Podcast #112 – The Unconscious Mind and Never Surrender

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 112 where we talk all about the unconscious mind.

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Here are the show notes:

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  • Think Tank Word of the Day: Decomposition
  • We discuss an email from Daren in Toronto. He’s not able to “fire” the negative person in his life because it is his mother!
  • Mike and Chris discuss he idea of trying to control someone else’s outcome, which is often futile.
  • NLP intervention – Theatre of the Mind – How are you exquisitely maintaining the behaviour of this other person?
  • We discuss the six characteristics of responses from the unconscious mind, as shared with us by David Snyder. Thanks to Seth for bringing this to our attention in the first place.

A word from our Sponsor – And Proof Weights by Shyzzjigg Corporation.

  • Why do we use the terms “conscious” and “unconscious” instead of “sub-conscious” or “superconscious”?
  • Does the conscious mind even exist? Does it matter?
  • What part of us sleeps? All parts? What about under anaesthetic?

Empowering Questions: Chris comes up with it on the spot. What will you do differently today, than yesterday, to become more positive and help the negative people in your life … and build an awesome life?

Empowering Metafive: Don’t be stupid

Ending: Sunglasses at Night

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