Podcast #67: Cold-reading, the Jerry Intervention, and jokes while driving!

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 67 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is more than just a hypnosis podcast. The Hypnotic Storm is spreading like a rash, and you’re infected!

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • The podcast begins with the usual stupidity, with Mike doing guinea pig laughs over Chris’ intro, and then yelling “Hurrah!” for no apparent reason.
  • A new way to vaguely confuse and sexually stress people by asking them to invest in you!
  • Mike admits he’s pathologically ontime, as are all Enneagram Eights, and does love Oregon Pinot Noir, as well as the Washington State offering.
  • They discuss Mike’s near crash enroute to Hypno East because of a guy texting.
  • Toronto isn’t a backwater! 16 lanes of highway prove it!
  • Mike uses a badge and yells that he’s not a cop to gain the advantage over idiots.
  • Come out to Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas in August! Mike will be teaching a full day of MINDSCAPING…Buy the online course and attend the live training for free, and get a discount on your Hypnothoughts ticket too!
  • Chris goes well beyond the requisite explanation and it all gets dangerously close to a Ken Sweatman story, and draws Mike into the explanation of what MINDSCAPING is and how it works.
  • Chris and Mike discuss cold-reading, and the confirmation bias, the worst of this being Kripkean Dogmatism.
  • Mike tells how in Newfoundland on a documentary shoot he convinced 2 observers that he’d never gotten up off a couch, which made the appearance of a selected card in a card-case across the room near miraculous.
  • Events are reconstructed after the fact, which makes cold-reading seem real. People tend to remember only what fits their confirmation bias.
  • Mike demonstrates the method on Chris, using his tan as an example.
  • Mike advises to Google the Classic Reading! It fits most people.
  • Chris brilliantly cold-reads that Mike hasn’t done the Classic reading recently.
  • Mike says “Your sexual adjustment has caused you some difficulties…” and isn’t kidding!
  • Cold readers make broad statements, and their dupes make specific applications of the material.
  • Graphology is far more effective than cold-reading because you’ll be correct! Mike has been a certified handwriting expert since 1993. He provides forensic graphology and college lectures.
  • Check out Mike’s online graphology course!
  • You can see a cool video here: Introduction to Graphology and there’s over 7 hours of awesome training for you in the online course.
  • A question comes in about rapid inductions and PGO spikes. Chris sends listeners to the rapid induction video on the blog at mikemandelhynosis.com
  • Family members can be your worst subjects…at first, anyway.
  • Mike tells how his student Mohammed hypnotised his father after one day of training.
  • Chris explains the use of the startle effect and the PGO spike.
  • Confusion means the brain looks for resolution.
  • Chris starts to explain and begins channeling Ken Sweatman.
  • Mike quickly takes control of the conversation and explains the need for rapport.
  • They discuss a hilariously inept video from a hypnosis trainer that “drips with ridiculosity”.
  • Mike’s REM induction fires a PGO spike, but the subject doesn’t know when it will happen.
  • Chris mentions hiccups and startling the sufferer. Mike feigns interest.
  • The startle must be powerful! Mike recommends Gil Boyne’s brilliant videos.
  • Mike applauds Chris’ use of the Jerry Intervention, or: Seizing the power via confusion.
  • Chris tells how he psychologically decimated the man for using sweeping generalizations and straw man arguments.
  • Chris says that the man was an idiot, and Mike can be heard in the background, quietly chanting “Dick?…Dick?…” Chris continues speaking as Mike laughs. Chris thinks that Mike was laughing at Chris’ brilliance, but Mike is actually laughing at the way he kept chanting “Dick?…and wasn’t actually paying attention to anything Chris was saying.
  • Chris explains how he actually used the Jerry Intervention, and says “This was textbook Jerry Intervention” and Mike laughs until he coughs and injures something.
  • I think you know! is discussed.
  • It all drips with portent and confusion. Who the hell is Jerry?!?
  • Jerry was SO right about you! It’s now becoming a Ken Sweatman story.
  • Life should be effortless, enjoyable and vaguely annoying to other people!
  • Mike tells you how to do 3 really cool practical jokes while driving, and you do them at your own risk, and assume all responsibility for the results.
  • Remember: We are NOT responsible. At all. For anything. Ever.
  • Mike tells how brilliant stage hypnotist Michael C. Anthony got him with the first of these practical jokes. Stomp on the accelerator and try to make it through the light. (Unless you’re in Chris’ Tesla, in which case you will make the light.)
  • The second joke involves a horrific sharp turn and the relieved laughter when the car doesn’t roll and then burst into a fireball.
  • The third joke is the best! Nothing like surviving a car crash…Stupid, but brilliant! (We aren’t telling you to do this, so don’t.)

Empowering Question: What is it going to take for you to apply these empowering questions for your life…and how soon are you going to do it?

Metaphor: Mike’s mentor, the late Derek Balmer and the parking meter…

Ending: The brilliant song writing of Heinrich Dieter: Aufnahmevermogen aufmerksamkeitsverteilung!

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Raw Transcript

CHRIS:  This is session number 67 with Mike Mandel and I am Chris Thompson.

Welcome fellow Stormriders! The hypnotic storm continues to spread gaining power and momentum and you’re either in it, or riding it with us.

MIKE:  It’s spreading like a rash.

CHRIS:  He is pathologically on time. He loves Oregon Pinot Noir and nearly crashed his car on the way into the studio this morning. Please welcome to the center of the center of the hypnotic centered-epicenter center, Mike Mandel.

