Podcast #53: Hypnotic Intersection

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 53 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We seem to be taking a long time returning to our regular publishing schedule, but we’re back and we have tons of awesome podcast plans! Make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Mike tells Chris about his phenomenal trip to Boston, which includes doing random hypnosis on the plane, meeting Rory Block, and spending time with an online student.
  • Both Mike and Chris have shifted away from sugars and grains in the diet. We are feeling fantastic!
  • Mike talks about hypnotic intersection, which is an intriguing concept, and how it ties to his trip to Boston.
  • Mike and Chris talk about how many other hypnosis trainers are hessitant to perform demonstrations, which is in stark contrast to how we run the Architecture of Hypnosis training.
  • Mike discusses calibration exercises from back in his NLP training days with Derek Balmer. This seques into a discussion of calibrating an Irish woman on a plane, intersecting her with communication and using it as a hypnotic experience to help her get past grief.
  • Mike shows Chris how rapport becomes a trance.
  • A quick discussion of the hierarchy from incompetence to conscious incompetence. Mike gives an example on this topic.
  • Mike and Chris talk about a book they found online.
  • Mike gives some useful advice about the use of scripts during sessions.
  • What are ideomotor responses?

 Closing metaphor: Doctor Roach and the Power of Rain

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Raw Transcript

Chris: Welcome fellow storm riders. You are officially a rider on the hypnotic storm. Welcome to session number 53 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and I’m Chris Thompson. He’s staying welterweight, has been wheat-free for 43 days, and has just returned from a keynote speech in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the buccaneer of trance, the fearless pirate of hypnotic power and the world’s number one storm rider, Mike Mandel.

Mike:   Yes Chris, just back once again. A man of such vigor and vitality of someone half his age. Yes it’s great to be back and we want to upfront, before we touch on any of these points. We apologize that we have been… this is crazy. This is free.

Chris:  Yes, I still feel pretty bad. I mean we’ve made people wait a long time.

Mike:  [unclear 00:49] nine so you don’t want to break rapport and I’m an eight and really not take it quite as badly as you. But seriously guys, we’ve taken a long time. We’ve had a crazy busy summer. A friend of mine has just passed away. It’s been a tough, tough year in a lot of ways but we are back to the chagrin and terror of the other hypnosis instructors. We sort of stepped away for a bit and now we’re back and our memoir steaming through their lives and blasting broad sides in all direction.

Chris: yes and not only that Mike but I think since we’ve essentially wrapped up the heart, the very core of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy which has been keeping us so busy over the last two years that we’re now going to have a little free time to get back to a regular podcast schedule.

Mike:   now having said that, we’re glad to be back. I am staying welterweight, weighted at 170 today which is fantastic instead of the 190 I ballooned to so tough to the nails, feeling awesome. I have been wheat free for 43 days and if you have not tried that out for yourself, give it a shot, try it on for size. Cut all the grain out of your life for 1 month and notice how amazing you feel and then go out and eat some donuts and bread and stuff and notice how crappy you feel. The actual term Chris and not many people know is crapulent which is a real term. Crapulent means overstuffed with food or feeling loggy from eating too many sweet and sticky foods and things like that. It’s a great term.

Chris: No kidding. I thought it was the colloquial expression.

Mike: Not as such. Now I am back from Boston. There were many, many interesting things there.

Chris: what were you doing there?

Mike:   I was in Boston doing a keynote speech for a company called set to it. They flew me down for a 1-hour thing. I stayed two nights, went out on a wonderful cruise at the harbor with them but the weird thing is Chris, as you know I am a blues fanatic.

Chris: Yes.

Mike:  And I got back to my hotel and I see in the hallway one of my all-time blues heroes. In this case, blues heroines, Rory Block. Rory Block was a young woman who in her youth travelled extensively through the US learning from the giants of blues and she is absolutely amazing and I wanted to talk to her because her music is important to me and I was able to parlay an introduction. I said, Mike Mandel from Toronto. I said, we have a friend in common. And she said, oh who? And I said Prakash john and Prakash is in the rock n’roll hall of fame. He played for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, everybody and is probably the best electric bass player in the world and right away she lit up. It was very nice to get our pictures done together and the other thing that made Boston so great besides just being a phenomenal city was I got to do some random hypnosis on the plane, cure my sound man of his arachnophobia right after my event sitting at the sound board and hang out with one of our awesome online students, Matthias. Mathias is an OB-GYN, an obstetrician gynecologist for most of you who don’t know what that means. From Boston, or actually from Germany, lives in Boston and he met up with me, picked me up in the hotel, we went out and had some wine and he drove me all around before we had the wine through Harbor square and we saw MIT and Harbor and absolutely fantastic visit to Boston. So if I’m coming to a city near you doing a keynote or something, I’ll make sure we post it on the podcast early enough. I would love to hook up with some of my students and hang out together.

