Podcast #155 – All About Beliefs (part 1)

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #155 where we discuss beliefs and their enormous power...

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Introduction for Episode 155

It's time...for another awesome episode of Brain Software!

You may be stuck indoors and locked-down in your own personal isolation tank, but remember:


Or as the Spangler iron merchants from the Harappan River Valley say: Bavartsch!

So let's talk all about beliefs...and how they are secretly and sneakily running your life...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 155

  • Our new course on self hypnosis is now available!
  • Beliefs help us make immediate decisions and take short-cuts
  • "Belief delivers a direct command to your nervous system." - Tony Robbins
  • If you believe you're a winner, your physiology will be different than if you believe you're a loser!
  • It is irrelevant whether or not beliefs are true...Is it useful?
  • Beliefs sort and filter data to confirm themselves...
  • The confirmation bias means we look for data to support our beliefs!
  • Every belief is a resource with a positive intention!
  • Beliefs are generalizations that make it easy to make decisions...
  • Beliefs create robust reality tunnels!
  • Reality tunnels are the overall view built from beliefs...
  • Beliefs are level 4 in Dilts' Logical Levels...
  • Mike still believes he's a 5,000 year old wizard...
  • "I am a heart surgeon!" isn't a good belief to adopt!
  • The Gregory Peck intervention!
  • When you have to make an "At least..." statement, there is something wrong!
  • The Cultivated Applause from a city intervention! (Seattle works well)
  • Basic Question: How does that belief serve you?
  • If you change a belief, put an empowering belief in its place!
  • Guilt is "I've done something wrong..." Shame is "There's something wrong with me!"
  • What would you like to believe?

Empowering Questions: As yourself...what is the key belief that I've been holding onto for so long...that it's time to change it...and let it go now...and how amazing will it be when I put an empowering belief in it's place?


The blues in Boston

Ending: Henry Squatter and the calendar

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.