Podcast #103 – False Memories, Monica, and That’s Ridiculous!

Yes, this IS Brain Software Podcast Number 103, helping your life be more awesome!

There’s sanity, insanity and it’s too late to stop this storm! Today we cover a ton of stuff, from your questions to more content from 100 Days of Awesome!

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • We’ve got brand-new microphones! It’s much better quality, it only sounds worse!
  • 100 Days of Awesome continues with more strategies! Plus we answer our Mailbag questions from around the world…
  • June Architecture of Hypnosis was the most international ever! Students from US, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Dubai, and India mean we’re doing something right!
  • November Architecture of Hypnosis is booking now. Come out and change your life forever!
  • We have a one-day MINDSCAPING Certification Course this August in Las Vegas on the day before HypnoThoughts Live!
  • We’re bringing hypnosis trainer extraordinaire, James Trip to Toronto in September! Come out one day early and learn Graphology from Mike Mandel!
  • Word of the Day from the Think Tank: Sanctuary –  What does that mean to you? Mike ties it to Inner Active Cards available here
  • What sanctuary are you clinging to, and how different will your life be when you head outside?
  • Can hypnosis be used by a therapist for evil purposes? Anyone in a position of authority can misuse their authority.
  • Mike is interviewed by David Fairweather for “The Hypnosis Project”. The topic is the nefarious purposes of hypnosis. Video embedded below.
  • MINDSCAPING creates hypnotic trance! You can use it with pretty well anything else…but it’s not hypnosis…is it?
  • Chris has been using 100 Days of Awesome in the area of wellness…
  • Check out the videos of Dr Jason Fung online…All about fasting and eating properly. Chris and Mike are going about 40 hours without food!
  • False Memories! We cannot tell if a memory of something’s real or not. Mike worked with a young woman abused by a teacher and her brain said it was her father who did it! No memory is reliable!
  • Mike doesn’t teach Past Life Regression, but he honours his client’s model of the world, even if it doesn’t agree with his…

Empowering Question: What questions do you have for us, that will change your life when you get the answers? What answers do you need from us, and what questions can we ask to start the process of new and better awareness?

100 Days of Awesome Continues!

  • That’s ridiculous! This is courtesy of our psychiatrist friend, Dr Adam Stein…
  • The Monica Intervention! It really messes up people’s mind, especially when said with pseudo-anger and impatience!
  • Back to Adam Stein…Have the client keep saying “That’s ridiculous!” Then map it across to their fear or worry…
  • Hebb’s Law as a metaphor: A toboggan going downhill…Much better than the forest metaphor!
  • “That’s ridiculous!” is a compliance set!
  • The Reset Button! Human Givens Theory says we can step outside our lives and check for what needs a reset…What can you reset?

Empowering Metafive: What is the worst job you ever had? Mike’s was working the counter at the Red Barn.

Ending: Henry Squatter and the nudist colony!

Here’s the video referenced above, Mike being interviewed by David Fairweather

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