Brain Software Podcast 34: Improving Your Memory (Part Two)

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back with the episode 34 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel. It’s been over a month since we published part one of this series on building a powerful memory.  Did you think we forgot?  Nah.  Mike and I just got crazy busy with other things that were simultaneously going on in our lives, plus we’ve been creating content for the online hypnosis training course, plus I had a wedding to attend so I was gone for a week.

I promise not to leave you all hanging this long for a podcast again … at least for at least the next few months.  We’ll be back on track publishing every two weeks, approximately.

If you missed part 1 of this series, please check out Podcast #33

Here are the show notes for this episode

  • As we recorded this podcast we were part way through our latest hypnosis training here in Toronto, with 25 students having attended. Special hello to David who actually drove here from San Francisco!  Totally awesome.  The next class is July 8th-12th, so go sign up if you’re interested in learning hypnosis.
  • Mike talks about the difference between short term and long term memory.  He explains how this all matters in terms of using intelligent review of material rather than using rote memory techniques.
  • How do you memorize different lists of items using the same techniques as taught in session 33 (one gun, two shoe, three tree, etc)?  You use a different “memory picture” for each list.  Put one list, for example, underwater.  Or make it so that everything on list #3 is on fire.  Clever!
  • Why are numbers so difficult to remember for most people?  How can you address this?  Use the phonetic alphabet,  which comes form Bernard Zufall.  This is something he teaches on the Memory Power CD, but you podcast listeners get this information for free 🙂
  • How can you easily remember a person’s name?  The trick is in associating the name to their face, which Mike explains here.
  • The brighter you make pictures, or the more bizarre you make the scenes that you use to memorize things, the better the result.
  • Recommendation:  Mike recently finished reading Anthony Jacquin’s wonderful book Reality is Plastic, and highly recommends it.  He later lent his copy to me and I tremendously enjoyed it.  We have no business affiliation here, this is purely Mike recommending products and books he actually thinks are exceptionally good.
  • Mike takes a few questions from our hypnosis Q&A mail bag, and as always the answers are educational and entertaining.

Empowering Question:  What is the one thing you are going to do this year that will make a huge positive difference in your life, and how will you begin this process today

Closing metaphor: High School English (Chris takes a turn delivering the metaphor.  Like it?  Hate it?  Let us know)

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