MIKE:  Yes Chris, all of them…

CHRIS:  Well that one was the most strangest…

MIKE:  We’re getting there, our sound check was pretty weird. We’ll get to this three points. We’ll Chris was talking on my way, he came up with this wonderful way of stressing someone and confusing them, if  someone bothers him and he would say to them “Why don’t you consider investing in me?”, It’s so freakin’ weird and sounds like there some hideous sexual agenda behind it. It is totally inexplicable.

CHRIS:  I just wanna disclose that I came up with part of it then you tweaked it to sound more disturbing.

MIKE:  There is that. Let’s go back over those three points.

CHRIS:  Alright. So…

MIKE:  We are back. Yes I am pathologically on time, it’s a funny thing for any enneagram type 8 and we dominate time so that time does not dominate us. You’ll know Adam, our Jiu jitsu guy, he’s always at class, class starts at seven so he’s always there when I got …

CHRIS:  Like an hour early.

MIKE:  Yeah, like quarter after six or something, the mats are setup and he just waits. Well, I’m never really early but I am never late either and I am always..

CHRIS:  You get stressed out, if you’re hitting an external situation that’s gonna cause an effect on your schedule and you’re gonna be late because of the traffic or whatsoever.

MIKE:  I feel like I am out of control.

CHRIS:  Yeah, It totally stresses you out.

MIKE:  It’s not neurotic or anything like that. Well let’s talk about Oregon Pinot Noir, You are correct on that research Chris, but you are correct.

CHRIS:  Haha.

MIKE:  But you are correct Chris.

CHRIS:  Dexter..

MIKE:  Yeah Jeff, well that would be very.. the thing that is interesting about Oregon Pinot Noir is one of the best in the world and so is Washington State, they do another really really good one.

CHRIS:   All those New World Pinot’s…

MIKE:  Yeah.

CHRIS:  That’s fantastic.

CHRIS:  Let’s turn this into a wine podcast.

MIKE:  Yeah, Let’s do that.

CHRIS:  No, this isn’t  a self-development and  hypnosis podcast.

MIKE:  What was the third one? Oh Yeah,  I almost crashed the car on my way here. I’m not kidding. I came across highway 401 to get to Hypnocentral East, which is where we are right now, or whatever we’re calling it these days.

Mike and Chris: Is that what you’re calling it these days?

Mike: And highway 401 above Toronto is the busiest stretch of Highway in North America, believe it or not, that’s why people are always surprised when they come here for our courses and people come from Europe or around the world and think they’re gonna wind up in some backwater and they are astounded by how big Toronto is. Highway 401 across the top of the city is sixteen lanes wide..

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  So I’m flying down the 401 on my way here at a reasonable pace. So the guy beside me in this green car, suddenly drifts over the line and almost clips me. I have to swerve out of his way because he was moving into my lane, I looked up Chris, guess what he is doing? He is text messaging.

CHRIS:  He is texting. Oh, we talked about this on podcast 66.

MIKE:  And I saw it again today and it is one of this really stupid ones where  his head is down for 5 seconds to text, after one second, he checked the road, and down for 5 seconds again. I wanted to drag him out of the car, and sacrifice him to something.

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  Anyways, I was almost killed but..

CHRIS:  That’s where you pull out  your fake Police officer badge..

MIKE:  I didn’t have it in the car, I just want to come up beside him and wave to him.

CHRIS:  And start gesturing him to pull over the side of the road.

MIKE:  What I’d do when I hold that up is I yell “I’m not a cop” and all they hear is the word “cop” and see me holding this. If I go to court I’m not impersonating one because I’m telling them I’m not one.

CHRIS:  Haha! That’s really good.

MIKE:  Right. Where are we gonna go with this?

CHRIS:  Okay, Let’s go. I wanna start of because on podcast 66, we spent some time discussing the Hypnothoughts Live that’s happening in Las Vegas in August, I believe the dates are the 26 through the 28 which is  Friday, Saturday, Sunday of August 2016 and we will be there and you’re teaching a few classes during the conference but..

MIKE:  I am.

CHRIS:  We now have official confirmation that you are teaching a one day pre-conference Mindscaping class.

MIKE:  Yes, I am.

CHRIS:  ..on the Thursday..

MIKE:  The entire of Mindscaping on the 25th of August in Las Vegas, so do we wanna explain how people can get in online? It’s become a very popular thing with our product.

CHRIS:  Here’s what’s happening, most of the people going to Hypnothoughts who are presenting either a pre or post conference class are charging money for their classes, we decided to do something a little bit different, a lot different, we are giving our seats away, so the seats to Mike’s Mindscaping class a free provided you are a customer of the Mindscaping Digital class.

MIKE:  So provided you buy the digital product, you get a seat Live in Las Vegas, to do the whole thing with me for a day.

CHRIS:  And we haven’t changed the price, the price of Mindscaping is 197, that’s the digital course price, and you can check it out at MikeMandelHypnosis.com/mindscaping

MIKE:  Which is about 140 American right now, isn’t it?

CHRIS:  Yeah, something absurdly low.

MIKE:  Canadian dollars is really low right now…

CHRIS:  So when you pick a copy of Mindscaping – digital version-  then you’ll have, with the promo, there’s a special page, I’ll put it in the show notes but I believe the page is MikeMandelHypnosis.com/htlive2016, all lowercase, htlive2016, that’s the page where all of this is explained, but basically, you buy the digital Mindscaping course, which is about 2 hours and 15 minutes of awesome digital training, you own that, you can access that forever and you get a seat complimentary to the one-day Mindscaping Workshop, Mike’s gonna go through the entire system and teach it and the cool part is  you actually get a discount on your Hypnothoughts ticket, the ticket price as of the recording date right now is US 339$ , I think…

MIKE:  Something like that.

