Podcast Session 14: Hypnotic phenomenon, hypnosis uses, anchoring, amnesia and much more!

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Mike’s next hypnosis training is now CONFIRMED and on our website. We talk in detail about more stuff that happened during Mike’s last hypnosis training including dental hypnosis, anaesthesia and analgesia, hypnotic convincers, suggestibility tests, amnesia (hilarious) and more. Mike talks about how to compound numbness using Glove Anaesthesia. He reveals some secrets about NLP anchoring and setting anchors at peak state. We discuss spatial anchoring and how it can be used to literally ‘set aside’ problems in a disagreement.

Mike talks about EFT and the research flaws of deciding everything is an emotional problem. He also talks about why the direct model of hypnosis AND the indirect model (Erickson’s model) are both so important to understand. https://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Sign up for Mike Mandel’s upcoming hypnosis training: The training runs for 5 days the week of Sept 24-28th in Toronto. Registrations have already started, and we’re only taking a limited number of students.

The closing metaphor for Podcast Session 14 is “Don’t awaken the dragon”. It’s a fantastic story from Mike’s personal history and a great demonstration of language skills in action.

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