Brain Software Podcast 35: The Threshold of Change and The Models of Hypnosis

Brain Software hypnosis podcastEpisode 35 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel has arrived!  After letting the time slip away and forcing you all to wait over a month between episode 33 and 34, I’ve almost returned to our regular 2 week schedule.  Almost.  I’m still working very hard to get the online hypnosis training done (remember I’m in charge of all technical stuff while Mike is the content genius).  More on that below.

Anyway, this podcast episode is truly fantastic.  No matter what your level of experience with hypnosis and communication, you’re going to love the discussion we have on this podcast.

Here are the show notes for this episode

  • What is threshold?  It’s that emotional state you need to reach to make change.  Mike explains how he failed to hit a goal he set for himself (but he admits it, so it’s OK.)
  • We discuss threshold and change.  Do you know what needs to happen to create change?  Do you think you can push other people to make change that they’re not ready for?  You’ll enjoy learning the answers to these questions.
  • Chris tells listeners what he said to a friend that caused her to quit her job (after she’d been talking about wanting to make a change for a very long time).  What did he say?  Why did it trigger her to make the change?  You’ll find out when you listen.
  • With all of the different models of hypnosis out there, people get into all sorts of arguments about what the “right” model is.  Do we care? What does Mike think about this?  It’s fascinating.
  • We’re launching the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online training on Tuesday (yes, for real!).  Chris talks about what makes Mike such a different (and better) trainer than other hypnosis trainers.  If you think our online course will be just about hypnosis, we’ll set the record straight for you on this podcast.
  • Mike discusses the 4 waves of hypnosis.  You’ll learn some cool history about hypnosis and hear Mike describe Mesmerism, direct hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and this mysterious 4th wave of hypnosis (or is it just a refinement?)  Also, if you don’t know what the Bruce Lee phenomenon is, you need to hear what Mike has to say about it.
  • What happens when a stage hypnotist tells 30 people their hands are stuck together … and NONE of them experience the desired result?  It makes for a bad night on stage.  It happened to Mike.  Find out why (and what he’s learned since that horrible 1975 disaster).
  • Discover how one of our listeners took what he learned from this podcast to deal with his bipolar disorder (something he’d been suffering with for more than a decade).
  • You have to hear Mike and Chris discuss the use of labels that medical professionals use to create new disorders and sell pharmaceuticals.  Find out how teachers are actually prescribing drugs to grade school kids.  Frightening.  Parents NEED to listen to this.
  • Our July hypnosis training is fast approaching.  Get your spot while you still can.

Empowering Question:  What is that label that someone else, or even you, have caused yourself to wear?  How is it limiting your life and how will the quality of your life radically improve when you shed that label as a stuck state.

Closing metaphor: Tiddlywinks.

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