Podcast #116 – More Principles of Hypnosis, Part Four, and

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 116
 where we finish our four-part discussion on the simple principles of hypnosis!
And check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Make sure you send in your hypnosis questions, which will be used in future podcasts! And come to Toronto and study with us!

Here are the show notes:

As we finally clear the Straits of Magellan, we need to address an important question:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? 

These are days of AWESOME victory!!! It’s glannative over here.

  • A long and awkward intro…but hey…
  • April is Wizard School! Come to Toronto if you’re already a hypnotist and study with us! Our dining room really does look like Hogwarts! 18 spots are sold already…
  • The sign-up page for the Amazing Jacquins is online now! Come to Toronto for the 2 day intensive and stay for Architecture of Hypnosis!
  •  June and November Architecture of Hypnosis classes will open soon!
  • Word of the Year? Chris = New, Mike is still using Onward
  • Chris is eating nothing but meat, eggs and fish. Eulogy forthcoming…
  • A new comedic intervention: The Little Wheel – Mike’s brilliance!
  • Let’s discuss 4 inductions! Catalepsy, Eye Fixation, Conversation and PGO Spike…
  • “Anything that assumes trance, causes trance.” – Clark Hull, 1933
  •  Produce the phenomenon and get the trance automatically!
  • The damn hand just floats there…It’s all in the situation engineering!
  • Check out “Mike Mandel Name amnesia” in Google
  • Emotion is really powerful…and so is acting!
  • Benjamin Franklin had some great insights about how we treat people. Just force them to treat you with respect. Accept those gifts, folks!
  •  Eye fixation is a great way to fixate attention and cause hypnosis
  • The Key to Hypnotism by Walter B. Gibson was Mike’s first book on the subject in 1965!
  • Check out our NUVI app in either Android or Apple app store!
  • Pure verbal hypnosis is an invitation to trance!
  • Mike’s system is a Neo-Ericksonian approach: As indirect as possible and as direct as necessary…
  • Check out our hypnosis academy at MikeMandelHypnosis.Com
  • Verbally directing a subject’s attention internally can conversationally cause a trance – either overt or covert…
  •  These inductions are not separate platforms; they can overlap!
  • Gotta hand it to Igor Ledochowski who made Erickson’s stuff mainstream!
  • We have hypnosis cards for you, and the shipping really is FREE!
  •  Induction method 4 is a PGO Spike in the brain!
  • Shock clears the mind to accept suggestion!
  • Don’t haul on Mike’s neck or he will hospitalize you! (Just kidding)
  • Anthony Jacquin does a great PGO Spike…
  •  Mike used a PGO Spike to get out of an insurance issue…(deniable)

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  • You ratify trance by making it real for the subject…”I guess I was in a trance, Scro!”
  • Always go for somnambulism, it’s the working state of hypnosis!
  •  Automatically deepen trance…all the time.
  • Mirroring Hands by Richard Hill and Ernst Rossi is an awesome book!
  • Keep learning! It’s not hypnosis specific, but it applies!
  • You have a trillion neurons so put something in them!
  • Practice on a wide-variety of subjects, but get permission first!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: As my hypnotic skills constantly improve, what will I do next to turn competency into excellence? 

Empowering Metafive: Gravel Running

Ending: Smoke on the Water (on the Island of St. John)

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