CHRIS:  You get to buy your ticket for US $275, if you buy it using our link, so basically, you’re getting a pretty significant discount on the Hypnothoughts Live Conference if you’re planning on going, you buy that ticket after buying the Mindscaping product from us then you get the discounted ticket and you come to the Mindscaping class for free.

MIKE:  It’s a no brainer and if people are wondering what  Mindscaping is, it’s a great therapeutic and coaching tool I came up with 3 years ago, it has been put to rigorous testing and works really well, you can apply to virtually anything.

CHRIS:  For people who are hypnotist, counselors, coaches, and they are listening and they wanna know…

MIKE:  Social workers…

CHRIS:  How can you describe what is Mindscaping in 30 seconds or less…

MIKE:  Mindscaping gives you immediate access to your subject’s unconscious mind where the subject’s unconscious mind presents you with the keys to unlock their problem.

CHRIS:  Okay.

MIKE:  So it’s powerful beyond belief and you can apply it to immune function, you can apply it to creativity, problem-solving, relationships, anything you can think of.

CHRIS:  Can you go into a little bit more detail on how specifically…

MIKE:  It creates a hypnotic state without the classical hypnosis…

CHRIS:  By having them visualize.

MIKE:  Right, but it just happens. It pops into their minds, you’re accessing a map for that purpose, so if they have a meeting that they’re nervous about, you access the map for that meeting, make adjustments to the map and all of the sudden the problem will disappear. Towards their health, a huge map and you can change the entire map for their health whatever it is.

CHRIS:  And there’s the entire protocol around Preframing the map will be the right map for the problem…

MIKE:  Right. And the wonderful thing is that if you’re a therapist, this is a great way to kill ten minutes or an hour and a half, if you don’t know what to do, it’s a great starting point in any session…

CHRIS:  Right.

MIKE:  Whether you’re a sports coach, you can use it.

CHRIS:  And when we say map, we literally mean…

MIKE:  The internal map they’re creating…

CHRIS:  In their own mind they’re imagining that they are in it, inside of this map.  The map could be a forest, or a beach or mountain or…

MIKE:  It’s so amazing what the unconscious throws out…

CHRIS:  It can be completely abstract, we’ve seen all kinds of stuff. But people’s unconscious minds will throw out this map once we tell them to.

MIKE:  We are able then to landscape it, to adjust it and it’s powerful beyond belief.

CHRIS:  Right.

MIKE:  Enough said.

CHRIS:  Okay. So check it out at MikeMandelHypnosis.com/htlive2016 for the year 2016, all lowercase, except for the numbers. They should be uppercase.

MIKE:  Correct!

CHRIS:  Haha! That’s a hilarious line! Speaking of confusion which we will get to. Okay, Now we wanna talk about Cold Reading?

MIKE:  Cold reading, Yeah. I got a question from, I think this is one of our student’s from Belleville, Ontario. He’s doing hypnosis shows and so on and he is very interested in mentalism and Cold Reading, for those of you who don’t know what it is, Cold Reading is a technique where you sit down opposite someone, and you’ll see in this in a lot of these psychic science fairs, I have friends who do this for a living. And (9.01-.02)  you’re not getting information from them but in reality you are getting a lot of information from them, feeding it back to them, and seems like you have supposed psychic abilities.

CHRIS:  This is a quick example of what might happen…

MIKE:  Well, a classic thing is when most people have a scar on their left knee, women are aware of their scars than men are, so you’re sitting across a woman who have jeans on and you say, “I’m getting an impression that you have a scar on your left knee.” I would use that on stage and people will freak out “How could you possibly know it?” adds credibility to everthing else you say. It’s a technique. It’s a trick, but you can feedback just all kinds of stuff, it’s because of the confirmation by us Chris, the fact that we tend to listen to and believe things and confirm our previously held beliefs…

CHRIS:  Right.

MIKE:  And of course, the most extreme example of this being Kripkean dogmantism. We look for things to confirm what we believe to be true. So any mentalist know, what happens in a mentalism effect is seldom the way it’s described after the fact. I worked in Newfoundland, we did a documentary there, and I did an effect on two guys, and made the card the guy took from a borrowed deck, appear in a card case across the room, and then swore I haven’t gotten up from that couch even once. Well obviously I had, I had to get up, put the card into the case, but none of them remember that nor I have put it or never gotten up at all. The reconstruction after the event, is one of the things that will make cold reading work. And of the tricks is to throw a lot of stuff at the person person and wait for yes answers, you gotta calibrate the person, you’re looking at them closely,  looking for nods of agreement, unconscious responses. So if you say “I am getting an impression there’s been a death recently” and the person who lost a friend of theirs 2 years ago,and they hear that and it is recent in their mind. And you say “Yes, is  it a family member?” and that person “ No”, “No, No, a friend, a friend of yours died recently, is that correct?” “Yes!” Now, when the person reconstructs this later, they’ll go home and say “ Oh, this guy’s a psychic, he is amazing. I just sat down and he looked at me and he said one of your friends died two years ago.”

CHRIS:  Right.

MIKE:  That’s how they will tell it and they will remember it as coming out that way.

CHRIS:  And that’s the confirmation bias.

