Podcast #151 – Ten Tips to Change Everything

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 151! If you want to change EVERYTHING, then you're in the right place, and Chris and Mike will discuss how. Stay tuned for newness of life...

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Introduction for Episode 151

Dr Dave Ambrose may actually be the coolest dude in the 42nd dimension, but this is the coolest podcast on hypnosis, NLP, and personal development in any dimension. Get comfortable on the hypnotic Crazy Train, because These are Days of Victory!

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Show Notes for Episode 151

  • Check out our Personal Growth Membership!
  • Huge Elon Musk, Ken Sweatman story from Chris to start the podcast!
  • The Intervention Intervention...
  • Mike's creating his own mentalism product! Stay tuned...
  • Change your state! Recognize powerful states and stack them...
  • When you're empowered, fire the awesome anchor!
  • Get out of Environment! It's a place to stay stuck! It's effect, not cause...
  • Is there a part of your life where you're stuck in Environment?
  • Do some relationship repair! Work on the center of the target...
  • Look for your blind spots. Get some outside information from a trusted source!
  • Be a giver more than a receiver - time, possessions you no longer need, etc.
  • Take pictures of things you want to remember! 

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The Shyzzjigg Corporation

  • Learn to listen more! Stop planning your next point! Give your full attention...
  • Find out what your automatic reactions are...and change them!
  • Step outside the situation by dissociating!
  • Take on a challenge! Covid 19 pounds...These are days of victory!
  • Use the 2 minute rule when you don't want to do something...
  • Teach someone else something you're great at! Be a Mentor!
  • Celebrate your victories, both small and large! Have things to look forward to...

We are all running out of time, so make your life count!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself...In view of the fact that time is disappearing for me and everyone else, what will I attend to today? What is that thing I need to do that I've been delaying...and how will my life improve when I take that step?


Great advice from Mike's Dad


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