Podcast #105 – Wellness, Ego States and Blood Chokes

Welcome to Brain Software podcast, episode # 105, and we’ve got a great one for you today.

Today we discuss the power of working with your own ego states, research vs training…and much more!

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • We’re excited about Hypnothoughts Live coming up in just a few weeks.
  • James Tripp is coming to Toronto in September. He’s teaching on hypnotic phenomena and change work
  • Think Tank word for today is chemical…think about how two substances can mix and make major change happen, or how powerful change can happen simply based on the movement of tiny electrons!
  • The rewind technique is also known as the “fast phobia cure” in NLP. Gary asks if we have any research to support its use. We do not. We discuss the difference between a researcher and a practitioner.
  • Chris is distracted by a phone call from his mechanic!
  • Mike has become a big fan of Inner Active cards which he discusses having used to negotiate between two ego stages in order to get even more lean.
  • Chris highly recommends a podcast by Dr. Peter Attia called “The Drive”
  • Mike reviews Bob Burns’ ideomotor signalling protocol called “The Swan”.  We highly recommend it.
  • Why does modern music suck? MEE – The mere exposure effect!

Empowering Question: What still needs to be done to have a great 2018, and what will I do now to make it happen? What is still undone in my life to create a great year, and what massive action will I take in that direction…NOW…

Empowering Metafive: Niagara College, and the shoulder-spin blood choke

Ending: The smoke goes up the chimney just the same

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