Chris: yeah what I like about Matthias is his interest in well. This is well because he is very much into the same stuff that we’ve talked about.

Mike:  He’s taught the same ilk.

Chris:  Making sure that you do not consume abundance of complex carbohydrates, sugars, grains, all that stuff. It makes such a diversity.

Mike:  And he also does body weight exercises as we do which is vastly superior to weight training. We’ve got guys who did weight training who were in our jujitsu course. I’m saying doing it exclusively where they’re not balancing the antagonist muscles. We had remember that hockey guy, a hockey ref who came in a couple of years ago? His first night out, big muscular guy, bodybuilder and I threw him with  a wrist throw and he was actually injured before he hit the ground. He pulled muscles in the air.

Chris:  Yeah it happens,

Mike:  Let me just tell you, we’re talking about intersection in this as well Chris which is an intriguing concept.

Chris: Let’s jump right into that one.

Mike:  Okay.

Chris:  Because we talked about it a bit before we hit record and I’m anxious to know what’s going on. Anxious is not the right word, I’m intrigued. [laughs] oh my god I’m so worried what’s going to happen?

Mike:  Hypnotic interception is a concept I’ve been playing with for about eight months now and I’m trying and failing thus far to find a way to teach it to other people but I’m getting closer all the time.

 Chris: But Mike isn’t the real issue how are you going to keep failing?

Mike:  Thanks Chris. What else have you just forgotten?

Chris: [laughs]

Mike:  So intersection is my way of explaining how I do hypnosis because as you know Chris, we’ve talked to people who come out toward training and they come in from all over the worldnow.ive had students in Australia and France and Norway and everywhere on the US and they say I studied with so and so, don’t mentioning names here, but he didn’t even do any hypnosis in the course. He just talked about it and made us do it. and why do you think that is Chris?

Chris:  Because they’re fearful that it will fail if they attempt to do a demonstration.

Mike:  What if it doesn’t work?

Chris:  I remember this comment from one of our students from our last class.

Mike:  Someone in the US, one of the trainers, trained in the southern US and…

Chris:  This guy apparently just didn’t… he has a well-known name but never did any demos.

Mike:   never did any demos and based on that, we don’t badmouth people. We’re just talking in general terms but based on that, this whole intersection thing is the way I’ve chosen to describe it. now Chris, remember our last architecture of hypnosis course, we had our friend, Nico, there from Strasburg France, we had Jim from Norway, and a number of other people and I remember Jim was concerned that he might not be a good hypnotic subject and he sent me an email en route from an airport and so what happened in the first five minutes, do you remember?

Chris:  Oh yeah I totally remember. You started doing a demonstration of I believe it was kinesthetic ambiguity on Chris at the front.

Mike:   Chris from Ohio.

Chris:  Right and then you…

Mike:  He was in trance.

Chris: I believe you at the same time, you segwayed over to a triple bind induction to someone towards the back of the room..

Mike:  Which was Lisa.

Chris: And then you walked over to Jim and did a handshake interrupt.

Mike:  Glued his hand to his head and he was stuck like that. So I had three people in trance in the first five minutes of the class and this never fails.

Chris:  And you had impression to that.

Mike:   No I didn’t plan it. It’s not a bragging thing. I’m not saying oh look what I can do. I’m saying oh look at what you can do if you study with me because that is the principle of intersection and here’s the best way for me to explain it Chris. I watched some trainers and the one who coughs into the microphone and everything; now see if you enjoyed your potty break and all that. He treats you like this 5-year-old kid. He, when he’s working with a camera or he’s on video, he’s talking to the camera. He’s not paying any attention to the subject. So there’s very, very little rapport although he has the charisma and the experience that people generally respond and go into trance anyway. Now the difference is if you have that strong rapport, you can make amazing things happen. Intersection is my way of cutting into the other person’s loop and intercepting it with my own and it creates a ludicrous rapport super fast.

