Podcast #84: PGO car crashes, online attacks, and Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Episode 84 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

The somnambulistic Santa Ana winds are getting hotter and dryer, and constantly losing Mesmeric moisture…

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Mike begins by screaming “Loochie Hi Oh!” in the background, which sets the tone for what’s coming…
  • Are we all hypnotized? The quarter game on steroids!
  • Chris fears this might be an intervention
  • Using PGO spikes to your advantage – Yes, there’s sound neuroscience for this! Mike does a good Gandalf impression, which Chris doesn’t pick up on, because he hasn’t seen The Lord of the Rings
  • The electricity intervention! Best used in a text message or in a chat room. It really sounds weird…
  • Backgammon for blood! Shut her down! This stuff really comes out!
  • Are you into…you know…electricity?
  • It sounds like it might be obscene or some horrible sexual thing that nobody talks about!
  • Mike recalls the Jack 0′ Lantern Attack in his online chess games!
  • Chris directs us to the PGO spike – Shock, novelty and surprise!
  • That damn guy Bryan! He’s been attacking us online without motive, and may actually be a dick…
  • Mike gives Chris permission to Ken Sweatman the story, and naturally Chris responds to the opportunity…
  • The Sweatman story goes on for several minutes…Chris still hasn’t mentioned Bryan…
  • We aren’t con men! Honest we’re not!
  • How can a free video be a con?!?! There’s not even an offer attached!
  • Chris responded to a vituperative email, and now the gloves are off…
  • Full disclosure from Chris! How you become our customer…We are transparent and everyone wins, except Bryan!
  • Mike can be heard in the background, quietly saying “dick…” Chris actually says A-hole and then asks for permission.
  • We have a “No Dick Policy!” We don’t hang-out with them or interact with them. But Bryan wasn’t done yet…
  • Chris tells the best way to use Social Proof is with Facebook comments!
  • Bryan attacks our comments online because he thinks our students aren’t real…
  • Our Storm Riders went aftah that peckah! It was an onslaught of support!
  • Whoa! This stuff really comes out!
  • Bottom line? Use social proof in your favour. Bryan has actually helped us with his dursatision
  • The PGO Spike – Pons, geniculate body and occiput. Who’s lurking in that dark alley waiting to kill me? Oh, it’s a bag of garbage…
  • Fight – Flight – Freeze…It’s a superhighway folks! Christophe the psychiatrist confirmed it!
  • Fender bender in the rain! He used the PGO Spike to ensure the other driver would agree with his version of the accident!
  • “Yes, I don’t know what he did! That car just pulled out in front of you and stopped! Then he just left!”
  • The hypnotist winds up paying no $500.00 deductible, and gets his car fixed for free with no increase in insurance!
  • Life can be nobody’s fault!

Commercial Break: You’re Still Just Danny!

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  • Back into the show! Mike preframes by explaining that he did 24 college level lectures in Quantum Mechanics with theoretical physicist, Professor Benjamin Schumacher.
  • Mike was reading about CERN. What the heck are they doing there? A positron is just an electron going backward in time! This freaks Chris out.
  • Quantum computing is here, and Elon Musk is on the edge of new technology.
  • Has the space/time continuum changed? Some physicists think it’s possible to enter another universe…
  • Has it already happened?!?!
  • Every decision we make can shift things…but dammit! Things have changed!
  • The Mandela Effect is here! Mr Rogers, Moonraker, We are the Champions of the World!
  • It’s all changing folks! The braces are gone, so that’s why they fell in love. A European VISA commercial is an artifact…
  • Where’s that huge island off the west coast of Australia? (Mike makes a rare error and invokes Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but the film is actually Dazed and Confused.)
  • That’s where the Malaysian aircraft disappeared! It’s freaking us out…
  • The first James Bond was Barry Nelson! What’s going on here?
  • Mirror mirror on the wall is gone, but Mike’s most freaked out by the Bible changes.
  • Even the 1961 Bible has changed!!!
  • Chris nails the issue with his scientific brain: There are only 2 possibilities here…Either a lot of people remember things incorrectly, or these things have changed…
  • Michael C. Anthony is freaked out by this too. Charles Schultz is now Charles Schulz!
  • Chris said “I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing with this knowledge. It isn’t going to change my life!” (He’s in denial and needs an intervention)
  • The statue of The Thinker…his hand has moved!

Empowering Question: What is your greatest gift or talent, and how will you use it to overcome your greatest weakness?

Metaphor: The Lord of the Rings and Christopher Lee!

  • Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist and a hearty Kltpzyxm!

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