Special Guest Training:
Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin

Toronto, Canada on May 11-12, 2019

From Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson:

A couple of years ago we decided to expand our live class offerings by bringing guest trainers to Toronto. The criteria has been quite strict. Simply put ... we only invite people to Toronto if we want to take their class ourselves.

Freddy and Anthony are absolutely brilliant. We got to know both of them during the 2017 UK Hypnosis Convention in London. We got to spend even more time with Freddy when he flew to Las Vegas for the Hypnothoughts Live conference in August 2018.

For years we've been telling our classroom students about the brilliance of things like the Jacquin Powerlift induction and the Arrow Technique. We own their books in both physical and audio book form. These two are absolutely phenomenal trainers and we are SO EXCITED to have them doing this guest training in Toronto.

A Deep Dive into the Jacquin's Methods and Techniques As Used with Over 35,000 of Their Clients?

Workshop Description

Drawing upon the best of our impromptu and therapeutic approaches, this is a bespoke workshop, specially tailored for Mike Mandel Hypnosis and students of their academy. 

You can expect a practical, skills-based workshop that will introduce you to hypnotism, or deepen your existing hypnosis practice.

The nature of the techniques shared, means that being a complete beginner does not put you at any disadvantage; the techniques are easy to learn and apply.

Those with experience in hypnosis already will find value in the variety and clarity of the techniques, and the subtleties and nuances shared throughout this training.

This is an opportunity to not just learn from, but train with, two vastly experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Learn real-world strategies for any time, anywhere, hypnosis demonstrations and interventions. Develop your own protocol for self hypnosis, one that allows you to use these tools to change the way, you think, feel and turn-up in life.

Course Content:

Introduction: Freddy and Anthony Jacquin introduce themselves, hypnosis, and demonstrate some of what you will learn.

Become The Hypnotist: Ninety minutes of instruction in our preferred approach to engaging subjects, suggesting hypnosis and the ratification of that. You will be hypnotizing with confidence in this session. Freddy and Anthony both give you examples of impromptu openers. You'll learn the Jacquin Power Lift induction and the Jacquin Fingerlock.

Deepener Applications: The Jacquins teach their favourite ways to deepen hypnotic trance.

Training in Change Work: This builds upon the earlier material and will include the Three Step Negotiation, the Arrow Technique, Parts Negotiation, Total Perception Management and the Kashmir Techniques.

Become Your Own Hypnotist. ?Recognizing that reality is plastic, you can change the way you think, feel and respond NOW. Learn how to do impromptu self-hypnosis. State-free hypnosis strategies.

IMPORTANT: By the end of the workshop you will have hypnotized individuals and groups. You will feel confident in your abilities to do so in the future. You will be able to demonstrate your skills anytime and anywhere. You'll be able to do this for fun, influence or revenue.

Then benefit is simple. You will have skills to give you the edge in many personal and professional situations for the rest of your life. 

"We only bring world class hypnotists to teach in Toronto. When we thought about who to bring next, Chris and I both knew it HAD to be the Jacquins. We hold immense respect for both Freddy and Anthony and we've both already benefitted from their quality of their training."

Mike Mandel
Head Instructor - Mike Mandel Hypnosis