Podcast #95: All About Anxiety

Greetings Fellow Globe Riders! You’re here with us…Loochie! And these are still days of Victory!

So if you’re at all anxious about anything…You’re in the right place, so pull up a chair, shout a hearty “Loochie!” and let’s begin.

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • The show gets off to a bad start, with Mike saying “Loochie” way too many times…
  • We’ve made it to Podcast #95! Unbelievable…The early shows were horrible.
  • Chris actually says “Kltpzyxm” for the first time!
  • What is anxiety? It’s why we’re here…for your…now…that’s right…
  • You can get our Stress Relief audio product at mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7
  • Warrington Reversal from Chris! He’s on a roll, folks!
  • Chris catches himself saying “The most soon”??? What was that? Anyway, we have Melissa Tiers and MINDSCAPING coming up…
  • There may be a single spot left for the May Architecture of Hypnosis training…
  • You will love our training! Come to Toronto…
  • Mike admits he dreamed about Melissa Tiers and punched out some scruffy guy…He used a fist which is a No No!
  • What about the UK Hypnosis Convention? We aren’t going this year…(sob) Mike is needed elsewhere, and it’s ecology first!
  • Tammy from Israel asks a question…What about metaphor cards? Mythos and OH cards are awesome!
  • Sneeze!
  • What about George Dillman and his pressure-point knockouts…What’s happening here?!!?
  • If you’re in a martial art where the opponent has to believe in it for it to work…you might want to find a new martial art…
  • Tappety tap tap on the pressure points…
  • NLP Mindreading discussed! Not telepathy…but thinking you know what they are thinking…and there’s also reverse mindreading too!
  • 6 of clubs! Correct.
  • Chris gets stressed when people email for support and force him to reverse mindread…
  • Loochie!  (It’s a useful and pointless word) Do not sip from the Bag of Pykthos!
  • Give us your mindreading examples!
  • Audio message from Charles the Marathon runner with cardiovascular problems and panic attacks…
  • Anxiety is always trepidation about the future, but it might have a connexion to the past…
  • You must jump in on anxiety as soon as it begins! That’s how you’ll rewire your brain.
  • Some dick in a movie theatre lighting up the room with his cell phone! Shut him down! (Loochie is Mike’s new swear-word)
  • Mike tells about his previous anxiety when he’d phone home and get no answer. It all started back in 1963…
  • Mike calls Chris’ daughters Drusilla and Dentistrica, which is brilliant!
  • In the night…in the dark…Mike’s parents were missing! Yikes!
  • Free-floating anxiety is bad because it’s just there…
  • Chris recalls anxiety from high-school when breathing became conscious…He sang in his head and switched on his right brain!
  • Mike and Chris believe that anxiety is a behaviour, not the person’s identity or something that’s just happening to them.
  • Again we say: Deal with anxiety the moment that first spark begins to burn…
  • Kevin’ Laye’s Psy-Tap is awesome! He taught us how to shut down panic attacks in seconds!
  • Grip and squeeze the first 2 fingers of your hand and hold until the fear vanishes…
  • You can use Mike’s 6 Step Tapping Method
  • Seven Eleven breathing works too…It brings in more parasympathetic response…
  • Mike’s frickin’ genius comes in, and so does Chris’ genius! Do Kevin Laye’s method while you breathe in the Seven Eleven pattern!
  • Mike sounds like he’s having a stroke, but he’s just remembering the term EMDR.
  • Change the voice in your head and stop it scaring you! Your house might have burned down!
  • The Spin Technique is awesome too. Use your actual physical hands to change the spin. It works best that way! Make sure you add the laughter.
  • Mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7

Gus Grissom Update:  Elon Musk from SpaceX contacts us!

Empowering Question: What makes you nervous, anxious or afraid…and what are you going to do to shut it down the next time it starts happening?

Empowering Metaphor: Howard Roach, the World’s scariest dentist

Ending:  He said Captain…I said wot? (Captain Sensible)

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