MIKE:  That’s the confirmation by us and people want to believe, they wanna believe it’s true. And so one of the tricks, one of the methods, is to throw out, lot of stuffs at the person…

CHRIS:  And see what sticks.

MIKE:  And see what sticks, he’ll only remember what sticks, and then you explore that and instead of saying this in questions, you say it as statements.

CHRIS:  So you spend investigative time throwing a lot of stuff, seeing what sticks and then you’ll invest most of the time in what actually sticks.

MIKE:  Okay, let’s pretend, you just sat down across the…

CHRIS:  Okay.

MIKE:  Okay, so you play along, so I say I understand you had a trip recently, you went somewhere…

CHRIS:  Yes.

MIKE:  I am thinking you went somewhere warm, is that correct?

CHRIS:  Well not hard to guess because it’s winter …

MIKE:  You got a tan.

MIKE:  And it’s winter, So I am reading that you got a tan so you went somewhere warm and you say yes. And I say “This was a business trip” and you say “No”…

CHRIS:  No. I was with my family.

MIKE:  But I say, “You were dealing with this when you were there?” then  you think  “Yes.”

CHRIS:  Yes, I was. I had to do some work while I’m there.

MIKE:  You could tell if he’s falling for this. “I sat down opposite Mike Mandel and he said to me you’ve just been to the Dominican Republic and you had to do work on your computer when you were there.” That’s how it will be sold after that.

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  So cold reading, one method is throw a lot of stuff and calibrating their responses, there are entire books written on how you can throw stuff at people on different ethnic groups. If the person is a young female Hispanic, these are the things to say and they’re likely to be true. You know if I see somebody’s wearing a crucifix with Christ on the cross, which is a Catholic thing, Protestants don’t wear that. I’d say “You haven’t been to mass recently, have you?” “No.”

CHRIS:  Hahaha!

MIKE:  What does recently mean? that morning!? So you learn to read this stuff, you learn to pick up on this cues…

CHRIS:  Are there any books you can recommend, we can throw them in the show notes?

MIKE:  Not specifically. Do a web search, it’s basically all over the place. One other point I wanted to mention, Google”:The Classic Reading”, I don’t have all the point in my fingertips and I haven’t done it in fifteen or twenty years. You basically have eight to ten statements that you throw at someone and they fit …  80 percent of people will say that they are accurate.

CHRIS:  I’m getting the impression you haven’t done classic reading recently.

MIKE:  Yeah. Chris just sat down opposite me he said … “You have not”. He could tell! So this things like, outwardly, you appear self-assured but inwardly, you doubt your own abilities. Who doesn’t…

CHRIS:  Everybody a little bit. There’s always a degree of doubt, right?

MIKE:  Yes.

CHRIS:  Because it’s an analog, it’s a shade of grey. Not an on or off thing. Right.

MIKE:  Sometimes you’re outgoing and eager to please and see other people, other times you just wanna withdraw and get away.

CHRIS:  It reminds me of that horoscope readings in the paper and stuff, they’re all so broad…

MIKE:  And vague and full of nominalizations. But here’s a great one. This is on the classic reading. You say “Your sexual adjustments has caused you some difficulties.”  What? That’s an actual thing in the classic reading.

CHRIS:  Hahaha!

MIKE:  Well, what does that mean exactly? I think virtually anybody except me and Chris could apply that to themselves and say yeah I have some adjustment problems. Now that might mean you haven’t been intimate with your spouse for a little while, it might mean that..

CHRIS:  Let’s change the topic.

MIKE:  You know? And fluid transfers in the tissues in the body without strength? You know what I’m saying right?

CHRIS:   This is just horrible. Haha…

MIKE:  No, it’s not. I’m just saying. I am talking about in all seriousness about the ways people will apply this to themselves.  

CHRIS:  Yes. You’re making a very broad statement and people are taking that.. and making a specific adoption of that statement to their situation.

MIKE: And you know Chris, as a principle of offering back  someone else’s language, people will get rapport from that immediately and it will build rapport.  So if the person says “I’m here for the psychic readings because I am nervous about my job and I wonder what the future holds for me”. And so if you’re the Psychic Reading stuff and you’ve been to the tropics and there’s this sexual adjustments that caused difficulty, and then you say, “ I sense that you’re nervous about your job and you’re wondering about the future.” Yes, they’ll actually forget they said that to you. You used the same words. So that’s another method. Look up the classic reading, it’s online. There’s different versions of it, but it’s very very powerful, and the bottomline is, Chris, if you have real Graphological skill, you don’t need any of this stuff. All you gotta do is to get somebody write the sentences and sign it and you will seem like a psychic, cause you know I do this in the college circuit all the time.  So checkout online our Graphology course, and it is live now and you do more than 7 hours of training with me online learn how to be unbelievably unseemingly psychic.

CHRIS:  Yeah, actually, that’s a really exciting thing Mike, because as we’re recording this only two days ago, we finished the Graphology course as a digital course and put it online. So I’ll spend a  quick moment mentioning this, Normally we do a one-weekend class in Toronto, so once a year, we spent a Saturday and Sunday…

MIKE:  Right at Toronto.

CHRIS:  And Mike teaches about Handwriting Analysis or Graphology…

MIKE:  Which I am trained and certified in it and done this forensically for many, many years.

