Podcast #70: Let’s focus on the positive! Even if it kills someone.

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 70 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Not only is the hypnotic storm a hypnotic rash now, but it’s delivering the kind of results you’d expect from a high-quality anabolic steroid!

If you like podcasts and listen to a lot of them, stop now! This is the only podcast you will ever need.

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Plausible deniability! Angus Young’s 61st birthday, and chicken at a coffee shop drive through!
  • Is Mike the real-life Gus Grissom?
  • April 1st when recorded!
  • Chris is still talking about the wacky endings and ruining them.
  • Mike says donuts “are full of wheat and they kill you!”
  • How to order Swiss Chalet chicken at a Country Style Donuts shop…
  • April Fools Day is illegal in China.
  • Episode is all about focusing on the positive!
  • Mike discusses AC/DC and the travesty of Axl Rose filling in for Brian Johnson.
  • Another reference to Virgil “Gus” Grissom!
  • Chris acts like a morning guy on an FM station. After a bad start, he begins a Ken Sweatman story.
  • People complain about everything!
  • Complaining becomes habituated. Life is good and bad. Where is your focus?
  • What do you want? This is the Magic Question!
  • Present Me vs Target Me. What do I want the Me to be at some definable time?
  • Focusing on Present Me creates a stuck state.
  • Mike runs into clients who even after they fix things, have to know why it happened. Mike thinks it goes back to Freud and psychoanalysis. If you’re better, who cares?
  • If a tree falls in the forest…
  • Chris says “lariss” instead of hilarious.
  • Present is where we’re stuck. We need momentum and resources to move forward.
  • Chris uses a fairly weak soccer ball metaphor that nearly gets the point across. It becomes a Ken Sweatman story. Mike manages to exit the story by talking about transformation.
  • Mike’s wife is a personality genius and says you have to look into the abyss of your own personal darkness. Otherwise, we won’t change.
  • Self-awareness is critical.
  • Mike references Chris’ move to Hypno East from Toronto.
  • Baby steps…Chris uses a business example and claims he does all the marketing (true) but also attempts to claim he creates the brilliant products too, obviously thinking Mike’s senile and he’ll get away with it. He wisely backs away from this dangerous thought…
  • Take baby steps! Move forward each day, in business, or any area of life. Take action!
  • Keep walking, running, whatever you need to do, and you’ll arrive at your destination.
  • Chris begins a financial lecture about asset classes, stocks, mutual funds, etc. Baby steps again!
  • Mike is silently frustrated, attempting to get away from the endless baby step discussion.
  • Mike admits to being a senior citizen and collects a pension! My F! I’m buying a Tesla!
  • It’s all coming apart in this podcast, but after yet another mention of baby steps, they move on.
  • Chris promises to tell how he got his wife with an April Fool Tesla joke, but is lying and never mentions it again. (Chris is proof-reading these show notes and will have to finally explain the hiliarious joke in the next podcast!)
  • The Grinder Model! How to call powerful high-performance states to the executive.
  • The laundry list begins…
  • 4 Levels of the Grinder Model are universally applicable. On the bottom is Performance.
  • How well, how elegantly will you do something?
  • Next one up is State. This will ensure good performance.
  • The more powerful your State, the better your Performance.
  • Physiology will shift State.
  • Chris says “slunshed” which is not a word. Mike pretends it doesn’t bother him, but then talks about driving his elbow into Chris’ head. There is a connexion.
  • How would I move if I was a powerful person? Who is confident, and how would he or she move?
  • The AS IF Frame! If I was confident…how would I stand. Mike invokes Kim Kardashian, because she’s visually quantifiable…
  • Breathing is top level, and shifted in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts, yoga, etc.
  • Support powerful states with breathing and physiological shifts.
  • Mike mentions Paul Federn, Watkins and Watkins, Gordon Emmerson, etc.
  • Ego states speak, act, and even look different from each other. Make sure the right one’s in the executive!
  • Mike performs at Western University every year, where the kids are about 18 years old. How does he do it? Chris is obsessed with doing the laundry. Mike is calling the best state to the executive.
  • Hypnosis shows work the same way! Call up the volunteers who present ego states that fit the criteria of the desired show.
  • The right state in the executive will love being there!
  • Watch our for teachers! They often keep their teaching states in the executive when dealing with adults!
  • Mike explains how to breathe in the right state!
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  • Waking hypnosis? Ormond McGill? Men staring at women as they pirouette…Is this hypnosis? News Flash! You’re never asleep in hypnosis. Watch our for PGO spikes though…Novelty, surprise and shock, can trigger an inroad to the unconscious mind.
  • Monsters and Magical Sticks. Great book!
  • Erickson just says “That’s right…”
  • Chris is in full Ken Sweatman mode by now, and you can tell Mike’s losing interest.
  • Chris is obsessed by the boss and the woman’s dress. Mike is very lenient with Chris.
  • Mike says “Yes, Ken Sweatman!”

Empowering Question: What old rules have you been living your life by, and what new rules will you write today, to replace them, as you move toward your goals, with alacrity.

Gus Grissom Update: Gus Grissom was 150 lbs and 5’7″.

Metaphor: Matty and the wooden guns.

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Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist.

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