Chris:  Okay.

Mike:  So the picture I like to use if you have a couple of soap bubbles. Notice how the molecular attraction will pull them together and sometimes they’ll pop into one large bubble.

Chris:  Oh that’s a great metaphor.

Mike:  Intersection is a way. Someone’s sitting there and as I’m beginning to talk to them and ill give you an example from the plane two days ago. I’m starting to sense their feedback loop, their psychodynamic loop which I see is projecting out in front of them. It’s my way of seeing it. There’s not an actual thing there. I’m not crazy.

Chris:  Okay lets actually just pause right there for a second and point out that this is really a keen calibration skill.

Mike:  It is indeed.

Chris:  And calibration being one of the cs in the Mr. CC acronym which is metamodel rapport calibration and congruence of NLP. It maps over to hypnosis. You have to develop great calibration skills and that’s what you’re talking about.

Mike:   And Derek Bomber, he was a segway. One of my mentors, Cambridge linguist and NLP trainer, Derek Bomber taught us and he would say think of the three stooges one at a time, Curly, Larry or Moe and you look at it and you calibrate, see shake it off, don’t think of the next one Larry… and later in the day he just come up with me in the hallway. He’d be leaning against the fireplace waiting for us to finish an exercise and id come out and say, which stooge am I thinking of? He’d say, Larry. I say shut up. He would nail it every time but it has to be because he taught me well. I could add Curly, Moe and Shim as well and do five of them. So, if you practice, this becomes an unconscious thing so you are calibrating this biofeedback psychodynamic loop that is developing between you and the other person by intersection, I’m sort of coming in at an angle and bang! Suddenly taking control and upping the rapport off the scale and it’s something that’s easier to do than explained or we’re going to be teaching all my master hypnotist students that this November. I’m going to have it nailed as a protocol that they can do to intersect someone. That enables you to one, do these remarkable things seemingly impossible thing really quickly like get a waiter to permit you to pay for your food or the library card which we have on video and its going to be in the academy.

Now, having said that, I was n the plane to Boston and this lovely elderly woman sat down next to me in the window seat and her name was Marie and she – not Marie, Marie. She corrected me Irish and going to Boston for the first time since her husband passed away three years ago and she hadn’t been to Boston in many years and she and her husband, that was one of their favorite places and a friend or relative had convinced her to come to Boston and I was immediately calibrating with her by accessing the shift in her vocal tone that she missed her husband dearly. Who wouldn’t if you had been married for 40 years? And now, was feeling a sense of trepidation going to Boston. It was going to reaccess all of these kinesthetic and put her back into a grief state and I intersected with her sitting there locked eyes with her and she turned completely sideways and began to go into trance and I said, how amazing will it be Marie when you go to Boston and when you land and during your time there, discover how remarkably healing this is for you and her face blotched in there and she was so freaked out when she got out the plane, she said can I have your own personal phone number and your email? so I gave them to her and I haven’t heard from yet but she would just glowing when she got off the plane. It is intersecting someone with your communication so that your loop now engulfs theirs and you begin to function almost as one organism. It’s strange.

Chris:  My experience with this and I want to ask you if this is sort of similar to what you’re describing is that you’re essentially calibrating when the person is at this just like what we talked about in anchoring peak state, peak rapport.

Mike:  Bingo. It is so on.

Chris:  They’re in a trance with you because of the conversation. It’s interesting to them, they like you, they’re in rapport and then you don’t need an induction. You go directly into some Ericksonian language with some direct suggestion or in this case…

Mike:  Rapport itself becomes a trance.

Chris:  In this case it wasn’t really a direct suggestion at all, it was an empowering question delivered as a suggestion.

Mike:  And the empowering question has the suggestion to pertain to it and I’m analog marking and embedding them as I’m saying them to her and this wonderful, wonderful woman. So that was kind of cool but it’s a whole concept of intersecting them though. Having said this Chris, you might not realize this until I point it out to you where upon you certainly will. You have this ability in spades with kids. You absolutely do. I’ve never seen anyone work with kids, like you do where a kid, your daughter could be in a weird mood or something or fussy and you can just get down to their level intersect with that child and totally change everything in a matter of a few sentences.

Chris:  I think that you might not realize this but you just gave me this perfect explanation to understand what you meant.

Mike:   Which was entirely the point.

