Podcast #74: Logical Levels: An Awesome Method for Personal Change!

Welcome to Episode 74 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Never before has a hypnotic typhoon gained so much energizing moisture, so quickly!

This podcast is all about the transformative power of Logical Levels! Make sure you apply this information and have an awesome life…

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Mike is brandishing a Cold Steel Roman Gladius on the very edge of the moisture of the storm!
  • He’s cut down the amount of wine in his Beef Bourguignon, as taught by chef Mark McEwan.
  • Yes, the National Steel ukulele is the ultimate portable blues instrument!
  • Mike’s Hypnothoughts Live MINDSCAPING course is sold out! (The Hypnothoughts Live conference is still open for tickets though…)
  • Mike gives Hugh Comerford a plug for NLP Training, and talks about Robert Dilts, Nice Guy.
  • Chris and Mike open a discussion on Dilts’ Logical Levels.
  • Chris preframes that he learned Logical Levels by watching Mike teach it on video. This is awesome stuff that can change your life!
  • The bottom level is Environment. People at this level are stuck at Effect. They feel like life is happening to them.
  • Mike hilariously calls Chris’ daughters Hyperica and Gelsemium. The names are getting weirder, but the kids are learning these tools from Chris. One (Gelsemium) actually did the Jerry Intervention.
  • These levels apply to organizations too; not just people. You have to be at Cause, not Effect!
  • People who feel victimized are often stuck at the level of Environment.
  • Mike points out that everything that’s happened is in the past.
  • Mike says that all the time we have is coming to us from the future,  which is brilliant!
  • You can effect the level where you are, or chunk up to a higher level.
  • Next level up is Behaviour. What are you doing? Thinking? Saying?
  • At Cause, means you’re the one in charge!
  • Change Behaviour, and Environment also changes. A filthy house can be transformed!
  • Chris begins discussing the concept of choosing a word for the year. Mike says he remembers that Chris’ word was vasectomy, leading to much hilarity, and Mike declaring himself to be a “comic genius”. They edit it out. Mike’s word was alacrity. (Chris’ actual word was balance)
  • Mike talks about using the power of procrastination to procrastinate later. Mike does a “Jerry Kein cough” which is also edited out … except that it’s not really edited at all.
  • Level 3 is Capabilities, which is really just abilities. New Capabilities will automatically add to possible behaviours.
  • They discuss how the Architecture of Hypnosis came out of Mike’s study of Gothic Cathedrals.
  • You sometimes have to practice in order to get new capabilities. Mike shameless drops a name by saying in an offhand manner that he “was having lunch with John Grinder”.
  • Physicality plus saturation did the trick. Review is the key…
  • Mike is flying to Quebec to discuss stress with financial planners and pension managers.
  • The boyz discuss playing blues on a stratocaster to replicate Clapton.
  • Beliefs are on top of Capabilities. Whether you believe something is possible, or not…you’re probably right. The Wizard of Oz as an example, and Mike sings Over the Rainbow in the background. Chris begins making a point from The Wizard of Oz and Mike doubts that Chris has even seen it. He says Chris might have been thinking of The Bag of Pykthos – The Movie. Or maybe Mike just imagines that would have been much funnier.
  • Start to question beliefs that no longer serve you!!! Replace them with more useful beliefs.
  • Use the Meta Model to attack and dismantle useless or limiting beliefs.
  • Above Beliefs is Identity. This is the Ego, the “I” statements.
  • Even depression can be at the level of Identity. Mike says ego eimi from koine Greek to be cultured and impressive.
  • Mike reminisces about his early days as a “Stage Hypnotist” and how he reframed his career by changing his Identity to I am a Communicator!
  • Get this fact: Recognize your Identity statements, and change them if you need to!
  • Mike gives a fool-proof method to quit smoking. It works every time!
  • I am overweight. I am a failure. I am a bad listener. These are all Identity statements.
  • Chris and Mike have awesome lives! They actually apply this stuff.
  • The final level is Spiritual/Mission. NLP cannot touch this one. Mike gives the example of Saul of Tarsus who was transformed to the Apostle Paul;  who went from being a persecutor of the early church, to the greatest apostle of all. Focus on Identity Statements. They’ll give you the most bang for your buck!
  • The Gus Grissom Update: Virgil “Gus” Grissom was sighted in Wichita Kansas, by school bus driver, Honey Hallmark. Hallmark was surprised to see Grissom had apparently purchased Wu Tang Clan CDs. Make sure you email in any sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com

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  • Empowering Question: When you think of your life, what symbol comes to mind, and are you thoroughly happy with it, or would you like to modify it, or trade it in for something else entirely?

Metaphor: A rainy day in Winnipeg…

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Ending: There’s somebody back in Aragon…

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