Mike Mandel Demonstrating the Dave Elman Induction

Here is a fantastic video demonstration of Mike Mandel performing the Dave Elman induction with Andrea.

Dave Elman is one of the greats in the field of hypnosis. He has actually created many hypnotic inductions, but he is most well known for one particular induction.

Mike Mandel describes this induction as “perfect” to his students. It has Yes Sets and Compliance Sets built right in, along with fractionation, and much more.

I’ve seen Mike demonstrate the Elman induction many times. I learned how to do it taking his hypnosis class (and returning as a resource person many times). Whenever I’d see someone else do this on YouTube, it was often poorly done or completely wrong.

So I asked Mike if he would demo the proper form here. Of course he agreed and here we are. I’m pleased to share with you all the following excellent demonstration of the Dave Elman induction.

5 Responses to Mike Mandel Demonstrating the Dave Elman Induction

  1. Helen Heubi July 30, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Mike, I so appreciated your demonstration of the Dave Elman induction. I agree with you about “variations”. I have always found all “these different ways to do the Dave Elman induction” confusing. What was wrong with it that it had to be tinkered with anyway? I like your straightforward, clear style. Now I have a question.
    When people get so deep into trance that you have to communicate with gestures, does this mean there’s no way to work with them via telephone or Skype? Could there be a signal established, permissively, for their tapping on something? Twice for Yes and once for No?
    For a consulting hypnotist living in Muskoka it’s nice to feel I could reach out beyond my local “client base” to a more global scale of potential clients, the way coaches do. For coaching, the phone or Skype are more effective than in person. But I’ m not sure about using these distance methods when the client is in a deep trance.
    Deep trance is an area that my training to date has not emphasized, or else I have somehow glossed over it. Now I am getting intrigued with Esdaile after listening to Ines Simpson on an NGH webinar. I guess if getting down to brass tacks with deeper trances engages me so much all of a sudden, I’ll find ways to attract clients to come in person. One way could be by giving talks and demonstrations to entertain and educate in an area where everyone has a truck and our majority last election elected Tony Clement.
    At age 81 I am ready to branch out into anything more fun and effective than what I’ve been doing so far. Stage hypnosis seems to attract audiences here while they stay away in droves from any other kind of hypnosis. Why not try learning that?
    Do I sound as if I am complaining? I suppose I am. Despite the stasis of my practice I can’t just drop hypnosis. It fascinates me, and leads me into wanting to know more. I find that hypnotists tend to be incurably curious, so I guess I am one, whether I admit it or not.
    Many thanks for the clarity on Elman and for listening to me rant. Helen

    • Chris August 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

      Hi Helen,

      I’ll ask Mike to read this and we can talk about it in a podcast or updated blog post or something. Communicating with someone who is in deep trance, via telephone, is going to be tricky. Not because they can’t talk to you (they can), but you’ll have a very hard time calibrating them as they go INTO trance. Same with executing Elman’s induction. If you can’t do the fractionation and hand drop, it’s not going to work. I understand your fascination, that’s for sure!

    • Chris October 5, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

      Hi Helen,

      I just noticed nobody replied to your question. Sorry about that! Ok, I’ll see if I can get Mike to chime in also, but here’s my perspective based on what I’ve learned as Mike’s student. Somnambulistic trances are what you should shoot for. These are quite deep trances, and there is no reason in the world a client can’t communicate verbally while in a somnambulistic state. Mike refers to this as the working state of hypnosis. Below this there is the Esdaile state. Some clients may slip into this state, marked by unwillingness to move, speak, spontaneous full body catalepsy and unsuggested anaesthesia. It’s only in THOSE cases (which will be rare) when you’d have to calibrate to what’s happening and deal with it.

      But shoot for deep trance and expect your client to be able to speak.

      Come study with us. Mike will show you so much more!

  2. Rich January 27, 2017 at 3:17 pm #

    Hi I’ve replayed it numerous times what does mike say on both occasions when talking about lifting the eyebrows ?
    Is it pull / put / bull / push ? The eyebrows

    • Mike Mandel January 30, 2017 at 5:42 pm #

      Probably “boing”.