Podcast #78: Three Models of Language

Welcome to Episode 78 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

We are communicating with you from the very centre of the trauma room of the hypnotic rash ER! That’s how serious this whole storm thing is getting…and the snow has arrived!

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Mike gets off to a bad start by saying “testicle”. He’s irritated because of the blood in his eye, and the heavy snowfall he’s been shoveling while it’s not even winter yet.
  • Mike promises to make no guinea pig laughs, but does just one.
  • Mike is speaking remotely via Skype, despite his winter tires, because Toronto had 500 car crashes in one day!
  • Chris preframes “the great content we have”…
  • Chris and his wife Tildanna go for a walk together, despite the weather. Chris is way too interested in the subject, clearly thinking this is a promotional podcast for winter clothing. Mike calls Chris “Ken” but Chris continues.
  • Registration is open for the May 8-12 Architecture of Hypnosis Class
  • The training is already half full! Come to Toronto and study with us…
  • Reminder: Karl Smith will be in Toronto at the World Hypnotic Epicenter to teach the Kinetic Shift for an entire weekend! Come out and be classmates with Mike and Chris!
  • The Immense Power of Language is the Snow Theme today!
  • Mike admits that he’s a stickler for precision in language…Don’t short-change yourself.
  • “Try to get some sleep…” You’ll hear it in films all the time, and you know it’s not going to happen!
  • Words have an effect! Here are the 3 influential models of language that Mike uses: Meta Model, Milton Model, and the Metaphor Model.
  • The Milton Model is incredibly hypnotic! It directs attention inward to subjective experience.
  • “Certain things are beginning to happen…notice that growing sense of ease…” This stuff is vague, folks!
  • Mike invokes Peter Reveen so Mike impersonates him. “Ladies and gemmelemen…”
  • Some hypnotists suggest, which enables the subject to disagree. We direct instead of suggest! (Mike spends a few seconds saying “Nome sane?” for his own amusement.)
  • Mike brilliantly defines the models, beginning with the Meta Model. The Structure of Magic by Bandler and Grinder got it all started. (It’s still an excellent read.)
  • The Metal Model uses language to clarify language…
  • The Magic Question is What do you want? You must identify the target state.
  • Jamie Smart and the shopping list metaphor.
  • The Meta Model gives greater and greater specificity.
  • Chris gives an example from his daughter Texephone’s life. Never assume!
  • Humans generalize, delete and distort. It’s how we navigate life.
  • The Milton Model is the opposite! Mindreading is when we think we know what someone’s thinking without asking them. The Milton Model throws all sorts of generalization, deletion and distortion at a person.
  • The Metaphor Model is the use of Clean Language. David Grove, a New Zealand psychologist invented it.
  • Clean Language prevents you from “leading the witness”. It stops us from imposing our metaphors and models of the world on our client.
  • We use an average of 6 metaphors a minute!
  • Mike thinks Clean Language is awesome! It extracts the subject’s metaphors.
  • Just like in Mike’s MINDSCAPING, when the metaphor changes, the client changes too!
  • Mike gives a huge plug to Judy Rees and Clean Language, and he’s not getting paid to do it.
  • This is the last podcast of 2016! How sad…
  • Chris explains how he’s re-structured the use of time in his life to develop a wider knowledge base. It’s working…Mike notices Chris is getting even smarter!
  • Chris is also reading Clean Language, but warns us to beware of Parkinson’s Law: Any task will require the full amount of time allotted to its completion.
  • Mike talks about selective gravity.

Empowering Question: What will you do today to re-order the tasks in your life, to put the important stuff up front?

Gus Grissom Update! Virgil Grissom spotted in Manhattan!

Send your sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com

  • Empowering Metaphor: Christmas, Brian McDowell, and the mechanical hockey game.
  • Ending: Dennis Bryce-Morgan and the language Brilli, and the Spangler iron trader!

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