Podcast #79: Spotting a Logical Fallacy

Welcome to Episode 79 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Podcast #80 is next! Mike wants to bring in some booze!
  • Mike starts with a Gerry Kein cough, and mentions the Generation of Morons we see everywhere.
  • Let’s talk about logical fallacies, children! You’ll hear these in politics, advertising, etc.
  • Only 2 groups of people in the world…
  • Upcoming stuff! Karl Smith arrives in April to teach the Kinetic Shift! Chris and Mike will be students in the class, so come and join them.
  • Architecture of Hypnosis is nearly sold-out for May 2017. Get in now, or wait until June…Then there’s only November left…
  • Mike does his really stupid old British guy voice, purely for his own amusement.
  • Bandwagon is the first logical fallacy in the podcast. Mike admits that he used to be a telephone operator.
  • Bell Canada sent a salesman to Mike’s house to sell him an upgrade. Note to Bell: It didn’t work.
  • We all want to be part of a Tribe! Groups are safer than lone wolves.
  • Chris invokes Robert Cialdini, who’s an awesome author!
  • Mike’s wife decides by committee…
  • Being a Brit, Mike manages to bring the Germans into the discussion.  Let’s invade France!
  • Strawman! When losing an argument, redefine the terms of the argument and then attack the new definition.
  • We must respect the elderly, because Mike’s getting close…
  • A Red Herring is often used if you’re winning the argument. It’s pure distraction.
  • Chris brings up reciprocity at this point, which is a good addition.
  • Mike tells the tale of the patient NLP Trainer who kept spatially anchoring the point of interruption…
  • Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc! (The Great Courses are awesome! Google them.) I got my car washed and it made it rain!
  • Mike invokes Magical Thinking! Mike’s friend of 53 years, Brian McDowell thinks carpet fluff can change the course of a hockey game that’s happening elsewhere.
  • Check cause and effect, and listen for Post Hoc!
  • The No True Scotsman fallacy. Just keep redefining things until it works for you. Mike mentions Occam’s Razor.
  • Friction doesn’t exist! It’s all about demons…
  • The Gambler’s Fallacy or the Law of Independent Events. The dice and cards have no memory! There is no equilibrium to be restored.
  • Chris talks about the stock market…he knows what he’s talking about.
  • The taxi driver Webb, and the lottery tickets.
  • Sound is getting weird now! Keep listening though, and just pretend someone’s tapping his fingers on the table in a senseless rhythm, and you’ll be okay!
  • Being hit by lightning is more likely than winning the lottery! Would you pick the numbers that won last week?
  • Human Givens says that strong emotions make us stupider! Even really good emotions do it. When you’re in love, you’re stupid. Seriously. Stupid.
  • Mike says that good hypnotherapy gets the emotions involved. He invokes the example of a stupid inlaw he had to deal with.
  • You can’t use logic to say that you can’t use logic! Thanks Aristotle!
  • Circular Reasoning A proves B because B proves A…
  • Chris makes a tedious point about spreadsheets, and Mike pretends to be interested.
  • Ad Hominem is to attack the person, rather than refuting what they’re saying. “Your hat looks stupid, so I don’t have to listen to you!”
  • Mike says that white dudes lie all the time! They don’t. Neither do other races, although Martians might…
  • Get somebody angry and flustered and then point it out to win the argument! (It’s a cheap shot. Don’t do it.)
  • False Dilemma is related to the double-bind. Sometimes there are gray areas…Politicians are great at this one.

Empowering Question: How will I become more ruthlessly logical to see through all attempts to manipulate?

Gus Grissom Update! Grissom has clearly gone into hiding. No sightings in awhile…

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  • Empowering Metaphor: Fred Penner and Melanie Haber…
  • Ending: Come on along with the Black Rider!

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