Chris:  Right. When you talked about this intersecting someone in terms of a hypnotic look yeah I mean a child parent interaction is the same thing. It’s just a specialized; it’s just one example, one specific example of a relationship.

Mike:  Yes and we’re all in a relationship with people as soon as we communicate with them. So my question to you Chris, my empowering question for you young man is how awesome will you discover to be when you are able to intersect not with just children but with absolute strangers.

Chris:  Absolutely. Don’t I already do it?

Mike:   That’s right. [laughs] Just do it when you realize you’re doing it. It’s when you’re doing it consciously, that’s the thing if you do it already.

Chris:  Can we actually bring this to a quick discussion in about the hierarchy, there’s this hierarchy and I can’t remember the expression you used to describe it but when you go from not knowing so the unconscious incompetence, the not knowing you’re doing something wrong or that you can’t do [unclear 13:38].

Mike:  You don’t even know that you might not even know the subject exists.

Chris:  You learn a skill and you eventually go from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence.

Mike:  No. You go from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence. Now you know.

Chris:  I skipped that one.

Mike:  You know the language Bulgarian exists now but I’m still not able to speak it.

Chris:  Yeah, I see what you’re doing. Were just breaking it down for everyone who’s not familiar with it? So you started unconscious incompetence which is…

Mike:  You don’t know Bulgarian and you don’t even know you don’t know Bulgarian.

Chris:  You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s the way to put it.

Mike:   Right.

Chris:  Then you are aware you don’t know so you are aware that a country in Italy exists but you didn’t know anything about it before. Now you know the name of the country so you know that you’re completely uneducated on the topic on Italy.

Mike:   Exactly.

Chris: Then you go there and you learn a little bit about well let’s not use geography anymore as the metaphor here but let’s say you learn a language and you can conversationally get by like probably my French skills.

Mike:  So consciously competent.

Chris:  Yeah, you have to now consciously think about what you’re doing like when you first learn to drive a standard car and the clutch and all that stuff and you really have to think about it and then eventually, you get to unconscious competence where you can have that conversation and pick up the loose change that fell off your pocket and shift gears and change the radio station all at the same time without thinking about it.

Mike:  Yes, yes.

Chris:  So why I brought this up is you explained that there was this almost this weird changing sense of what you notice as you go through that. So let’s say that you were about to hesitate and pause and say I do that sometimes, you’ll hear me on the podcast because we don’t edit this stuff out and you’re doing the and then eventually, someone says you know what, Chris you can become a much more fluid speaker if instead you just take a pause and that way without saying uhm as your filler words, you’ll see much more authoritative, whatever it is. So remember when you told me about this, you said you’re going to catch yourself doing it then you’re going to catch yourself before you do it then you’re not going to not do it and then realize that you’re not going to do it.

Mike:  Right and then you’ll forget about it.

Chris:  Yeah is that the three stages?

Mike:  Pretty much. It’s as good as in a caput solution as any.

Chris:  First you’ll do it and then you’ll go darn, I meant to say nothing and pause instead of saying uhm then you’ll catch yourself as you do it, you’ll say uhm and immediately say oh crap.

Mike:  Yeah you rewind it.

Chris:  Yeah and then you’ll not say it and realize hey I didn’t… Yeah, exactly.

Mike:  And then it’ll be just missing from your speech patterns and you won’t notice anything.

Chris:  So the empowering question is, what stage are you at in a change that you’re looking to make that you are making in your life and how fun will it be when you get to the next stage.

Mike:  Oh say that again. That’s a good one.

Chris:  What stage are you at in the description that we just gave regarding a change that you’re currently making in your life and how awesome is it going to be when you realize that you are at the next step.

Mike:  Already.

Chris:  That’s right.

Mike:  That’s great Chris. Really, really good stuff.

Chris:  So that was kind of cool. We didn’t plan that discussion.

Mike:  No, we didn’t and now we start commenting on the big chunks. I want to talk to you about this.

Chris:  This book.

Mike:  This utter cowpat of a book in front of me. It really isn’t a cowpat of a book. Very few books are utter cowpats. This does have some good stuff in it. Even the most durasitive book you’ll find something that is useful.

Chris:  If anyone can figure out what book we’re talking about, we’re happy to have you email us. We’re not going to name the book with the author.