CHRIS:  Right, and it’s a lot of fun and it’s a substantial investment for the people coming from out of town because they gotta fly into Toronto, get a hotel, plus they’re gonna pay their class tuition, feed themselves, and all that. Well for those people who cannot justify a two-day trip into Toronto, we turned this into a digital course. So instead of the two days, you buy it and you watch it at your leisure in our new technology platform which is amazing, it’s about seven and a half hours of video…

MIKE:  You can watch this at your portable devices too.

CHRIS:  Yeah, it’s mobile friendly, it works on iPads, iPhones, Androids, Macbooks, PC’s, whatever you want, it’s absolutely…

MIKE:  And to tell you guys, You’d like the course.We had someone come over all the way from France to study this, It’s a phenomenal thing. It’s not some test drive course. It’s a lot of fun with a live class, and you see me go through different samples and explain the psychopathy or problems, and here’s the thing, you can look at your own writing right away, if you do a sample of a cursive script, you know the normal handwriting, the height that you put the crossbars on your small letter t’s, tells so much about you, the higher you put them on a stem, the higher you set your goals, the lower you put them in a stem, the more you doubt your own skills.

CHRIS:  We put a really good introductory video on graphology on the website at MikeMandelHypnosis.com/handwriting and right at the top of that page and I’ll put this on the show notes as well, there is a good video, it’s probably 7 or 8 minutes, of you talking Mike about Handwriting and showing a whole bunch…

MIKE:  Scientifically accurate, scientifically verifiable.

CHRIS:  And so you’re listening and thinking “Oh, I don’t know if this is real.”  just watch the video and you’ll say “Oh, I actually did know quite a bit about this intuitively.”

MIKE:  Right.

CHRIS:   It really does make sense.

MIKE:  Okay. Check it out. We got some other stuff here. We had a.. What was the question we had Chris about Rapid Induction?

CHRIS:  Okay. So we had a question came in from Barry. This is a really good question , and he said I would be very interested in hearing your opinions on how to use Rapid Inductions with family members or with people that one would regularly be putting into trance, creating a PGO spike relies on the startle effect, now, I’m guessing this won’t work when the subject is expecting it. So, that’s his question/comment.

MIKE:  There’s a lot there.

CHRIS:  Now we need to unpack this but we first need to explain what is Rapid Inductions and we need to explain what a PGO spike is and we can answer the question. So I’ll just start by telling you, if you go to our website MikeMandelHypnosis.com go to the blog specifically /blog, and you’ll see in the sidebar a little ad to a video that we have that explains Rapid and Instant Inductions. This is about a ten minute video and it’s a fantastic explanation…

MIKE:  And it’s free.

CHRIS:  Right, Absolutely free.  Go to MikeMandelHypnosis.com/blog and you’ll see a link to that video. Anyway, Rapid inductions…

MIKE:  Well, let’s even back it up. Before that Chris, talking about that doing this with family members and again, family members are tricky when it comes to hypnosis, because they will not typically take you seriously enough and there will be family members that you’ll have no difficulty hypnotizing at all sorts of conditions. But generally speaking, we advise people not to hypnotize family members and/or attempt to because that’s it will often be until you really have a lot of experience and they know you to be a hypnotist because they’ll treat it like a joke, they’ll be smirking and opening their eyes when they shouldn’t and all that stuff. Although, our brilliant student, Master student, Mohammed, he went home from a two-day Ericksonian course I taught and after the first day he went home and hypnotized his father.

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE: Zoned him through the floor, it’s amazing. So there are exceptions.

CHRIS:  Now, that I will say though, that Mohammad is a magician as well, very skilled guy so he’s gonna come across with total congruence…

MIKE:  Absolutely.

CHRIS:  He is gonna deliver this stuff with just immense immense congruence and confidence…

MIKE:  And intention.

CHRIS:  And it will work. So that will be taken seriously.

MIKE:  Yeah. So you wanna explain the PGO spike Chris?

CHRIS:  Right. So, first of all, let’s just quickly touch on the idea of what is a Rapid Induction, and I think in this case is what he really means is an instant induction because if we are going to use the PGO spike. It just means you’re startling the person with, which is causing the neurological response in the brain. It’s a startle reflex. So Barry asked if the PGO spike relies on the startle effect. No, it is the result of the startle effect, the neurological result of startle effect.

MIKE:  And the brief window you get passed Prefrontal cortex executive function to enable you to get information and cause a response right away because the brain is confused and looking for resolution so you offer a resolution.

CHRIS:  Right. We have an entire training  on this that you can check on our website, I already gave you the link so I won’t over-advertise it here. But the basic idea is you might do something whether by directly looking into your eyes and you’re making direct eye contact while they are pushing one hand down on your hand. You’re actually palm to palm down on your hand and you have them looking into your eyes and you’re talking to them and then at some point you might have them close their eyes or not that it really matter but it might. You just pull your hand away and as they are pushing down, there’s a startle reflex because of the fact that they are pushing down and all of a sudden there’s no resistance anymore so they shoot forward and you yell “Sleep!”.

MIKE:  Sure. and that gets past the critical faculty and the person’s response to it, responding to it.  Now when that happens though, you’ll get that response, it will only last a few seconds unless you take control of it right away. You have to have rapport for this to work. Without rapport, you’ll get them into a quick trance but they stay there without rapport. So you have to build your rapport first and anything that startles them would work, this is what Chris and I find hilarious, one hypnosis trainer who is not known for rapid inductions or things in that nature, known mostly for talking to people and conversations and so we saw him do a video on setting up a PGO spike a Rapid Induction and if it doesn’t work he says just do it again,  and again and again, and he just keep doing it until it works. Haha!

