Brain Software Podcast 31: Power Napping, Grief and The Idiocy of Tautology

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back with the 31st episode of Brain Software with Mike Mandel. We just keep rolling, folks. Enjoy this one. Here are the show notes.

  • Tautology: Do you know what this is, how stupid it really is and what to do when faced with it in a discussion / argument? Find out. It’s fascinating to listen to Mandel explain this one.
  • Mike talks about his latest trips to Montego Bay and Thunder Bay for keynotes and forensic lectures, and gives us a bit of insight into what makes up a forensic lecture. If you’ve ever had a chance to see Mike do the human lie detector, it’s absolutely amazing. It really shows off the power of calibration.
  • Our April hypnosis training is now full. But we opened a new class set Monday to Friday July 8-12 here in Toronto. You can get all the information on the next hypnosis class here.
  • We discuss bizarre hypnotic interventions. We recently recorded a YouTube video of Mike talking about his most strange hypnotic intervention from the past, and it’s really fun to talk about this, and how Erickson used paradoxical interventions and ordeal to help his patients.
  • Online training: At the time we recorded this podcast we were just starting to record high quality video training material for our upcoming online hypnosis training site. We’re now well into the content production and expect to launch in April. For those of you unable to travel to Toronto to study with Mike, now you’ll be able to do this online. This is NOT some repackaged seminar footage. We’re creating brand new material for you.
  • Grief: After a long illness, Mike lost his beloved Bengal cat. We discuss how grief is something you must go through, you can’t just get over it. We also discuss how interesting it is that grief seems to be related to the hypnotic effect of hetroaction / homoaction (Mike explains this brilliantly, as usual).
  • Question from a listener: We had another question from Arizona, USA pertaining to relaxation and recording an induction. What do you do when you can’t calibrate the subject? How do you still induce trance without resorting to progressive relaxation? Mike’s answer is one that you might want to listen to twice.
  • Empowering question for this podcast: What relationship are you devoting insufficient time to now, and how will it improve your life when you fix this?

Closing metaphor: Simple Wine: The story of Mike Mandel wanting to become a wine writer, and jumping in at the top of the industry.

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