Mike:  There’ll be a prize if you name it. We will. We’ll give you a free download but the thing is this is a book on hypnosis. It’s a book about hypnotherapy and Chris will verify that in my search for personal excellence, I’m always studying the subjects that fascinate me. so I’m learning more about graphology and graphoanalysis, learning more about hypnosis because it’s a never ending field so I’m returning to Erickson’s work and reading the grapes of the past and always topping up what I know so I’m getting further and further glanation with the entire subject.

Chris: and as you say sharpening the knife.

Mike:   sharpening the blade. Now I like to know what the other instructors because I find it comforting  to realize how utterly cowpatish some of their things are. We want to offer you the finest hypnosis training in the world and we believe we do both for our live classes in Toronto St. Michael’s College and through our online academy. So I occasionally buy books and things by other trainers. Someone said to me oh like you’re logging under a false name. No, not at all. As me, I don’t care if I want to see what they’re doing. They do the same thing with us. Well you know its always like two security services probing each other’s weaknesses and things of course, we don’t have any but anyway this book, I want to see what these two noted hypnosis trainers are teaching in the United states and I’ve heard some good things and some rather odd things and I’ve seen one of them on video and we just couldn’t handle it because it was treating people like five year olds. Does anyone need a potty break? Did you enjoy your potty break? Treat them like adults okay? So that’s okay, I’m not going to go there but they’ve gone the hypmatist and hypmatize which grates on my nerves but I wanted to see a course, at least a textbook they were using so I went online to order a copy from them.

Chris:  And you told me, yeah we’ll get to this. Once you told me about it, I actually found it in electronic form and I bought it before you even had yours in your hand because…

Mike:  I want a hard copy book like an actual physical copy. I’m average that age where all things must be.

Chris:  So you went to the guy’s website to buy it.

Mike:   I was at his website.

Chris:  And what did you discover Mike?

Mike:  Well Chris, I discovered something disturbing. The book was I think…

Chris:  $31.

Mike:  Yeah, $31 or something like that. So I clicked to buy it with my visa or anything or PayPal whatever the heck I used. Postage – over $80 postage. Now this was not to have it sent by courier same day. This was regular cheapest postage was $81 US for a flipping book.

Chris: And I thought you were exaggerating when you told me that and I went and checked myself and the amount that you told me was exactly.

Mike:  I wasn’t exaggerating on the price.

Chris:  No, you were not.

Mike:  We really went online and did a bit of a Google search on this to see if anyone else was equally outraged and I saw one man’s comment on a blog posting somewhere. He said, I went to buy a DVD coincidentally from the same person, a single DVD. How much do you think that shipped for Chris? He said over $90 postage and handling for a DVD.

Chris:  That’s insanity.

Mike:   No, its worse than that. So I wrote to this hypnosis instructor and I said $81 postage for a single book is obscene. They never responded. So now there’s only two possibilities here. Either he owns the shipping company in which case this is absolutely without excuse and is gouging people or he doesn’t own the shipping company and associates with the shipping company that is gouging people. In any case, you know who you are; I’m calling you to task. This is an obscenity.

Chris: We want to see this changed.

Mike:   We want to see this changed and we don’t do this to you. If you buy one of our products, let’s say it’s not a download.

Chris: Actually the only physical product we sell right now is our power induction course.

Mike:   Now when you get this, this is a beautifully packaged DVD. I’m not trying to sell you. I’m just showing you the difference. A DVD with all these power inductions and on shot professionally and an audio CD accompaniment so you got two discs in the box that explains all this stuff that we’re doing in the video. It costs $97. It’s a premium price for a premium product. We will ship it to you anywhere in the world for free. That’s right, we don’t charge you postage. We don’t charge you another $90. If I was going to buy a book, I’m with this on close. $81 on postage Chris, I can have the crown jewels of England stolen and shipped to me same day for that. Isn’t that a great line?

Chris: That is a great line that hyperbolic.

Mike:   Hypberbole. So enough of that. It drives me absolutely nuts because that’s just ripping people off what you’re not making enough money on your product or on your trainings that you’ve got to gouge people on postage. Enough said.

Chris:  If you sell stuff, shipping should be very reasonable or in our case, its baked into the price and you’re guaranteed policy really should be there to serve your customers.

Mike:   So check the postage clause on anything before you click okay.

