Podcast #65: Beach Volleyball, Timelines, the Dancing Hair, and all the zany fun of another episode of the Honey Hallmark Show!

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 65 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Those of you who enjoy this sort of podcast, will find this to be just the sort of podcast you enjoy! Scroll down to listen right on this page, below the show notes.

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Chris begins by explaining and justifying his bizarre, complicated, expensive, and largely unsuccessful eye-surgery. You can hear the fear in his voice, and the regret that he had PRK instead of Lasik. Chris realizes he’s telling a Ken Sweatman story, and attempts to resell it as a metaphor. It falls horribly flat, resulting in the loss of thousands of devoted Brain Software listeners. (editor’s note from Chris: Can you tell Mike is  writing the show notes now? This stuff is absolutely hilarious!)
  • Chris forgets the program is about hypnosis and NLP and goes into an extended rambling story about beach volleyball and his upcoming vacation. He’s going to the Dominican Republic for Christmas, to lie on the beach, ogling mega-babes in thongs, and Mike pretends not to be envious.
  • René from Germany comes to St. Michael’s College for the Architecture of Hypnosis training, and experiences first-hand, the excitement of squirrel bites, rabies, tetanus, etc. Amazingly, René survives, thanks to Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Dept. He’s still not foaming at the mouth, so all appears to be well…
  • Mike teaches our listeners the Dancing Hair. This is a pseudo-magic trick that squirts stinging salt water into a victim’s eyes; just like the sort of thing Bryce-Morgan would do to Henry Squatter.
  • Mike throws down the challenge, offering a prize to the first person who successfully performs the Dancing Hair in a public place and records it.
  • Mike and Chris pick up the mail on their way to lunch, where they plan to eat-off and drink-off. Neil Strauss has sent Mike a copy of his newest book. Thanks Neil!
  • NLP Timelines! How we code time affects how we view the world. By changing the location and submodalities of temporal events, we change our experience of life itself. In time, or through time…which one are you?
  • Mike gives an example of doing a Timeline shift in King’s Cross, Sydney Australia’s red light district, and explains how to work with a mismatcher.
  • Mike admits that he has never been accused of modesty! He often secretly thinks of the word “membrane” though.
  • The conversation turns to bullying, and editing the past. Mike has hunted down and annihilated all the bullies from his past (at least in his Timeline).

Empowering Question: What is going to make 2016 the best year you have ever had, and what are you prepared to do NOW, to make sure that that occurs?

Metaphor: The cottage at Minden Ontario, and the wildlife encountered there…(Mike brilliantly renames Chris’ wife and two daughters, referring to them as Vorolaya, Tamarind and Gloxinnia, purely for his own amusement.)

Ending: Honey Hallmark Episode 2!  More zany fun with that frizzy red-haired woman, who drives a school bus, and loves greeting cards, but isn’t much different than the rest of us! 

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