Podcast #80: We cut open the Mail Bag, and it didn’t hurt a bit!

Welcome to Episode 80 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The Power of the Cataleptic Colonic Cyclone grows ever more evacuative, and you’re in its path…

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Yo wassup? You found us, but despite what we said last podcast, there’s no booze here…
  • 5 Stars and we’re still going strong…
  • You can send an email to info@mikemandelhypnosis.com and let us know your questions! Preferably record them as an audio file so we can include them in a future episode.
  • It’s Mail Bag day! (Ouch)
  • Karl Smith’s coming to the Hypnotic World Epicenter! We’re hosting him and taking the class too.
  • An advertisement for HypnoThoughts Live 2017! It’s going to be amazing, especially when we win the Orleans Casino Bowling Tournament with the Dream Team we’ve purchased!
  • Mike was just at Wagner’s opera, Gotterdammerung! It really hits the unconscious mind. The words are the conscious mind and the music is the unconscious…really cool stuff.
  • Chris is not an opera fan……..yet.
  • Culture is what makes us human and gives us depth.
  • Mike refuses to do the Guinea Pig Laugh.
  • Did a young Leonard Cohen hypnotize his maid to do the naughty? Mike and Chris think it’s unlikely.
  • Erickson was a meticulous researcher and the greatest hypnotist in history…bar none!
  • Remember that television (including Derren Brown) is not reality. You never see the whole story…
  • Chris fixates on the French Maid story, and clearly has issues here.
  • Pykthos is invoked again!
  • Can hypnosis help learn a language more quickly? Yes! And there’s lots of ways to do it.
  • Chris talks about entering the zone. Mike answers in flawless German.
  • Let’s call an ego state to the executive! It works, folks!
  • Chris continues for awhile but Mike wisely breaks into the explanation and seizes control, teaching how to tap the Triple Warmer and get the right ego state in the executive.
  • Chris takes control of the show an references MINDSCAPING. Mike responds in perfect French.
  • Chris mentions learning and Mike answers in excellent Russian.
  • Mike pretends that Chris has written in. Hilarious.
  • A listener wants to specialize in pain control. But how?
  • Mike claims to be the god Hypnos in human form.
  • Why does everyone equate hypnosis with smoking cessation?
  • Chris shamelessly promotes our hypnosis training school.
  • We recommend Jason Linett for hypnosis marketing!
  • Mike and Chris tell how to get your hypnosis pain-control practice going…
  • Chris says we’re eating our own cooking. Mike says he’s wrestling with his own underwear.
  • We admit that we’re marketing! Check us out…
  • Word of mouth works, once it reaches critical mass…
  • Medical doctors have no problem referring patients to a competent hypnotist…You must convince the doctor that you’re not a dick though.
  • Mike thinks Chris is going on too long about this, and says “Let’s not hammer it into the rectum”. Mike suggests we’ll edit the phrase out of the podcast, but let’s face it … that’s not going to happen!
  • Can hypnosis help with burns? You betcha!
  • Mike had a weird year…anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting, and a nasty burn!
  • A 425 degree metal tray can burn you! Chris talks about high coefficient of heat transfer. Mike corrects him and explains he’s talking about thermal inertia. Chris persists, but Mike references a college level course in Meteorology he’s just completed and the subject ends properly. Chris shows restraint by holding back the credibility of his mechanical engineering degree. They’re both correct, but he’s happy to allow Mike to believe he’s more correct.
  • Mike admits he was “momentarily dickish”.
  • Remember: Flush burns with cold water until help arrives!
  • Bradykinins are released at the site of a burn and make it worse. Hypnosis in the first hour after a burn can stop those nasty bradykinins!
  • Mike says that Chris’ burns turn to scabs (because he’s Polish) and then become cancer! He then howls with laughter at his own comedic brilliance.
  • Chris got a bacon burn! Is there anything worse? The hypnosis worked for him too!
  • Chris turns the bacon story into a Ken Sweatman story, and Mike quietly calls him “Ken”.
  • Mike gets Christ to look away and then coughs on his neck.
  • Callum is a cop. He’s interested in training. Come to Toronto!
  • Robban in Sweden asks about using the rewind technique to detraumatize.
  • Mike clarifies the muddy waters of Chris’ explanation.
  • Mike say’s that you can’t have a memory backwards, but means that you can’t have an emotion backwards. Yes folks, it was a rare mistake.
  • Mike learned some of this from Willem Lammers.
  • Chris pulls a Bandler book from the shelf and Mike trumps him and yells “Hurrah!”
  • This is the second time they’ve done this podcast. The first version sucked!

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  • Empowering Question: What is the most valuable relationship that you’ve been neglecting, and how will you strengthen it today?
  • Ending: Dave Ambrose the People’s Physicist!

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