Chris: Exactly. Okay let’s move on to oh no, we didn’t even talk about some of the content that’s in the book. So we have to make one point that just… this is the kind of stuff that bothers me. So Mike you said…

Mike: There’s good stuff in this. Again, we are not shredding the book. There’s good stuff in here. It’s a good book and probably even [unclear 22:33] if you were to look through. What I’m saying is even if its something like oh you know it’s a beautiful sunny day as I’m writing this.

Chris: Believe in yourself or whatever.

Mike:   I’m just trying to think of the worst possible example. I don’t think I failed in that.

Chris:  So you texted me and you said that you were buying this book and I thought I’m going to beat you to the punch. I found it in the Google play store in digital phone. It wasn’t the Amazon kindle store. In this case, it was the Google’s. And so, I bought it in the electronic format and I started reading it on my phone and actually I figured out a way to get it into my iPad and all that.

Mike:   Was there anything on scripts?

Chris:  Yes, of course there was. It was all about having your script books ready and in fact, it was suggesting..

Mike:  Keep your patterned scripts out of sight Chris.

Chris:  Yeah keep them out of sight but wrap them in plastic so that when you now turn the pages…

Mike:  The person won’t hear you read the script.

Chris:  Turning the pages.

Mike:  They won’t hear you reading scripts because you’re inept and cannot intersect with the human being.

Chris: Yes don’t read scripts. But here’s the thing that really bothered me because I can definitely understand in some cases, a script is going to work. It’s not the best way to do it but it can still work.

Mike:   Absolutely. I backed off on this point to a degree. The only place I think for scripts is a training tool to learn to use language. Not something that you actually read.

Chris:  So we would never deny that somebody reading a script could generate a sufficient trance and help that point make a change. With that said, here’s where it gets really horrible. A client is coming into your office and paying you really good money to do hypnosis with them and the advice in this book includes having your tape recorder ready so that if you the hypnotherapist…

Mike:  Have to go to the washroom.

Chris:  Or leave the room to cough, you can just push play and leave the room.

Mike:  Isn’t that fantastic?

Chris:  And I just… I’m…

Mike:  There’s a couple of things about going to the washroom in here like in the first couple of chapters.

Chris:  It’s almost like an obsession. Okay so now, we’re officially going to stop talking about it.

Mike:  Let’s stop talking about. [unclear 24:31].

Chris:  Please get good training folks.

Mike:  Get good training guys.

Chris:  Let’s talk about NLP and timeline.

Mike:  Chris, you were going to mention the all access pass real quick.

Chris: Okay. I don’t want to turn this into a pitch fest but a lot of people, I will say for the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, over the last year and a half, not quite a year and a half because we launched June 18, 2013. A lot of people wanted to know, can I get all of the content upfront instead of a monthly feed program where we send you a new lesson every two weeks. Now at the time we launched, we said no and we actually started off saying, well we’ll never do that. We couldn’t do it because we hadn’t finished creating all the content. We were about eight lessons ahead of our first customer and we were creating new lessons to stay ahead. Now after almost 17 months I guess it’s been, we’re done recording 32 lessons and we had enough requests, enough people who want to go through a faster pace that we have started selling what we call the all access pass so instead of a monthly subscription…

Mike:   You can do it all upfront.

Chris:  You just pay one fee and never have to pay another fee ever again and you get everything that we have.

Mike:   Including the ongoing webinars that we’re continuing to produce.

Chris: And all the bonus content is unlocked immediately.

Mike:   Check it out. MikeMandelhypnosis.com and lets see where we’re going to go with this Chris. Where else do you want to go?

Chris: So we wanted to talk about ideomotor responses. We also wanted to talk about NLP and timelines versus Ab reaction.

Mike:   Let’s see what we can fit in. let’s go to ideomotor responses right away because I think this is an interesting thing. Ideomotor is idea produced as motion and it’s a form of body language. In fact, you may not have considered this but even graphology is a form of body language.

Chris: And I also want to throw in here that ideomotor means things like just muscles tensing up so if you’re watching a scary movie and you find that your muscles tense up and you notice that, that is idea causing motion.

Mike:   The funniest one I used to see as a kid was my mom was a very nervous traveler, anagram type 6 but she had a 7 wing so she was adventurous. She wanted to get out there but was nervous. She never had a driver’s license in her life and she would sit in the front seat of my dad in front of the car could never relax in a car and was always putting the break on.

Chris:  Oh yeah.

Mike:  And bracing for impact.

Chris:  My wife does it. We call it the fake breakout.  The imaginary brake pedal.

