Announcing Our First UK Master Class

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Join world class hypnotist and NLP trainer, Mike Mandel, at his first UK Master Class for experienced hypnotists!

Mike Mandel has lived, eaten, and breathed hypnosis for over 40 years. From hypnodontics to homicide cases, award winning stage shows to hypnotherapy, and clients that include Microsoft, Canada’s Dept. of Defense, and the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice, Mandel brings unequalled credibility and unparalleled skills to his lectures and hypnosis classes.

This is a 2 day training. It will be hands-on so you should expect to participate, not just passively listen or watch. This is designed to get you to the next level!

Day 1 is pure hypnosis training.
This includes numerous original techniques, inductions and interventions. We will spend the entire day making sure you have a solid handle on the hypnotic spectrum from the permissive to the direct. Think Milton Erickson on one end of the spectrum and Dave Elman on the other. Great hypnotists know how to be as indirect as possible while being as direct as necessary.

Day 2 is a full MINDSCAPING certification. You'll learn the full protocol of Mike Mandel's elegant MINDSCAPING process. This is a stand-alone technique that can be used to solve a wide varitey of problems even if your client doesn't want to share the details of the problem. Or it can be used to complement a hypnosis session.  It's perfect for doing remotely via Skype as well.


To ensure your ongoing success with his material we are including lifetime access to our online MINDSCAPING training ($197 value). 

Come train with the man that NLP co-fonder John Grinder called "Masterful"!

Space Limited to 40 Participants

Dates: Mon/Tues Nov 6-7, 2017
Hours: 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. 
Venue: Ufford Park, Suffolk
Tuition: £299 (via PayPal)

Catch us in London Also!

Note that Mike and Chris will also be at the UK Hypnosis Convention in London from November 3-5. This is Europe's biggest hypnosis conference.  We are delivering a one-day crash course on Ericksonian hypnosis on Friday November 3rd. Click here for details.