Brain Software Podcast #46: Language Patterns and Arguments

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 46 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This episode is a fun discussion of how to tackle arguments, use language patterns and more.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • We had a guy who got really mad at Mike because of what was said on Podcast Episode #43 which was the podcst that discussed horrendous technique taught by other hypnotists in prior decades. Of course the upset fellow resorted purely to personal attacks without actually addressing the content in any way. This is the sure sign of a weak argument, and we have fun discussing it.
  • We mentioned the May 12-16 Architecture of Hypnosis class in the podcast, but it sold out really fast, so by the time this podcast has gone live there are no more spots. Our next live training is November 3-7 in Toronto, and you can always email us to get on the early bird list to sign up. You can get details here.
  • We discuss the concept of centering people’s thoughts back on a problem and focus on problem solving rather than focusing on the emotions surrounding the problem. Mike reveals a hilarious line you can use to accomplish this.
  • We tackle a really important question about using hypnosis to get over past trauma. The specifics of the problem are common and involve wanting to forgive someone (in this case a spouse) and being unable to let go of the past. Can hypnosis help?
  • Language patterns are always a big hit amount students, and we spend some time on this podcast episode discussing how they work, how to use them, and provide some examples such as “When you connect the dots …”

 Empowering Question: What is your absolute greatest talent and how are you going to use it for the benefit of others?

Closing metaphor: The early warning system.

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