Mike:  That’s ideomotor as well. Idea is producing motion. We see it all the time. People nodding their head for yes, shaking their head for no. ideomotor.

Chris: Hey I’m doing that right now. [laughs]

Mike:  So am I. so I’ve been experimenting with ideomotor stuff Chris for a really cool purpose and this came from out of the work of Daphne Huen and Daphne Huen is a medical doctor, actually a really interesting hypnosis trainer. I read a bunch of his stuff. I like his by and large and never giving anyone 100%.

Chris:  We only name people when we like them.

Mike:   Yeah, that’s right. His stuff is really good and he talks extensively on hypnoanalysis using ideomotor signals and he gave me an idea that I think is fantastic and it came from him, I didn’t come up with it. It was using ideomotor signals yourself in self-hypnosis and the thing that I like about his distinction is you don’t know what we mean, we would have one finger lift for yes and maybe the first finger the right of the left hand lift for no as signals that you get right from the unconscious mind. So ideomotor work does not have to be done in deep trance. It can be done in the hypnoidal state right on the surface.

Chris: Right. Just to clarify the general rule of thumb that we teach is install yes to be the index finger of the right hand and no to be the index finger of the left hand. For someone who has never used ideomotor signals before that just works and it’s easy for you to remember.

Mike:   and then you never have to change your mind like I don’t agree with this letting the person choose oh you know which one do you want to use for yes and which for no. then you got to remember every time. just do the same every time but some people add all these confusing ones.

Chris: Yes and no and maybe and I don’t want to tell you.

Mike:   Right. Answer next year and all of this stuff.

Chris: Keep it digital.

Mike:   Keep it simple yes and no. I think the thing that got me you and [unclear 28:#6] as well is he said not I don’t know because he said, people will default to that if they don’t want to answer but yes, no and I don’t want to answer yet. She’s giving him the option. Sort of a bend on that one. But what he said that’s really cool is I always framed it as yes and no and because I’m always learning, I’m adopting now what he said which is not just yes or no but he’s turning it into a kinesthetic response. Does it feel like yes or does it feel like no?

Chris:  Oh that’s brilliant.

Mike:  You get an unconscious signal which now gives you the ability to answer sort of consciously with this signal based on the feeling you’re getting with that.

Chris: And its permission to be wrong too because you’re not asking for certainty here.

Mike:   Absolutely because when we are dealing with client’s problems and we often are. It isn’t what’s true or false folks, it’s their perception of it which is why I don’t believe in past lives but if my client believes in past lives or believes that you know he was on Jupiter and I worked for the client once Chris and you’ll love this one. Not only did she believe in past lives and hiding the person’s identity by saying she was actually a guy. [laughs] she believes in past lives. She believed in future lives that had already lived.

Chris: Wow.

Mike:   In a future life, she was Rigel four or alpha centuri or something like that and had already lived a future life. So this now time is becoming not just turns and eddies but extremely flexible at this point.

Chris:  Are you using confusion induction on me right now? [laughs]

Mike:   No, I’m not.

Chris:   A future life that she has already lived.

Mike:   Yes. So what would I do in a case like that Chris? Do I say no, I dotn believe in this. you’re crazy. This isn’t true.

Chris:  No, you have to build rapport and maintain rapport.

Mike:  Act as though it’s true and that’s where the changes will come in. if I believed I was hanged in a previous life and that’s why I choke sometimes and that has to be cleared up as though it’s true because perception is everything with hypnosis. So I liked his work, I think he’s done some really cool work with setting up the feelings but you can use this with self-hypnosis.

Chris:  Okay yeah. Let’s get back to that because that’s what you’re talking about.

Mike:   Put yourself in the hypnotic trance Chris and you can use it for hypnoanalysis of a dream you just have.

Chris: Oh no kidding.

Mike:   It works well so you know how human givens theory basically says that your dreams are an outworking of all the emotional arousal from the previous day that is not discharged, the dreams permit you to discharge it so you don’t get this huge backlog of debt that is not processed emotionally and the dreams that you metaphorically process the unprocessed emotion from the previous day. So this enables you when you have this weird dream and I had one last night. I won’t bore anyone with it because dreams are only interesting to ourselves but I set up ideomotor signals unconsciously. Are you willing to let me know what this is? I get a yes signal. And okay please do it now and bang! The meaning of the dream rushed into my conscious awareness instantly and how it tied in to this funeral we have to go to tomorrow and it’s amazing. So I urge my listeners, our listeners Chris who are skilled at self-hypnosis to begin to use ideomotor signals and notice the spectacular result we get in self-analysis especially in dreams.

