Brain Software Podcast 27: Clean Hypnotic States, Congruence, and Comedy

Brain Software hypnosis podcastHere we are, back again with the awesome 27th episode of Brain Software with Mike Mandel!

Here’s the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

  • It is official.  Toronto is the NUCLEUS of world hypnosis.  There.  I said. it.
  • Mike explains the importance of working with clean states in hypnosis.  He describes this as not only important but crucial!  The hypnotic state needs to be cleanly separated from the waking state (see next point!)
  • Those of you “other” hypnotists who insist on saying “We don’t awaken subjects, we emerge them”, get over yourselves.  Hypnosis is something we simply model as being related to sleep because that’s how the public sees it.  We know it isn’t sleep.  We just don’t make a big deal about it.
  • Tip:  If you are working with a subject in a somnambulistic state with his eyes open, have the subject close his eyes before awakening him.  This will cleanly sever the trance state from the waking state.
  • We talk about how a stage hypnotist can get trained to become a hypnotherapist.  Ensure your trainer knows what the heck he is doing.  Ideally come to Toronto and study with Mike.  The next course is in April.
  • Congruence – what is it?  Mike provides an exceptional explanation and talks about why it matters so much to communication (which includes hypnosis, since hypnosis is simply a form of communication)  We also talk about incongruence, and how people can express incongruence when they speak.
  • We can’t help ourselves from beating this drum again:  Hypnosis is simple.  It’s EASY.  Most people get very poor training because they’re not learning from people who really understand how hypnosis works and how to teach it in such a simple fashion.
  • There are several other fascinating parts of the conversation between Mike and Chris.  Listen to it.

UPDATE on Hypnotic Power Inductions:  If you’re on our mailing list you know we recently launched our first DVD training product called Hypnotic Power Inductions:  Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation. We held a one-week sale upon the launch and had the pleasure of shipping this new product to so many of you across the world!  The feedback has been rolling in, and we’re so pleased to know that you guys are LOVING the content Mike delivered to you.  Keep sending in your feedback.  We appreciate it.

Closing metaphor: The San Antonio Airport.  Powerful message here.  

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