Podcast #100 – Addictions and 100 Days of Awesome!

This is a New World, and the land of the Scarecrow Laugh, where you’ll learn all about addictions and awesomeness!

This IS Brain Software Podcast number 100, so get ready to rock and roll…

Be sure to check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Send in your questions and ideas for future episodes, because Chris and Mike are here for all of you…

Here are the show notes from this episode:

Correction: The book Mirroring Hands, a practitioner’s guide was written by Richard Hill with Ernest Rossi. We apologize for our error in crediting the entire work to Rossi.

  • May Hypnosis Training is sold-out, and June is too! We’ve opened up the November 2018 training, so look here
  • Melissa Tiers did an amazing job teaching for us  in Toronto! And we had it videoed for her too…
  • Hats off to Mike Mandel for doing an amazing MINDSCAPING training on the Friday…
  • Are addictions just habits that are driven by anxiety? We think so.
  • Most people just stop the addiction when they’ve had enough, although people are told they’ll have to deal with it for their whole lives…
  • Mike’s mentor Derek Balmer turned alcoholics into social drinkers…
  • People get addicted to a dopamine release with their smart phones and squeezing blackheads…
  • People in the AA program keep on saying “I’m an alcoholic” and reinforce the problem at the level of Identity!
  • It’s all about self-directed neuroplasticity and you’re rewiring your brain!
  • What’s the benefit of the addiction? Find another way to get it…
  • Stop! Push the picture down and away, and then re-script. The result is new neural pathways!
  • The Meta Pattern is the same as ADAC: Associate – Dissociate – Associate – Collapse!
  • Setting up the Awesome Anchor! It’s Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, and you can stack it up with resources!
  • The 100 Day Challenge begins TODAY May 11th, so make your life awesome!
  • Videos for 100 days on our Instagram Feed…#MMHAwesome
  • We will be awarding significant prizes to those who post and follow along!
  • The tattoo anchor! The picture turned out wrong…Horrible, but funny, so stack those positive anchors…
  • Virtual  Gastric Band treatment? You still have to change what you eat.
  • We don’t prescribe, diagnose, or treat disease, and we’re not telling you what to do; just what we do.

Empowering Question:  How will you use all the awesome and free Brain Software material to have an awesome and fantastic life?

Empowering Metafive: Henry O’Hagen and the missing childhood

Ending: The MMHA Theme Music (Thanks Greg McColl!)

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