Brain Software Podcast In Betweener 01 – Ken Guzzo

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Show Notes for In Betweener Episode 01 ft. Ken Guzzo

Ken Guzzo originally from Canada, presently lives in California and specializes in hypnosis for smoking cessation. His business is 100% referral-based as he offers a lifetime guarantee of no smoking. 

He talks about Hypnothoughts and how it’s a great opportunity to learn, have fun and network with other hypnotists.

Ken explains how he gets clients despite his website not being the most impressive. He mentions how he began with a print ad, followed by a radio ad to get the ball rolling when he first got into hypnosis.

He speaks of the importance of a heart-centered approach with clients (rapport) and the need for authenticity. He believes it helps amplify results.

Ken explains how he gets a client into a trance state by getting them to feel unconditional love. This maps across to other areas of one’s life when they feel the need to connect with someone.

He also explains how to work with a client’s resistance and use it to get them into a deeper trance.

Ken highlights how creating hypnotic phenomena within a session allows the client to understand what it feels like to be hypnotized.

Ken offers a four day smoking cessation workshop for hypnotists who want to train with him. 

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