What Is the RAS and How Does It Apply to Your Life?

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What if I told you your brain has a secret GPS for success?

What exactly is the Reticular Activating System? That certainly sounds like a mouthful, doesn't it? So let’s keep things simple and refer to it as the RAS. Acronyms for the win!

In this blog post and accompanying video, we'll explore what the RAS is, why it's so crucial for our daily functioning, and most importantly, how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Understanding the RAS - Your Brain's Filter

In your brain, there's a system specifically designed to notice things. Need a practical example? In just a moment, I'm going to ask you to look around wherever you are right now and notice all the things that are blue. Ready? Go.

Done? Great. Now, can you tell me how many red things you saw? Chances are, you don't remember, because your RAS was so focused on searching for blue things, it filtered out everything else. That's the RAS in action.

When you focus intently on something for any length of time, you begin to activate the RAS. Perhaps there was a time in your life when a particular topic suddenly piqued your interest, like photography or playing the guitar. Almost magically, you started noticing related things everywhere: ads, TV shows, conversations.

Where were these things before? In today's world, internet algorithms indeed tailor what we see based on our interests, presenting ads and content that are more likely to catch our eye. However, beyond the digital realm, it's safe to say those things have always been around; it's just that your RAS hadn't been tuned to notice them before.

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Tuning Your RAS for Success

When you tune your RAS, your brain begins to search for things that will fulfill your desires and goals. This is why we incorporate empowering questions at the end of our podcasts and in our sessions with clients. By asking the right kind of questions, we're essentially tuning the client's RAS to scan their life for elements that can enhance their perspective and promote lasting change.

Relying solely on the conscious mind to achieve a goal can be incredibly draining and might not always lead to success. However, when you enlist the power of your entire unconscious mind, equipped with the RAS's sharp awareness, achieving your goals becomes inevitable.

Unlocking Potential with Empowering Questions

Empowering questions are the key to unlocking the full potential of your RAS. These are not just any questions; they're carefully crafted to shift your focus and open your mind to the possibilities and opportunities around you. By asking ourselves empowering questions, we set the RAS on a path to find the answers and solutions that align with our goals and desires.

The essence of an empowering question lies in its ability to move us away from the past and towards the future. This means transitioning from "Why" questions, which often keep us tethered to past experiences and problems, to "How" and "What" questions, which propel us forward. 

For example, instead of dwelling on "Why does this always happen to me?", we pivot to asking "How can I learn and grow from this situation?" or "What steps can I take to improve?". These types of questions foster a proactive mindset and a culture of growth, directing your RAS to uncover resources, connections, and opportunities that might have previously gone unnoticed.

The transformative power of empowering questions is in their capacity to reshape your perspective. They turn obstacles into stepping stones for growth and redirect your focus from the constraints of your current situation to the possibilities that lie ahead. This perspective shift is vital for personal development and achieving success, as it aligns your subconscious tools—your RAS included—with the pursuit of actionable solutions and positive outcomes.

To harness the power of empowering questions in your daily life, begin each day with questions that move you towards the future, such as "What am I excited about today?" or "How can I contribute positively?" These questions not only set a constructive tone for your day but also tune your RAS to recognize and seize the opportunities that align with these positive intentions. Over time, this practice can dramatically alter your mindset, enrich your perception, and empower you to reach your loftiest goals.

Remember, the questions you ask yourself shape your focus, and by extension, your reality. By mastering the art of asking empowering questions, you're not just tuning your RAS; you're shaping the trajectory of your life.

To learn more about the art of crafting empowering questions that will change your life, click here.

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The Power of a Single Word

In summary, the focus of your attention significantly influences your reality. Dwell on the negatives, and you'll likely see more negativity manifest in your life. But if you channel your focus towards potential and solutions, that's what you will find.

To truly harness the power of the RAS, we've adopted a more simple and effective approach than traditional goal setting: the selection of just one word.

Each year, we encourage you to choose a word that encapsulates all that you aspire to achieve within the year. Whether it's a word like "Onward", "Progress", "Empowerment", "Strength", or any term that resonates deeply with you.

The beauty of this method is its flexibility. If you find that your chosen word no longer aligns with your aspirations, you're free to choose a new one. By selecting a single word and remembering it, this singular focus can powerfully activate your RAS, allowing your unconscious mind to transform that word into tangible reality in your life. It's a simple yet profoundly impactful way to shape your journey, one word at a time.

Click here to learn more about goal seeting in one word.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Isn't it incredible to realize that the power to transform your life lies within the questions you ask yourself? Harnessing the RAS is not just about understanding it; it's about actively applying this knowledge to everyday life. And that's where hypnosis shines.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious mind, facilitating profound changes in our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. It works by guiding you into a state of heightened awareness and receptivity, where you can effectively reprogram your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to focus on your desired outcomes, and much more.

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World Class Video Training and Certification

Learn Hypnosis Online

"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus

Connecticut, USA