Mike Mandel Demonstrating the Dave Elman Induction

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Here is a fantastic video demonstration of Mike Mandel performing the Dave Elman induction with Andrea.

Dave Elman is one of the greats in the field of hypnosis. He has actually created many hypnotic inductions, but he is most well known for one particular induction.

Mike Mandel describes this induction as “perfect” to his students. It has Yes Sets and Compliance Sets built right in, along with fractionation, and much more.

I’ve seen Mike demonstrate the Elman induction many times. I learned how to do it taking his hypnosis class (and returning as a resource person many times). Whenever I’d see someone else do this on YouTube, it was often poorly done or completely wrong.

So I asked Mike if he would demo the proper form here. Of course he agreed and here we are. I’m pleased to share with you all the following excellent demonstration of the Dave Elman induction.