Podcast #71: Gus Grissom is Alive and Well in Tweed Ontario!

Welcome to Episode 71 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! From Toronto Canada, to the trenches of France and the Orient Express, this is the only podcast you’ll ever need. On the heels of the sold-out May Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto, Mike and Chris get ready to teach a weekend of MINDSCAPING, and then yet another sold-out hypnosis course. The hypnotic infection is officially incurable.

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • The boyz begin by updating the listeners regarding the most recent Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto, which drew numerous internationals, including 4 medical doctors.
  • Chris recaps the last few years, and then Mike coughs loudly.
  • Meta-analysis starts…Every live class leads to the rediscovery that caring about people has a profound effect.
  • Mike talks about John Grinder’s awesome rapport secret.
  • Chris adds that the highest level is to really care.
  • The classes are kept small, to build friendships with attendees.
  • Las Vegas is approaching again! 26-28 of August, 2016, with a pre-conference event on August 25.
  • The online MINDSCAPING training has been enlarged for free.
  • Chris uses the word “effing”, but Mike is more concerned that he said “no brainer”.
  • Regression vs Direct Suggestion in Hypnosis (DSiH)
  • Bernheim and Liebeault used DSiH and still got great results with no metaphors or regression.
  • Chris channels Erickson, and then begins channeling Ken Sweatman.
  • Regression and Parts Therapy do not preclude DSiH.
  • Make your suggestions positive, repeat them, and keep them simple. No flowery language!
  • No mechanistic repetition. People hate it.
  • Mike shows tremendous restraint! As the Rickson Gracie of hypnosis, he resists the temptation to continue the discussion point.
  • An extended discussion of sleep nearly begins…
  • Use whatever the situation dictates!
  • Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) is like a thorn or a piece of shrapnel in a wound.
  • An ISE can hide behind Activating Event (AE)
  • Following the amplified feeling becomes an Affect Bridge to the ISE…
  • The ISE creates a platform that the phobia can build upon.
  • Mike reports on his former fear of high ceilings that originated with St Wilfrid’s Anglican Church which triggered the ISE from when he slipped on the wet grass near the pond.
  • The unconscious notices the connexion…
  • Chris likes Mike’s shrapnel metaphor.
  • Strip the negative emotion by actualizing the event…
  • Backwards, forwards, just run the damn thing, but make sure the client’s relaxed first!
  • Ideomotor signals are a means to accessing the unconscious mind. Keep them simple! They work even in a superficial trance.
  • Very, very effective, for getting to unconscious stuff and shift it!
  • Chris reports on working with a claustrophobic client where the client didn’t verbalize what came up.
  • DSiH can be used along with ideomotor to complete the work.
  • We built not dependency, but independency! Metaphor complete…
  • After an update on June’s Architecture of Hypnosis course, which is sold-out, Chris talks about denying things to draw attention to them. Mike gives the example of his friend on a television talk show who demanded that his opponent “Turn to that camera, and tell everyone you do not sacrifice babies to Satan…”
  • Chris uses an excellent example of his daughter Staphysagria, and bossy behaviour at school. Chris tells about his other daughter Texephone, and the example of the stolen candy.
  • Mrs. Coletart’s roof and the bird, and reprise of the Isn’t the real issue…
  • Chris explains how Texephone used the Jerry Intervention with success!!! Mike refers to her as “Clymnestrata or Synecdoche…”
  • Mike explains the brand new Gibraltar Method. To throw an irritating person off their game, just meaningfully call them “Gibraltar”. This is beyond context-free and is now schema-free humour.
  • What we need is the Gus Grissom Update!
  • Send in your Gus Grissom sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Empowering Question: What is your greatest talent, and how are you going to use it to overcome your greatest weakness?

Gus Grissom Update: Gus Grissom was spotted sipping a cup of coffee in Tweed, Ontario at Kelly’s Restaurant. He denied being Gus Grissom, and fled, when confronted by Washona Teale, who only wanted an autograph.

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Ending: Dennis Bryce-Morgan and the supply train.

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