CHRIS:  That bothered me. That was disastrous.

MIKE:  It drips with ridiculosity.

CHRIS:  Yeah. Ridiculosity, it’s nice. I love it.

MIKE:  You know I coined it.

CHRIS:  Yeah. It’s a made up word…

MIKE:  It’s glannative. But it was just crazy. It didn’t startle him the first time, just do it again, do it again, you’re basically saying, “Get down here! Get down! Get down!”

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  It’s not gonna work. You have to do something different, and you’re right in your question that if they’re expecting it, you can’t do it when they expect it. When I do something like, uhm, I can’t think of an induction that would be an appropriate example of this, when I do a like a REM Induction Chris…

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  There’s a PGO spike built in. The person’s tracking my finger moving. Now even in the classroom, in a classroom setting where they know that I’m gonna do it, they don’t know exactly when.

CHRIS:  They don’t know the exact moment when you’re going to fire that startle reflex.

MIKE:  And I’m keeping them so occupied with their eyes following my fingertips, their eyes closed and overloaded  and following a nonexistent fingertip because their eyes are shut and I typically know I am gonna do that, I do it sooner rather than later. So they think they are doing a couple of things, I’ve already done it.

CHRIS:  You know what this reminds me of, have you ever had hiccups or known somebody who had hiccups and they say like “ I want you to scare me because that would make the hiccups go away.” So you’re actually asking the person to scare me “ Boo!” and of course you say “No problem” and then you wait a minute or two, when you know they’ve forgotten completely, so they’re expecting it unconsciously, but they just don’t know the timing and because they don’t know the timing, it can still work. Does that make sense?

MIKE:  Yeah. They’re waiting.

CHRIS:  Exactly. So the question now that he asked was.. Well, really like do you have any tips with using this Inductions with people. Just do them correctly. Do them the way they are taught. Do them on a lot of people. Do them often.

MIKE:  Given that kind of question, I’m suspecting that he’s not getting a good result.

CHRIS:  Yeah and might just be.. You’re not doing it enough.

MIKE:  Maybe you’re not doing this efficient shock. You have to startle the person. If you wanna see the best examples of this, nobody did this better than Gil Boyne and you find any videos of Gil Boyne’s Rapid Inductions, Instant Inductions online, then they’re worth watching.  He would often grab the person by the wrist and yank their neck, which I don’t go along with because I have a bad neck. If you do that to me, I’ll kill you but once I get out of the hospital anyway … but he would then lower them down by the wrist and they would be right to the floor sometimes. So it’s remarkably powerful.

CHRIS:  Alright now, so we have some other stuff we wanna talk about here before we get to the end of the podcast…

MIKE:  I wanna talk about the thing you did with the guy online, that idiot, which I think you handled so freaking brilliantly Chris! I was high-fiving you from a distance when…

CHRIS:  Okay.

MIKE:  Do you wanna show me.. Can you explain it…

CHRIS:  So Mike taught me, and I’m sure he’s taught you too because you’re listening and if you’ve listened to the podcast I’m sure this have come up, something called the Jerry Intervention.

MIKE:  Hahaha!

CHRIS:  And that’s when you want to confuse somebody and you wanna… Let me back up and I’ll explain to you what happened, how I used the Jerry Intervention and then we can…

MIKE:  Let’s remember the point of the Jerry Intervention is seizing the power via confusion.

CHRIS:  So what was happening is I had made a comment in some online discussion and this gentleman didn’t seem to agree with me.

MIKE:  It wasn’t hypnosis, It was an unrelated…

CHRIS:  It was unrelated to hypnosis but this guy didn’t agree with me for whatever reason, he interrupted the conversation, and threw in his own wide, sweeping, generalist remarks that had absolutely no relevance to the actual discussion that was going on and so I called him on and I said “Look, we’re actually talking about this specific issue and not this wide sweeping generalization statement that you made, which again…

CHRIS:  He then attempted to come back and say, No, No, No, I am talking about that issue and why is it that every single American believes X and Y and Z and now going into broad general mode again and I’m thinking…

MIKE:  Yeah.

CHRIS:  This guy is just, let me just call a spade to spade here, that guy’s an idiot, he doesn’t understand, he’s just… Anyway, so I warned him, I said “Look, you’re not gonna win this debate, I suggest that you back out now because this is not going to go well for you.”

MIKE:  (chanting in the background) Dick …. Dick …

CHRIS:  I gave him a friendly warning.

MIKE:  Yeah.

CHRIS:  Well he’s still fighting. So he comes back again, and that’s when I threw the Jerry Intervention on, You’re egging him on, you’re giving him a chance to say some more stuff so that…

MIKE:  So that you can hang him with.

CHRIS:  Right. So then I dropped the line. So I wrote to him and said, “Jerry was so right about you.”

MIKE:  Hahaha! His initial thought is “Jerry who?”

CHRIS:  Well that was the immediate response. “Jerry who?” and I said…

Mike and Chris: “I think you know.”

MIKE:  So now this guy’s spinning going, “this is all slipping out of my hands so who is this guy and what have you talked.. And who this Jerry and what am I supposed to know? What are people saying about?”

CHRIS:  So the next response, this is typical though by the way, this is textbook Jerry intervention. So it’s “Jerry was right about you. Jerry was textbook Jerry Intervention.”

Mike and Chris laughing.

MIKE: You just said the words “Textbook Jerry Intervention! (Laughing hysterically)

CHRIS:  A great textbook application. A textbook response I should say.  “Jerry was so right about you.” “Jerry who?” “I think you know.” And then he says, “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.” And this is..  You feedback, you quote “I’m talking about YOU.”

