Podcast #156 – All About Beliefs (part 2)

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #156 where we discuss even more about beliefs, and how to change the ones that don't serve you.

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Introduction for Episode 156

Today Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson examine beliefs and how to change them!  This is part 2 of our series, so if you haven't yet listened to Part 1, you can listen to that right here.

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 156

  • Beliefs are self-confirming! But are they useful?
  • Confirmation bias kicks in with our beliefs...
  • Life is...(finish the sentence)
  • Explore your beliefs...What do they enable you to do?
  • Chris begins a Ken Sweatman story about water filtration...
  • Assertive but friendly and polite...
  • Of all the Nines Mike knows, Chris is the most awesome!
  • Beliefs have a structure: A means B...or A causes B...
  • Nobody has a belief from nothing!
  • There will be a positive intention somewhere...
  • Many beliefs are built into survival mechanisms!
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how certain are you? Why didn't you pick a higher number?
  • The person must separate the belief from the evidence...
  • It's about YOU!
  • You must ask the questions that cause the person to evaluate their beliefs!
  • Delivering a message seldom works...Make sure you have rapport!
  • Use the As If Frame to challenge a belief. If you believed the opposite, how would you behave and how would things change? Would it be useful?
  • The As If Frame enables you to step into a new identity...
  • ABC...Always Be Calibrating!
  • Offer a Golden Bridge when someone gets uncomfortable, to let them out of the conversation without stress.
  • When challenging a belief, never ask a Yes or No question!
  • ...and yet...is an amazing power phrase!
  • Learn to apply the Meta Model - but don't be a Meta Meddler!
  • Reframe with context or content shifts. 
  • Reframing by Bandler and Grinder is an excellent book...
  • Content reframing changes the meaning for the same information...
  • Context reframing looks for where the behaviour would be useful...
  • How do you know that's true? What evidence would it take to change your mind?
  • What will you see, hear, or feel if the belief changes?
  • Beliefs are like tables. The legs are the components that hold them up...
  • If we honour the positive intention of beliefs, it makes them easier to change!
  • "What do you mean we're not good parents? We bought him his own TV!"
  • As soon as adrenaline comes in...so does black and white thinking...
  • Tap the Triple Warmer on the back of your hand while affirming! (Use Google to find the exact location.)
  • Clean Language questions can unpack a belief!
  • What kind of X is that X...? Anything else about X...?
  • How wonderful will you feel when you completely overcome this?

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Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself...at this point in my life...when a lot of beliefs have solidified...which of these are no longer useful...and how amazing will I feel when I replace them?

Metafive: Selective amnesia

Ending: The Little White Balloon Redux

Important Links and Reminders:

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.