A Discussion on State, Focus and Physiology – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 202)

We believe that beliefs are important, and you might not believe that, but it's true.!

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Introduction for Episode 202

Welcome to STATE! Not just any state, but YOUR state. 

Because it's all about YOU...

And of course, as always...


But did you remember to warn Tilly about not going to the Costa Brava?

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 202

  • State is more than how you feel...State incorporates the sum total of all that's going on at that moment
  • NLP States and Ego States are the same thing with different descriptors!
  • Woah! This stuff really comes out!
  • People change their states with alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Some people use food to change their state too!
  • There is such thing as a "contact high"!
  • One of our students ran Hypnotic Bars!
  • You can change people's states with your words!
  • We all need to run some kind of state management
  • Learn to immediately dissociate from criticism or button pushing!
  • You can change your focus or your physiology to change your state...
  • One way to stay resourceful is to start with a very positive state!
  • CORRECTION! Reference to "The Grinder Model" is incorrect. It's actually called "Chain of Excellence".
  • Don't take on the physiology of people in very bad states. Shake it off!
  • You must change focus or physiology or breathing to change state...
  • Remember to set up your Awesome Anchor and keep it charged...
  • Avoid asking yourself stupid questions that will give you disempowering answers!
  • The quality of the questions determines the quality of the answers...
  • Create HOW questions that empower you and ask them every day!
  • Can we have a Spock state with no emotion?
  • New Code NLP creates a high-performance state that's uncontaminated by context
  • Don't phone Chris. He won't answer the phone.
  • Humour unlocks the model! It can be a pattern interrupt...
  • ADAC is John Overdurf Meta Pattern              

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...what is my absolute favourite state to be in on a daily basis...and what will I do right now...to ensure I'm able to get back there...whenever I need to...or want to.

Metafive: The guy who's okay now

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Ending: The Summer of 42

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