Podcast #83: Inversion and Rejection, plus Miss ASMR!

Welcome to Episode 83 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The Hypnotic Hurricane is horrendous in the scope of it’s harshness! Watch out power lines and trailer parks…

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Chris does a great introduction, welcoming all of us! But he says “glance” and it sounds like “glans” which is unfortunate.
  • Only 2 weeks to the Architecture of Hypnosis, June training…
  • The May class was awesome, as was Karl Smith’s amazing Kinetic Shift training.
  • We had our first neurosurgeon in the class. We have credibility at last…
  • Mike says “amazing” twice, which is terrible, so he wants to begin speaking in received speech.
  • The story of the Facebook ads. Warning! Grammar violations, but Mike invokes Webster’s Dictionary…
  • A One Star Review! WTF!?!?!?
  • Chris was being the Good Cop, which was very nice!
  • Better to have our friends and fans come to our defence…
  • The orphanage burned down! Hilarious! Mike really amuses himself here!
  • We’re going to the UK to teach, and maybe even Costa Rica…Warning! There are bot flies there!
  • Mike is being interviewed by the awesome hypnosis trainer, Igor Ledochowski, which is great collaboration…
  • Let’s talk about inversion – one should safeguard the testicles.
  • Chris explains psychological inversion, which is a cool technique. (We got it from JamesClear.com)
  • We look at the Target State to tune the RAS, but once you have that in sight, now you can invert things!
  • How would you design a failed marriage? Chris comes up with some great ideas!
  • How to be a lousy Dad? Make sure you do the opposite!
  • How can we make the podcast fail? Apparently by doing everything we’re already doing.
  • The PMI – Plus Minus Inventory is a very powerful tool
  • Do the PMI on both issues; staying and going, whatever it is. This way you’re applying the inversion to the PMI…
  • Mike is considering being an investment banker. This is so ridiculous that it requires no comment, but Chris almost does a Guinea Pig laugh!
  • Don’t let your job become doing PMIs!
  • Mike apparently used this technique on the way to the Christmas party, but he doesn’t  remember…
  • Phonological ambiguity “new direction” or “nude erection”? You decide.
  • Mike is still obsessed with ASMR and Miss ASMR is the best of all…Most beautiful mouth in the universe!
  • Some people find ASMR to be annoying…the rest of us are addicted!
  • Christophe, our psychiatrist from France is also into ASMR. Chris Thompson hates it though.
  • REJECTION! (Cough actually edited out) How do you deal with rejection?
  • Norm Yates and Ken Hunter rejected Mike…(sob) Nobody likes being desocialized!
  • Chris was rejected from a baseball team! Hard to believe that anyone would dump The Golden Boy…
  • Chris is a super-athlete too! And he doesn’t give a You Know What!
  • We’re back to testicles, which Chris reframes as “fortitude”
  • Mike was rejected by an NLP Trainer! Yikes! How can this happen?!? (It wasn’t Hugh Comerford because he’s awesome!)
  • Sometimes there are no answers. Just move on…
  • Oh no! It’s an intervention!!! Mike’s being fired from his own hypnosis academy!
  • The person who cares least is the one who’s in control!
  • Let it frickin’ go! You can’t have a friendship with everyone.
  • Mike attempts to talk about Miss ASMR again, but repents.

The Gus Grissom Update: Grissom is back in Toronto, delivering a birthday card…He’s listening to the podcasts….

Our first UK training is coming up in November! It’s a hypnosis Master Class, so come on out! You get MINDSCAPING too…Go to the UK Hypnosis Academy Facebook page for details!

Empowering Question: What is the simplest thing I can implement in my life to avoid a host of problems?

Metaphor: Toshi

  • Architecture of Hypnosis has a few spots for June 2017. Get in NOW or you’ll have to wait until November …(The June dates are are June 12-16)
  • Ending: Danny Boy plus freestyle chanting!

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