Brain Software Podcast #47: Context Free Humour and More

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 47 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This one is (at least for us) unbelievably funny. We spend quite a bit talking about context free humour, and Mike’s latest incarnation of implementing it via emails to friends. Chris was victim #1, and we challenge you to go out and have fun with this.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

    • Mike and Chris talk about Mike’s latest context free humour emails, and we share the example Mike wrote to our friend Paul. Chris breaks down how it works, and we challenge you to do the same and post it to our Facebook page.
    • Mike goes onto share some hilarious details of a set of corporate (joke) presentations he used to be involved with. This gives you a lot of material to get started in terms of understanding the wide set of scenarios you can apply context free humour. Do it!
    • We got a question from a guy we’ll call “Jack” (he didn’t want any personal stuff disclosed) and Jack feels stuck in his life, and is dealing with a lot of addictions (behavior, not chemical). He’s spending too much time at night screwing up his life. Hopefully our discussion on the topic will help Jack and help others who listen. For those of you involved in helping others remember the Mandel Model of therapy. Detraumatize first. Then you build a new high performance state and apply that state to make important changes in your life. Tiny changes made over a long period of time lead to massive changes.
    • Mike brings up the topic of procrastination and we discuss the Jerry Seinfeld method of getting stuff done. We’ve given it the simple name “Maintain the Chain”.
    • We have several live classes coming up here in Toronto. Our May 2014 hypnosis class is already sold out, so the next availability is November 2014 (sign up here). We’re also holding a MINDSCAPING class and a graphology class this year, with full details on our website.
    • We tackle a really important question from John in Oshawa, who wanted to know why a hypnotist should not ever guarantee results with a live subject.

It’s an excellent question, and we cover this topic in depth here.

  • John also asked about the meaning of the therapeutic metaphors at the end of each podcast. Mike gives a wonderful answer. This question has come up several times, and if listeners (that’s you!) want to know more about how this works let us know. We’ll cover it in another podcast.


 Empowering Question: What chain are you going to start building and maintain today, and what is your first step toward building that chain NOW…?

Closing metaphor: The 133rd Cub Pack in Toronto

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