MIKE:  Hahaha. Brilliant.

CHRIS:  You have to read the tone into it.

MIKE: “I think you know” or “You”

             “But I don’t get what you’re talking about.”

             “ I’m talking about you.”

             “ But why are you saying this?”

             “ I think you know.”

CHRIS:  It’s a circle.

MIKE:  It drips with portent and it pulls them out of their sureness and their certainty into a land where things are weird and someone called Jerry talking about..  And if they know someone called Jerry, so they’ll immediately presume it’s him.

CHRIS:  And if they don’t, then they’re really confused, they’d think “Do I? Do I? Who do I know that’s named Jerry and what did he say about me?” So here’s the thing though, It confuses the heck out of the person, and then they are never able to recenter on the debate they were originally engaging in.

MIKE:   You pull the rug right out from under them.

CHRIS:  It’s gone and they can’t even remember, it’s just like that coding thing you were describing earlier.

MIKE:  Yeah.

CHRIS:  They just have no recollection of what the heck they’re talking about or even arguing about and they’re so confused about the whole thing that they can’t go back to the debate anyway.  

MIKE:  You know I think Chris, Jerry was so right about you.

CHRIS:  Jerry was so right about me.

MIKE:  Brilliant!

CHRIS:  So this is a really fun one that you can do on people, just say it with sincerity, “Jerry was right about you.”

MIKE:  SO right.

CHRIS:  And I added SO right about you. I put in there like SO uppercase. Jerry was SO right about you!

MIKE:  Hahaha!

CHRIS:  It’s a great one. So the idea here is that you’re seizing the power via confusion and there are other ways, there’s lots of other ways.

MIKE:  We’ll put them in another podcast. We’re looking to have a fun like remember like “Life should be effortless, enjoyable and vaguely to other people and these are the tools to make it vaguely annoying. I want to give you now three really cool practical jokes you can do when you’re driving.

CHRIS:  Okay.

MIKE:  And these are my three favorites and I looked at a number of them.

CHRIS:  Three Hilarious Driving Jokes.

MIKE:  Yeah and I realize you do this at your own risk. You’re assuming all risks if you do any of these, I,  Mike Mandel Enterprises …

CHRIS:  Okay. Let’s rephrase it.

MIKE:  MikeMandelHypnosis Academy assume no responsibility for the application results of any of these techniques…

CHRIS:  Use or misuse of these techniques. These are three hilarious thing to Mike that Mike has done and he’s not telling you to do them.

MIKE:  Yeah, they might not be so funny to other people, but they’re brilliant.

CHRIS:  I have no idea what you’re gonna say so let so I’m curious how dangerous they are.

MIKE:  The easiest one first, This is one that Michael C Anthony did on me, I credit him with the joke, it scared me half to death and then the wonder of it is you’re terrified and you realize it’s a joke and you burst out laughing…

CHRIS:  Is this same Micheal Anthony who sent you a photo of how he checked out of a hotel and put the pillows in the bed and make it look like it was a corpse…

MIKE:  Yeah, that’s him. Brilliant comedy, we laughed our heads out every time we see him, as you know. So he did this on me years ago.  Before he moved to Florida from Mississauga Ontario, he lives in America, he was living in Mississauga, a suburb in Toronto area, what he did was he had this red Pontiac he used to drive around in,, and we’re roaring along some backstreet in Mississauga, what’s in the backstreet? you know it’s a fairly busy road, so two lanes on each side and there’s a traffic light up ahead. It’s a busy traffic too. The traffic light was quite a distance, I don’t mean like a quarter mile but it was a couple of a hundred yards away, alright. So were driving along and he’s talking and he’s just yakking away driving and the light goes yellow ahead of us and he instantly floors it like he is actually gonna make the light but he’s way way back.

CHRIS:  There’s no way he’d make it.

MIKE:  There’s no way. It’s gonna be red and we’re like 4 seconds later and he’ll be going through, Right?…

CHRIS:  Yeah.

MIKE:  So he just floors it and  went “MIke, don’t’ do it!” and he just burst out laughing. You gotta time it right but that can be highly entertaining.

CHRIS:  So the idea is the light has turned yellow and you’re so far away you’ll never make it. You’ll never make it but you pretend to…

MIKE:  And you floor it like you’re trying to make it. Which is brilliant.

CHRIS:  Right. It would be hilarious to do this in a Tesla with the instant acceleration

MIKE:  You would make it. Haha! Here’s the other one, this is a little more difficult, and you gotta have the right setting. But this was done on a friend of mine by some guys in the US and it’s brilliant. They had a big old Buick or something like it didn’t corner well like one of the last of the big cars. You can do it in whatever car you want and these three guys from this college in the front seat of the car, and it got.. I think there were people in the back too because he’s wedged in the middle between two other guys on this big bench seat. So they zoom along, they jammed and ahead of them is a shopping mall, and the road takes a really hard hard hard left turn …

CHRIS:  So they’re forced towards the passenger side as the turn happens..

MIKE:  One would think. So that’s right. Good inertia and centrifugal force. So he’s flying along , this guy talking, the talking like you’re not really paying attention how dangerous it is what you are doing.

CHRIS:  Right.

