Podcast #106 – Interventions, Incidentalomas and the Magic Cabbages

Welcome to Brain Software podcast, episode # 106, and we’ve got a great one for you today.

We continue with the most entertaining hypnosis podcast in the world! Today we discuss several hilarious pattern interrupts, how you can avoid unnecessary medical intervention and we share more summaries from our 100 Days of Awesome challenge.

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • Mike claims he’s not allergic to wasps anymore … but he’s not planning on testing the work!
  • We’ve released our very first hypnosis app called NUVI. You can get it in the app store. It’s priced at $2.99 and comes with a really awesome and FREE bonus video course.
  • Think Tank word for today is fish…think about what this means to you.  For Chris it’s about moving through resistance.
  • Chris explains the “baby steps” intervention that he used on his wife with much hilarity. You need to be paying attention to the 100 Days of Awesome challenge on Instagram to fully follow this, but you can modify it for your own situations.
  • Mike walks us through the “Not in the South” intervention, which comes from Stephen Potter.
  • Mike just finished a course from The Great Courses on the ongoings of doctors in the emergency room, and why you want to avoid unnecessary procedures.
  • Chris just finished an audio book (also from The Great Courses) called “The Addictive Brain”, and highly recommends it! He bought the book as part of Audible.com’s “Daily Deal”.
  • Mike asks a question – What is the soundtrack of your life? Chris picks a U2 song. Mike explains the reason for the question, which comes from something NLP co-founder Richard Bandler said.
  • A great reminder that laughing on purpose is a super fun strategy to feel amazing.
  • Mike and Chris accidentally co-developed the “prescription intervention”, which is another great one you can use for your own amusement. We will be using this technique with reckless abandon in Las Vegas later this month.
  • Mike tries to get Chris to cut the podcast short because we’re already 28 minutes in, and Mike’s got a really long ending planned.
  • A few 100 Days of Awesome summary discussions …
    • Never stop working on your own integration as a human
    • Act like a kid more often!
    • Clear out the crap in your life!
    • Work towards goals using progressions

Empowering Question: What is the ultimate metaphor of your life that will lead to the greatest discoveries you’ve ever known?

Empowering Metafive: The rainy morning and the living coat.

Ending: The  story of Henry Squatter and the Magic Cabbages.

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