Chris:  And for those of you wondering how do I do self-hypnosis, remember there were podcasts on this exact subject. I can’t remember the number off the top of my head but somewhere less than 51 there’s a podcast number that discusses self-hypnosis and I know for sure we talked about it in the stress relief.

Mike:   We did. So let’s wrap this up because we’ve come in the 32 minutes. Let’s go down out list here to see where we’re going.

Chris:  So you talked about hypnotic intersection so…

Mike:  Let me tell you one more thing, one more final point because it also ties to the trip to Boston. those of you who have been listening regularly, Chris and I get emails from all over the world from amazing hypnotic storm riders who joined us now and cutting through the garbage and the nonsense and learning to be the best they can be and one of the things that’s a huge hit is Robert Anton Wilson’s quarter game where you vividly visualize and imagine you’re going to find a quarter in a startling place that will seem that it was placed there for you. it will be so obvious and then wait to see how long it takes. Well I hadn’t done it in awhile and I know Lisa and Andrea got right into this and Suzanne, that’s three of our hyno babes. So what happened was a couple of days before I went to Boston, I did the focus again that I was going to find a quarter placed in a very deliberate place. And so, I’m at the airport store, Pearson airport YYZ and I bought a bag of beef jerky and a bag of salted roasted almonds because I wanted to have some primal blueprint snacks with me that are protein and fat and good stuff. I bought these stuff just paid with my visa to get the extra points and as she gave me my receipt, in front of me between me and the desk in the airport was a rack of candy bars and sit directly in front of me a quarter was on edge between the candy bars and I just went, oh no. here we go again.

Chris:  Did you leave it for someone else?

Mike:   I gave it to the woman. Not off to the side, directly as though it was placed right where I was standing. So do the quarter experiment.

Chris:  That is so funny. Okay Mike so let’s wrap up with a metaphor. What do you have for us?

Mike:   Today Chris, I want to talk about doctor roach and the power of rain. Those of you who have listened for any time are aware that I’m obsessed with rain or at least enjoyed it greatly and I have numerous versions of rain in my iPod including one I really enjoy which is a sound that is anchored to my childhood and many of you will know this. It’s the sound of rain from inside a car and it creates this cozy environment when you hear rain washing on the windshield and you hear the windshield wipers pulsing. And as a kid, going camping or something with my parents and the rain falling and the windshield wipers going causes really relaxing state that I’ve been obsessed with rain as long as I can remember and I had one of the most terrifying dentists in the universe, Dr. Howard Roach in Toronto, who was very tall, very thin and extremely elderly and he walked with a cane. I don’t know if he had polio once whatever it was, he would whistle when he’d come in the room which as terrifying. And I’d hear him [whistle], I would just sit there terrified because Howard Roach did not give us local anesthetic. He would just go drilling for oil in secondary molars and get us to squeeze the nurse’s hand, one in each side and it’d be catatonic, rigid, feet sticking out in front of me and he’d be just drilling away and it was a freaking nightmare but the thing is rain was so relaxing for me. Even though my father and I had the first dental appointment of the day at 7:30 in the morning at Greenwood Avenue and Danforth Avenue in Toronto. I’d be terrified the night before but if I woke up, having British teeth of course which meant lots of dental work. If I woke up and it was raining, I can so clearly remember it’s pacifying effect on me that all the way to Doctor Roach’s office the rain in the car, I have no nervousness at all and to this day, I can stand in the doorway in the rain and trance out in seconds and move maybe just four inches for the next two hours as the rain continues to fall without the slightest bit of notice the time passing.

Chris: This has been podcast number 53 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and I’m Chris Thompson. Hope you enjoyed it as always. Feel free to send us your emails, info at MikeMandelhypnosis.com. we’d love getting your emails, your suggestions, your questions, ideas for podcasts and make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy if you have an interest in personally learning hypnosis from what I believe is the best hypnosis training material available online because our live classes are always sold out months in advance. MikeMandelhypnosis.com/academy and finally, head on over to iTunes and leave a rating for this podcast. We would love for you to share your opinion of this podcast with the planet. Thanks. Good night.