needed…
  • Michael C. Anthony is brilliant at bailing out from horrible events…He uses mentalism and magic as his Plan B.
  • Hypnosis for alcoholism or excess drinking: Mike and Chris answer questions about Derek Balmer‘s method for turning alcoholics into social drinkers.
  • Beware of labels! They affect you at the level of Identity and can really screw you up if they’re disempowering.
  • Mike refers to the time he knocked out a drunk with a right cross on a hayride. Chris gets the time of year wrong.
  • When someone falls off the wagon, it can be devastating; depending on how they frame it.
  • Chris makes a clever comparison of neglecting to take the garbage out and then generalizes it to everything his wife asks him to do!
  • Mike refers to a tabloid article about how a third of women’s husbands are actually space aliens. It’s actually very few of them.
  • Don’t prescribe. Don’t diagnose! Don’t treat for any specific disease!
  • Retro-Avoidance Ego States prevent Vaded Ego States from becoming Executive!
  • Mike really enjoys yelling “Hurrah!”
  • What would you like to have happen?
  • Mike thinks it’s essential to treat the pain or trauma the client is carrying…

Commercial Break:  Life’s Abrupt End Morticians, and The Shyzzjigg Corporation

  • Is Graphology scientific? Resentment…procrastination…over 200 traits show?
  • Statistically significant. It’s a soft-science and a subset of psychology. (Thanks, Chris!)
  • Graphotherapy really can change your personality! It’s not the hand that writes; it’s the brain!
  • Change the handwriting and change your life!
  • Dave in Florida asks about MINDSCAPING at the end of a hypnosis session. Can it be used to check your work? Yes! MINDSCAPING has a built-in check for ecology. Always Future Pace clients before letting them go home.
  • Chris ties in the Elman Induction with Dave’s question. MINDSCAPING can be a covert check on the work that’s been done! Mike sneaks in a Guinea Pig Laugh.
  • What do you do if you have to cough? Mike mentions Himalayan Salt Pipes to clear the lungs. But we aren’t telling you to do this…

Empowering Question: What will I begin to do today to ensure that 2018 will be the most awesome and productive year I’ve ever had?

Empowering Metaphor: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Ending: Dave Ambrose from the 25th Dimension!

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We discussed graphology. We have an online course available here.

We talked about ego status and many other personal development topics.  Check out our Personal Development Academy! You can learn the same techniques that Chris and Mike use to have awesome lives!

We answered a question about MINDSCAPING, which is available as an online course here.

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