Podcast #104 – Hypnotic Influence, Assertion, and the Window of Doom!

Welcome to Brain Software podcast, episode # 104, and we’ve got a great one for you today.

We talk about the misuse of hypnosis, answer your questions, and continue 100 Days of Awesome, and best of all: Dave Ambrose is making a solid twenty bucks Canadian for doing the intro! So let’s get started, Scro!

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • James Tripp is coming to Toronto, and then we’re going back to Las Vegas!
  • Think Tank word for today is digest…Encapsulation or digesting something…
  • The Greats have mastered the basics! That’s what makes them great…
  • A digest of the first 100 Brain Software episodes? Who would go through the content for us?
  • Open Frame is in all our live classes. Mike got it from Derek Balmer, who got it from John Grinder…
  • We welcome your questions in our Mailbag. Now it’s Open Frame! Send in your audio questions, just like a call-in show…
  • Leo asks: How do you stop hypnotic dominance? We need a bit more context, but Chris has a metaphor…or is it?
  • When you do the Jerry Intervention, look at the other people present with a knowing smile, as though they’re in on it!
  • Take responsibility for how you act and behave…Make sure you’re in the best Ego State for the job!
  • The Good Boy hands off to Assertive…when the gloves are off, then Aggressive becomes executive, so watch out!
  • Men exit the room during arguments to calm down and avoid heart attacks and strokes…
  • Can you say “No” assertively? It’s a great skill that we all need…
  • Mike teaches how to get in-touch with that Assertive Ego State you need! It gets better through practice!
  • Agree and Repeat Strategy explained here. Mike invokes Neil Strauss who calls this “Mandeling people”.
  • Can hypnosis be used on aggressive, unwilling and hostile persons? From assertion to aggression…
  • The String Sentence explained! Use AND instead of BUT! Honor their model of the world first. It enables you to lead them somewhere else!
  • Match aggression but below their level. Be angry with them, not at them!
  • Mike tells the Volvo story – a practical example of the strategy, and it’s ALL hypnosis!
  • Kate’s question: All about sleep issues…Mike’s sleep product is here. (Sometime Nux Vomica helps…)
  • What is the best induction for very analytical people? Mike recommends a leverage induction that uses catalepsy…

Commercial Break: Finally, a fully-functional ant spray. Brought to you by Shyzzjigg!

Empowering Question: What bridges will you build in your life that will help others, by building long-term friendships?

100 Days of Awesome Challenge Continues!

  • Day 47! Money doesn’t solve your problems, but it closes the book on a host of financial difficulties, so pay yourself first! Make Long Term investments. Buy and hold!
  • Mike talks about building bridges, because friends are better than competitors! We all put our own spin on things…
  • Chris tells his cell phone story and it’s a Win/Win situation!

Empowering Metafive: The square in the clouds in Minden, Ontario!

Ending: Dennis Bryce-Morgan, Henry Squatter and the Window of Doom.

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