Podcast #59: Vitreous detachment, earbud hypnosis, and the word “membrane”

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 59 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! As we close in on Episode 60, things just keep getting stranger. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Mike is 62 now, and has no more problems with vitreous detachment, after a retinologist exam involving what was essentially a vaginal speculum in the eye.
  • Chris emailed thousands of people and got birthday greetings for Mike, from students and listeners around the world. If you didn’t respond, Chris wants you to know that you failed him.
  • The first ever disempowering question! Use it if your life is going too well, and you need to screw it up a bit. Some people actually live their lives like this!
  • Instant inductions discussed. Want to know what’s going to be happening in the hypnosis world in 18 months to 2 years? You’ll hear it here first…
  • Mike killed and buried the progressive relaxation induction a few years ago. Other trainers are now finally getting around to attending the funeral.
  • Can you take credit for a sentence? Mike and Chris say NO!
  • Is there a magic sentence that will automatically, and in seconds, induce trance? NO again! Without preparation, nobody goes into, or at least stays in trance…Set up is essential to do good hypnotic work.
  • Chris recommends Mike’s excellent blog post on hypnotic preparation. You can see it at: MikeMandelHypnosis.com/prehypnosis
  • Without rapport you’re wasting your time. Were there really 24 strangers in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, standing around in trance? Nope.
  • Being liked can get you almost anything in therapy, hypnosis, or even life.
  • Mike explains that car salesmen are matched to you when you approach the showroom.
  • The Yes Set depotentiates resistance. The Compliance Set creates automatic obedience.
  • Mike’s new favourite word is membrane.
  • Therapy via earbuds? Hmmmm….It worked for the pick-up artists.
  • Failure is only feedback, and it’s essential to learning.
  • Principles vs. specific techniques
  • The May 2015 Architecture of Hypnosis class has one space available. The June AoH course still has some availability. MINDSCAPING is coming up in June and there is no prerequisite to attend.
  • Metaphor: Little Matty’s Ghost…(Mike says 58 Woodington Ave., but it was actually 504 Milverton Blvd.)
  • Mike ends with an original song and does his rather stupid Tom Waits impression.

Empowering Question: None today; just the disempowering one…I think…

Closing Metaphor: Little Matty’s Ghost and the lightning bolt.
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Remember to check out this blog post on pre-hypnotic work.

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