Podcast #90: How to have an awesome life

Welcome to Episode 90 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! You’re riding the Hypnotic Hawk! Get airborne, and rip down a grain elevator or two…Our prostates are fine…and all is awesome!

This podcast is all about you! Check out lots of ways to make your life better than ever!

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Never make your life work! Work is a four letter word…
  • November Architecture of Hypnosis SOLD OUT!!! Get ready for May…
  • Here come a list of cool things to make your life better.
  • Don’t wait! Not until New Years and not even until Monday!
  • Chris describes Threshold! Gotta be change…now…and me!
  • Take stock of your life! Turn on the critical thinking. We are capable of reflexing thinking…We can step back and look at things.
  • Watch your own life playing out on a stage…Is it what you really want to have happen?
  • What would you like to have happen? Use a Clean Language question to tune your RAS, and then focus intently on that outcome.
  • Mike brilliantly says “I want less money so my life can really suck!” It was a much funnier line that Chris realized.
  • Too many open loops lead to anxiety. Mike admits he gets a form of OCD when he’s under stress, but he admits it, so it’s okay.
  • Chris invoked Warren Buffett and his list of 25 things that are important. Only 5 of them are allowed on the list though.
  • Too many irons in the fire is problematic, because they share the heat…
  • Prioritize your Life! Put 80% of your time on the 20% that’s most important…
  • What resources do you have in your life? Mine those suckers.
  • How can you gather new resources? What’s the most important thing right now?
  • Chris tells an Uber story that gets dangerously close to being a Ken Sweatman story.
  • Track it or fail! Tim Ferriss said what you don’t track, you don’t change. Find a way to track whatever you’re working on.
  • Public declarations work. Unfortunately, Chris is still pronouncing Cialdini “Chee al deenee”. (Edit from Chris … OK fine, it’s supposed to be “Chal-dee-nee”, got it.)
  • Get into the right state for the job! Use the Grinder Model to shift things.
  • Chris gives a clever plug for the Personal Development Academy. These are the same techniques that Mike used to change from being a telephone operator to a world-class hypnosis trainer. Chris used these techniques to switch from being a Bay Street stock analyst, to a job that never sucks.
  • Let go of that unforgiveness! It lets you off the hook.
  • Learn to calm your mind daily. Take mental breaks – Walk, listen to calming music, meditate, etc. Notice those nostrils!
  • Chris invoked Steve Roehm and how he explains that you should start small with change. Great advice!
  • We interrupt for a short break: Station Identification from the Shyzzjigg Corporation!
  • Stop wasting time! You don’t have an infinite amount of time. Mike’s almost 65! Yikes!!!
  • Make use of your life! Turn off the frickin’ television for just one hour per day and get nine weeks of free time.
  • Put some culture in your life! Art, music, ballet, opera, literature, poetry…It gives depth to our lives!
  • Put it back on the shelf! See if you can resist buying stuff and walk away.
  • Strengthen those important relationships! Pull out the weeds. Maintain the quality relationships!
  • Who are the five people you spend the most time with?
  • Clear out the toxic people! Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action! Fire the effers!
  • Learn to shut down at night! Sleep is a nutrient. Make sure you aren’t deprived of it.
  • Laugh a lot. Even if you look insane.
  • Never mistake your job for your life! You won’t be on your deathbed wishing “If only I’d worked more…”

Empowering Question: Which of these concepts am I going to apply today, and how will I continue moving toward a better life?

Empowering Metaphor: Donald Thain – The Wizard of Wexford

Ending: We won’t spoil it in the show notes.

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