MIKE:   And he sees this turn coming up at a sharp turn, and the other guy notices it as he’s still talking, and he says “ I like to take this turn..” because he’s already talking it too fast and he says, “I like to take this as fast as I can” and he floors it now. Now he’s already in a spot where there is NO POSSIBLE way of turning the wheel that sharp without rolling the car, and he floors it instead of braking, and instead of turning (following the bend in the road) he just goes into the ramp into the shopping mall and he can’t stop and my friend John said he almost had a heart attack. He said it was so funny though when he realized. Okay so here’s the third one…

CHRIS:  So the idea was that to make them believe that the guy was gonna make this sharp left but he was really…

MIKE:  PGO spike man and you can turn to them and say sleep now! And here’s what happens.

CHRIS:  So he’s just really driving straight out of the turn and into a shopping mall, the ramp…

MIKE:  So here’s the third one, this one I created myself, I got Paul with it. This one you may have to wait to get someone, but it is really really worth it. The reason’s it’s worth it is because it closely simulates being in a car crash and terrifies the other person, so he and I are coming back from Kingston Ontario late one night, where a small town near there, I had a gig somewhere, and I know it’s way east in the city and he’s tired and he’s nodding off to sleep in the passenger seat while I’m driving. We are on the side road trying to get down to the main highway and up ahead of me I see a railway crossing, railroad crossing if you’re in the US.  Up a bit of the hill there’s a bump side so it’s gonna be a rough crossing and I was doing a fairly good clip. So what I did, he’s asleep, the second I hit the railroad crossing …

CHRIS:  You slammed on the brakes.

MIKE:  (34.19 ) Slammed on .. There’s multiple phasis to this.  Slam on the brakes. Open the door,  the driver side.  Hit the horn and scream. So there’s this crash of impact, the door opens, there’s a rush of air, the light comes on and the horn and the screaming. Paul sits up and he absolutely thought I slammed into a truck or something at a highway speed. It was so funny man.

CHRIS:  That is why it’s potentially dangerous, It’s a stupid thing to do…

MIKE:  It’s brilliant.

CHRIS:  We would require an empty road.

MIKE:  Yes, it does. I am not telling you to do this, I’m just telling you I did it. And hits the brake hard and the door opens, the rush of air and the light coming and the screaming and the horn, just fantastic.

CHRIS:  Ok there. I would never do that. Haha!

MIKE:  That’s gonna fire a PGO spike.

CHRIS:  Don’t do that to your wife.

MIKE:  Why don’t you us the give our empowering question and move along…

CHRIS:  Alright. Here’s the empowering question, and the preframe for this is we’ve been delivering a lot of empowering questions to you on different podcast or on our other videos if you’ve been watching the videos on our webinars, so here’s the empowering question for podcast 67, What is it going to take for you to apply these empowering questions to your life, and how soon are you going to do it? What is it going to take for you to apply these empowering questions to your own life, and how soon are you going to do it?

MIKE:  Brilliant Chris, that’s excellent. I wanna give the metaphor for today. And it’s a story of Dereck Balmer My mentor. Dereck Balmer was a Cambridge linguist, he was actually, in his youth he was the world’s amateur wrestling champion too. Really super smart man. As John Grinder described him, totally out of touch of his kinesthetic, but really interesting guy, and he’d smack us in the head back at class when we made mistakes, and just a wonderful guy to work with, he gave me so much NLP knowledge, but he was a very good hypnotist too and Dereck studied with Milton Erickson. He went into the seminar in Phoenix and he showed me a picture of the room where they trained in and it’s wonderful, that’s where he got his hypnotic skills and from John Grinder as well. But Dereck did a lot of change work with people, and he’s the one I said that used to worked with alcoholics, with terrific cure rate. And what he did was never turned the alcoholics into non-drinkers, he didn’t do the typical Alcoholics Anonymous thing, where they look in the mirror everyday and say “I am an Alcoholic” which just, wiring it in at their level of identity, instead he turned alcoholics into social drinkers, so they can have a beer or two or couple of glassesof wine and not even think about it for a few days, which is  ideal. Well, Derek and his amazing hypnotic work … used to have people come to his apartment, Walmer Road in Toronto, on a high-rise, beautiful building. And one woman came in for therapy, and he was working with her, and she was in a powerful hypnotic trance, when all of sudden, she opened her eyes, didn’t even glance at Dereck, ran out of the room, out of his apartment and was gone. And he sat there in shock for a moment, and then decided to wait because her purse was still in the apartment and he knew she’d be coming back. And sure enough, about five minutes later, she came through the door shut it behind her, locked it again, left, walked across the room, still in a trance, sat down on the chair, eyes closed, right back where she was. And it wasn’t until he finished the hypnosis session, he said what was the rushing of the room all about, she said “Oh, that?” I realized my car was about to run out of time on the parking meter, and I went back and I put my money in. So her unconscious mind is tracking how much time was left, she dealt with it, came back, and presumably he managed to fix whatever the problem was as well.

CHRIS:  So she just pressed the pause button and then resumed on her own.

MIKE:  Resumed when she came back

CHRIS:  Thank you for listening to podcast episode 67 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and I am Chris Thompson. Make sure you check out all the links we gave you this episode, MikeMandelHypnosis.com/handwriting for the Graphology course, MikeMandelHypnosis.com/htlive2016 for the Hypnothoughts Live promotion we’ve got for you with Mindscaping, attend our conference for free, leave a rating for the show on iTunes, five stars if you think we deserve it, and check out our website and get on our mailing list for all the awesome stuff like sending you these new podcast episodes to you by email. Thanks everybody.

MIKE:  Thank you!

CHRIS:  Have a great day.