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Mike Mandel's latest hypnosis audio track takes you on an amazing unconscious journey. It's free, and it's different every time you use it. 

This hypnosis track is about 35 minutes long and is designed for any general purpose change that you might like to make. FREE on this page for a limited time.

35 Minutes. High Quality Audio Downoad.

Five Star Praise

"As a musician, the production value of Journey to the Castle is spectacular. Sounded like a Disney sound-track. Wow!" - Austin Ray 

"Your personal development training has helped me immeasurably in my life. The information has helped me forge a better understanding of dealing with other people and a better ability to communicate as well. It’s the best product out there, bar none." - Lige Rose 

"It was phenomenal! One of my favorite hypnotic experiences ever and hands-down the best production quality of any hypnosis audio I've heard. You guys really raised the bar on this one!" - Lori Hammond 

"I already listened to it a few times. Mike Mandel pulled all the stops on this one: references, hypnotic language, music and musical effects. EPIC is an understatement!" - Haris Volos 

"The first word that came to my mind after listening to Journey to the Castle was "masterful", but after some consideration I think "wizardly" is more appropriate! Frickin' amazing...!!!!!" - Jonathan Nhan